Friday, March 27, 2009

The Plants Just Know

In the Autumn it is always hard for me to let go of
the growing season when the nights get frosty and the
days grow colder because of the shorter periods of daylight.
It is always hard to see the flowers though some may be faded
by then have to be either sacrificed to freeze to death or to be put
away in the basement or what room may be available in the house
for them. Though the Autumn colors are beautiful it still always
makes me sad to end the season and look into winter.
I even dedicated a posting to it last October entitled
It's Hard to Let Go

After sorting them out to see which ones would be
over wintered in the basement and knowing the porch
would no longer give them protection I finally let go and
carried them all to the basement.
Some of the plants that were taken to the basement were:
geraniums, osteospermum, latana, datura, sweet potato
vines, and mums.
I even brought in petunias and impatiens to see if they
would keep.
Most of the plants were geraniums because they are so
forgiving and can be over wintered two ways. In their pots
or out of the pots and hung upside down by their roots.
I checked on them a couple of times over the winter and
gave them a little drink or spray of water so they
would not dry clear up.
Keewee at Keewee's Garden wrote a posting on Geraniums
and Light Bulbs
about how her overwintered plants in her
basement had forgotten all about her.
After reading it I thought I had better make another check
to see how my own were getting along now in my basement.

Well the plants know it is Spring and time to wake up and
get about the job of growing again. Just like our potatoes
know and start to sprouting so do the flowers. Even in the
dark hole of a basement they had started to grow.
They have very pale faces now because of lack of light and
sunshine but that doesn't stop them from trying to
welcome Springtime.
Tessa over at Blunders with Shoots, Blossoms n' Roots
wrote a posting on "How Do They Know" when
a couple of hours after she had set her sweet peas out that
the vine tendrils were already wrapping around the trellis.
How do they know it is time to start sprouting again.
Where are their clocks,where are their little eyes?
I do not have an answer but " The Plants Just Know"

So it is time now to pinch them back and think about getting
them some light and fertilizer.

Even the geraniums that were hung by their roots know it is
time to start growing again and are ready to be potted up.
Note to self: the hanging geraniums look to be doing better
than the potted ones. They are heartier looking.

So some how "The Plants Just Know".


keewee said...

So far six of my Gerananiums have forgiven my neglect, I am still waiting to see how the other five feel.

Cathy said...

Lona, I always bring in my Geraniums every year I don't pay much attention to them and they do great by spring
time. It's a great thing not to keep buying a new one every year.

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...


Amazing! I have never overwintered plants in my basement before. I had a beautiful fuchsia last year and wanted to try it, but forgot :(. Your plants look great! Yet again I'm enchanted by this, how do they know? Thanks so much for the link love and happy spring!

Anonymous said...

The miracle of plant life. Somehow they know. Maybe science will unlock the mystery at some future date. Until then, we'll just reap the benefits.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Keewee: I am sure that your geraniums will be fine. I am beginning to believe that I do better with over wintering plants than germinating. My seedlings are not doing well this year.

Cathy: It sure is a money saver that is why I will try to overwinter many different kinds.

Tessa: Loved your article and when I saw my plants taking off by themselves it just fit in with yours. Thanks!

Grace: It never ceases to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing isn't it, how they just know! I overwintered a geranium in the basement too, and sure enough, it has a little green peeking out. I hope the others I let got dormant will eventually come back to life. You can see my blooming pear branches back on my post from March 14. The whole tree will be in bloom soon, and I'm sure I'll be out there snapping away. I wonder why you have such poor luck with starting seeds? We have a lot of south windows, so we have lots of light. I think that is what helps us.

Tootsie said...

I loved this post!!!!!

Bren said...

I am learning so much about geraniums from your posting here today. Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to see these beauties in a few months. WHAT A SHOW you are going to have.

I feel your pain in the 'can't let go' entry.

Happy Spring fellow Buckeye!

cindee said...

Thats a cool idea to hang them by their roots! Less space to take up too. I don't have a basement here but I could hang them in the garage maybe? This year I left them outside and they seem to be alive and growing again. It freezes here but somehow they were ok(-:

Balisha said...

I haven't done this for years. Think I will get some geraniums...just so I can save them. We used to put them in brown paper bags and hang them in the basement.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Robin: I have poor windows with little light so it may work for some indoor plants nut not my seedlings. I think I may need to add more lighting than I have now for my mini green house also. Will be waiting to see pictures when your trees bloom outdoors.

Tootsie: Thanks, I am so glad and thank you for dropping by.

Brenda: I cannot wait to get them outdoors and blooming either.Today has been a real nasty day here in the hills, but March is about gone now.

Cindee: that is so great that your can stay outdoors and survive. I did not think it ever froze in your state :)

Balisha: I have tried the paper bags too but my basement is totally dark,so this year I just hung them without the bag and sprayed them two times during the winter to keep them from totally drying up.My basement is unlivable and really just a cellar under the house.

Anonymous said...

Fun post Lona. I do this too. Every year I say I'm going to drag less and less down to the basement but then, like you, I can't bear to part with any of them. I just checked on mine the other day too and was happy to see most of them are still alive and have new growth. I think hanging the geraniums upside down is a fantastic idea. Glad yours survived.