Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Always Room For One More

When you go into a garden store or a big box store with
a garden center are you safe just looking around to see
what is new? Or are you like me and have this list of plants
and shrubs tattooed in your brain of all of the ones you would
like to have someday in your garden.
I have this picture or garden plan in my mind that goes
everywhere with me and when I see just the thing I was wanting,
it, as Robin says, " just jumps into my shopping cart".

I have to admit that the garden plan in my head is very flexible
and can change at will :-)
My mind also works on the concept that
"there is always room for
one more".
This was the working of my one track mind last week, so once
I was not safe going into the garden shop and three new
just jumped right into my cart and followed me home.

Magnolia liliiflora "Jane"

I have been wanting a magnolia tree with the large pink
blooms for so many years. Well, it was right there, just the
kind I wanted, hardy for our area and the price was right
so it just called my name to take it home with me.
The new magnolia tree is small but has buds and I cannot wait
to see them open.
I hope the freezing weather and snow flurries
we have these past two days do not hurt the blooms.

Rhododendron Pink "Holden"

Next to Hydrangea's my favorite shrub is Rhododendrons.
I already have
three in my gardens. Two are very old now
and are lavender and magenta, and a yellow Capistrano was planted
about five years ago, but this Holden with pink and white blooms
will be great in my new
flower bed section along the woods.
Maybe if I get enough
to surround the Tulips the deers will
not see them to eat them
Yes, I know this will not work either.

Rhododendron Red Nova Zembla

The Rhododendrons were such a great price that I came home
with not one but two new ones. This new red one will shine
along the backdrop of the woods.
These new Rhoddies will be great additions to my garden bed along
the woods
where lilies, ostrich ferns, hostas and hydrangeas are
being added in. Now I know that deer resistant plants
are going to have to be considered in the bed because of the
Tulip fiasco.
It will be years before the bed is grown in and

looks the way I have planned it, but that is what we gardener's
have the most of: vision, faith and hope in the future every time
we plant a seed, plant, shrub or tree.


kd said...

A Plan for the garden? I've given up even trying -- I rarely stick to it for more than the first few steps into the garden center.

It looks like you've added some beauties to your garden.


Lynn said...

Lona I found out what that yellow flower was check out my blog today I posted it agian with name...

Phoenix C. said...

Garden nurseries and shoe shops - I have to resolutely walk past and look the other way so I'm not tempted!

How could you possibly resist these plants! They are lovely - I've always been a fan of magnolia and rhodos/azaleas.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

How could you not take them home? It's amazing what will just jump in. Sometimes things I never even knew I wanted will come home with me. You made very nice choices!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lona~~ Here in the Pacific Northwest, the Rhododendron is ubiquitous bordering on contemptible. BUT, your acquisitions are stunning. They will be lovely in your woodland.

I'm putty in the hands of nursery owners. I get a high from just the thought of perusing the gravel paths, scouring for any new thing that might pique my interest. I have a list that I refer to because my brain doesn't compete very well with plant lust. However I rarely adhere to any type of list. It's all pretty much impulsive. But fun.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

What lovely choices you have made. And it is true, there is always room for one more.

Case in point, working at the garden centre, I am always bringing home something, it just jumped in my trunk.


Lanny said...

vision. Changing vision is all I have. That and a fairly strong back.

Darla said...

I know about that garden plan tattooed in your brain and how easy it can be changed! Great post and wonderful plant picks.

bennie and patsy said...

This is a new house and we will try to plant with a plan. But when I see things I lose sight of my plan. your choice is a great one.

keewee said...

I am one of those" I see it, like it, buy it, find a place for it in my garden somewhere" people.

Nat said...

The garden plan in my head is also "very flexible". :-) I often think things more like, "I am not going to plant 'x' no matter how pretty it is, I just don't have those conditions in my garden and no time for such a high maintenance plant." And what did I do, just yesterday? I planted astilbe. Astilbe! I don't have what it needs, but I'm trying it anyway. Gardeners are an ever-hopeful lot.

Anonymous said...

How I laughed when I saw you quoted me in your blog post today! You should see how many plants jumped into my shopping cart today. Sheesh. At least many of them were on my mental list, but I still want to find chocolate cosmos and coconut lime echinecea. Hopefully once it's warm enough, they'll be able to jump into my car somewhere and come home too! Where did you go for your treasures today?

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Ooh, I love the new shrubs that you purchased. Can't wait to see photos of the magnolia in bloom.

Heather said...

Thanks for stopping by my site and for adding me to your sidebar! Yes, once spring hits and the lawn and garden depts open up, it's a very dangerous thing for me, too. SO MANY gorgeous flowers to be had!! I don't have much of a plan for my flowers any more. It's mostly an experiment now, anyway, trying to see what will be happy in my clay soil and heavily shaded location. I'm hopeful for what I have planted and purchased so far this spring. By the way, I have to ask, will you be participating in the Shoot the Hills photo competition that's coming up on April 17th? God luck with all our new garden acquisitions!