Sunday, April 5, 2009

If You Hang It They Will Come

I am so excited. No, I have not shot all the Tulip
eating deers. I have some new visitors in the garden.
I use to see all the pictures from fellow gardeners of
their beautiful Blue birds and we had not a one in our
yard. I wanted them here so much because their coloring
just fascinated me.
So last Fall I put up a Blue bird house hoping to draw some
into the yard. I did not have high hopes of succeeding since
there were none around but I will try anything once.

I looked out the window one day to see if any birds were
going in or out of the birdhouse figuring that some kind
probably would move in but not the Blue birds I was hoping
for. I saw a couple of birds going in and out and decided to get
a closer look to see what they were.
I could not believe my eyes when low and behold I saw bright
blue and orange feathers. I was so happy. Naturally I had to
run back into the house and grab the camera.
They were a little shy so I got a few far off shots of them.
I am hoping that when they get use to seeing me out in the
gardens they will not be so leery of me and I can get better
pictures of them.
Since they are now here I may have to get some more Blue
bird houses to draw in more of the beauties.

One new visitor that I am not excited about is the Brown headed
Cow birds. These were new to me and I had to look them up to
see just what they were.
When I first saw them
at the feeder I wasn't paying them
much attention thinking it was those old pesky Grackles,
but upon closer examination I spotted the brown head on the
male and he was paying court to a brown female bird and
I knew it was an all together different bird.
Finding out that they were song birds was fine but when I read
they are a parasite bird that steals the nests of other birds I
was not as happy to have another new bird in the yard.
Upon reading that they forage on the ground around cows and
horses and once followed bison on the great plains I was hoping
they would move on down the road to the farm areas.
Once where I had spotted just the two has turned in to half a
dozen or more.
They are a pretty bird but I hate to think about them rooting
out my Cardinals or Robins to get their nests.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new, blue lodger, Lona! I'd love to attract some blue birds here as well, but there's too much traffic, both vehicle and foot, near the apartment building. When I have my own garden again. ;)

madcobug said...

He is beautiful. I love bluebirds. I dislike cowbirds or any kind of blackbird. Helen

bennie and patsy said...

Thanks for the visit and I am so glad that the Blue Bird of Happiness has moved in. They make the heart shout with joy. ( We need all the joy we can get at this time.) The cow bird wants others to raise there babys. We had a cardinal feeding a cowbird in our yard one time it looked funny.

Sheila said...

How pretty! What a pleasant surprise!

Janet said...

Congrats on the bluebirds coming to your house!! They are just so beautiful!

Patsi (Garden Endeavors) said...

You're so lucky to have bluebirds.
Maybe I should get a box...but I guess it should be soon.

Phoenix C. said...

What a beautiful bird the Blue bird is! We do not have them over here. Their plumage looks such a lovely deep blue.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

How lucky to be getting the bluebirds. They are so pretty. Maybe they liked the pretty blue of the house!

mlc said...

Very nice bluebird pictures. I'm glad they came to your little world. We see quite a few of them. One of the birding groups put boxes up along a nearby road and they are at Secrest Arboretum. Cowbirds are nasty. I don't like them, and don't really like Grackles or red-winged blackbirds, or mourning doves..but I guess they come with the territory.

Heather said...

Wow Lona- not only did you get a bluebird but you captured him on film beautifully. I hope he stays close!

Outside In said...

Those are definitely cute vistors you have there!

Theo-Ann said...

Thanks for being one of my followers. If I can be of any help to you, let me know.:) Have a great night!

cindee said...

That is wonderful that you have a blue bird family moving in! Soon there will be little baby blue birds too! (-: Not sure about the cow bird. I hope he won't disturb the blue bird nest)-:

spookydragonfly said...

Oh Lona! You're so fortunate! I've always wanted Bluebirds, too. Could you please let me know where you acquired the house? Wonderful captures of these beauties!

cherry said...

aren't the blue birds beautiful, I spotted a pair checking out one of our houses, hoping they will choose it so I can watch all the excitement of babies feeding and then learning to fly..
Have a beautiful day!
hugs, Cherry

keewee said...

We don't have those beautiful bluebirds here. How wonderful for you to have them nesting in your yard. I love to watch the birds, I enjoy them as much as I do gardening.

Dirt Princess said...

I love seeing all of your feathered friends. I don't have any feathered friends...they just don't like me...LOL! I have put up feeders, houses, baths, etc...but apparently they like my neighbor's yard better.

Anonymous said...

Bluebirds, how fun! I don't have any trees to attach a box, so I don't think I'll get any of those. Hubby saw a cowbird here today, but I didn't see it. But the goldfinches were having a party at my finchsock! The seed pods in my post are from a sweet gum tree. I want one, even if they are messy, because their fall colors are gorgeous!

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Congratulations on your new tenant! I am definitely going to put up a house. Not sure if we have too many trees still, but our yard is not as wooded as it used to be and borders an open area, so maybe... Great photos, too. Just beautiful!

Stephanie said...

Blue birds? How unique. Great post!