Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Big 6 O

My mind still says I can do it but my body says I
am getting older.

After going for an MRI today I decided to treat myself
to some flower shopping at the local nurseries.

I have been wanting some variegated tall phlox because
I love phlox and its fragrance in the summer so of course
had to have two of these Becky Towne Variegated beauties
to come home to my garden. Happy Birthday to me! :-)

I got a Jacob's Ladder for the shade garden.Someone had
mentioned in their posting that the blooms smelled like grapes.
They really do !!
I grabbed up a smaller one that was not blooming yet to
plant.It was cheaper that way.

The selection of Gerbera Daisies was amazing at the nursery
after moments of indecision I opted for a very shocking pink
and a very subtle pink because I have a teapot that they would
look great planted in.

This bloom was a double header. Looks strange but pretty.


Outside In said...

Happy Birthday Young Lady!
and you deserve all those beautiful flowers!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Plant shopping on your birthday sounds perfect! I'm glad you noticed the grape scent, it's a surprising smell from a flower, isn't it? Almost like candy.
Happy Birthday!

WiseAcre said...

So glad I saw that double header. That bloom has a face anyone would love.

Grats on the big 6 O. I think I just might make it myself although my body says 'maybe' and my mind shouts 'are you nuts?'

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Lona! How cool to have a spring birthday. (My sister's birthday is today too. I'm just a titch jealous.) I've grown Phlox 'Beckie Towe' (My tag says "Towe" but it maybe be "Towne" who knows? But it's definitely the same plant.) for a long time. It's a real beauty.

Your other flower choices are also very nice. Hope you get some pamper time.

vuejardin said...

Gorgeous flowers. Happy Birthday Lona & have a peaceful Earth Day!

RainGardener said...

Happy Birthday Lona. Having an MRI is enough reason to go buy a bunch of flowers but having an MRI on your birthday is cause for a whole truckload. You deserve it. The daisies are beautiful.
I just read yesterdays post (I was gone most of the day and missed it) and my Jack Frost did the same thing. Tina said the leaves will get big after it blooms. Like you it's still fairly new for me to remember but I know it gets huge leaves.
I was surprised when Catherine said the Jacobs Ladder blooms smell good too. Can't wait for mine to bloom so I can smell it. I didn't know that when it was blooming last year.

Tootsie said...

happy birthday!!!! Love the flowers! have a wonderful year! see you again soon

Debbies Doodle said...

Happy Birthday... I am also going for a mri.. geee.... what is going on with us... I love the daisy picture.. hope all is well..

keewee said...

I am glad you have had a wonderful birthday. I am two years older than you, and I agree, our minds do tell us we can do it, but the old body says " You gotta' be kidding!"

flowrgirl1 said...

Sounds like a great Birthday! Enjoy:)

CiNdEe said...

It sounds like you had a great day! I always love shopping for plants(-: You picked out some beauties!!! Happy Bday!!!(-:
CiNdEeS' GaRdEn

Darla said...

Happy Belated Birthday, YOUNG Lady! Love the phlox and I have that shocking pink and the cream colored Gerbera Daisies......beautiful choices.

Jeanne said...

Happy birthday from a fellow April birthday! Always buy yourself plants on your birthday. Heck, always buy yourself plants!

God bless!

Balisha said...

Happy Birthday to you. Wishing you a healthy year coming up. Hope you get good results on the MRI.

Dirt Princess said...

Happy are only as old as you feel! The double gerbera is very interesting! I have never seen one like that. I hope you had a wonderful day!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes. You all are amazing.
Will know about the MRI tests in a couple of days. They are just trying to nail down the vertigo that will not go clear away. Echo and carotid test came back normal so my heart is in good shape. Now they are checking my head wish is empty so there will be no problem there :-).They were really concentrating on the ear areas. It may just turn out to be something I will have to put up with. Bummer.

Grace: you are right I misread the tag. I can count on you to keep me straight I need the help most of the time :-)

Debbie maybe it is something in the air or water girl :-)

Catherine: you were right about the grape fragrance on the Jacobs Ladder. I just laughed when I was sniffing them at the nursery.

Keewee: we are not suppose to be getting older but better!What's up with that?

Darla: When I saw the Gerbera I just had to have a couple. The blooms were so big and bright.

Dirst Princess: The double bloom was a fluke of nature. Very interesting so I picked to bring that one home.

Balisha: Thank you I appreciate the warm wishes.

Jeanne: Thanks for dropping by. I really do not need an excuse to buy flowers but a birthday was to good to pass a chance by :-)

Cindee: Girl I am still jealous that lupines grow wild in your state :-)

FlowerGirl: Thanks Hon for the warm wishes.

Tootsie: Hope to see your garden blooming with all of those petunias soon.

Vuejarin: Thank you so much, it is appreciated. Thanks for dropping by.

RainGardener: Hey we want you down sniffing those Jacob's Ladders neighbors or no neighbors :-)

Wiseacre: Thank you so much and thanks for dropping by. We will be watching for your postings.

Cathy: My plant doctor: Thanks so much for the warm wishes and for helping me keep my plants well :-)

EB said...

I'm late, but happy birthday! Hope the scan was OK.