Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just Looking ! Well.....

The local nurseries are jam packed right now with so
many wonderful blooms. They are ready for the May
rush to buy plants with Mother's day, Memorial Day and
here in Ohio we plant after May 18th those tender plants
when we are generally clear of sudden frosts.

Geraniums must be a big seller because there were tables full
of them in every color, from scented, ivy varieties, and the
many leaf variegations.
There was not an abundance of perennials here because
it appears this nursery was replacing the perennial houses
with landscaping displays. They must be moving to get more
from landscaping profits than plants now.Which is understandable
since the big box store are able to sell plants cheaper than the
nurseries can which is sad because if we do not support our local
nurseries they will have to close or find other ways to keep going
and we will be stuck before long with just what the big box
stores offer us. I cannot see them offering some of the new varieties
that I saw at the nursery.
Anyway, I took some pictures of some plants and ground covers
that I just loved or that caught my eye.

This Ajuga or Bugleweed "Chocolate Chip" was just stunning.
I admit I love blue blooms and this herbaceous perennial from
the Lamiaceae family was one I would like to own. It is a hardy
ground cover for zones 4-9 which grows in sun to partial shade
and blooms May and June.

This Pasque "Red Clock" Pulsatilla vulgaris ' was not open on
a cloudy day but the blooms were so unusual and pretty that
I would welcome some in my flower beds. This anemone blooms
early from March through May and is not a new plant but
I liked it feathery leaves and red blooms.

Does anyone other than I think this ornamental strawberry
"Pink Panda" has the pretties blooms?
Fragaria cheloensis is hardy to zone 5 and blooms from May into
August. It gets small red fruits that the birds like.

This Veronica austriaca Speedwell "Waterperry Blue" was another
plant that was so airy and pretty. This ground cover is good in
zones 5 - 8, blooms in the Spring and likes sun to partial shade.
The lavender blue blooms has white eyes .

I purchased a blue Jacob's Ladder Polemonium but this variegated
leaf one was a beauty. This spring bloomer grows in the shade.
It was pretty but when researching it at home I found that it
may have a problem with powdery mildew so I will pass on
it. Our humidity in the summer may spoil this plant.

I like anemones very much and this white windflower called
Anemone sylvestris "Snow Drop" was very pretty with its yellow
eyes. It blooms from May, September and is suppose to be a
vigorous spreader and repeat bloomer. It is good in zones 3 -9
and I think it would be a great combination plant to go under my
lilies. Since this one is so hardy and a repeat bloomer I will
go back and purchase.

We are getting some marvelous weather this weekend so
you all know where I will be.

A special thanks to all of you for the Birthday wishes
and greetings. I am overwhelmed by your generosity
and kindness. Gardeners are wonderful people.

Have a good weekend and Happy Gardening!


Outside In said...

Lovely flower choices, I just planted the speedwell, waterperry
blue I love that color too!
I was sorry to plant the Ajugas two years ago, they are very invasive but pretty.

Gail said...

I am taking a break from the nurseries in order to catch up on garden work! NO way! I will head out as soon as the rain passes. Happy belated Birthday wishes...and Happy Shopping this weekend...what you've shown us is fantastic! gail

Anonymous said...

Hi Lona~~ You're welcome. I hope it was a great birthday.

Nursery shopping is SO addictive. There is a makeshift nursery setup in a parking lot along a stretch I drive several times a day. They're always bringing in new plants. Mostly annuals but a modest selection of perennials too. Prices are good. So, needless to say, I just ride along as the car pulls itself into the parking lot for a closer look. :)

madcobug said...

Those sure are beautiful flowers. I have never seen a pink strawberry bloom before. It just doesn't do for me to visit nurseries because I spend to much money and then have to water them everyday when the weather gets dry. Helen

Tootsie said...

I love to check out the nurseries! I agree that we need to support would be a shame for them to disappear from our yearly rituals.
The photos are fantastic and make us feel spring!!!!
have a wonderful week!

Elisangela Neves said...

Adorei esse lugar das duas primeiras fotos! Muito legal!

RainGardener said...

Looks like ya got some good ones. Jacob's Ladder is always nice. You're right the 'Red Clock' does have neat looking buds. Can't wait to see it when it opens. Well, happy planting in that nice weather you're getting! Linda

Blackswamp_Girl said...

I agree with you 100% about supporting the local nurseries... and not just because I work part-time at one in the spring! There are very few ways we have of expressing ourselves that people in business and politics will actually listen to, but "voting with our wallets" is definitely one of them.

By the way, I have 'Chocolate Chip' ajuga, and I absolutely adore it. It's pretty drought-tolerant, and spreads in a fast but not take-over-the-world kind of fashion... the leaves on mine are more purple, though. And this one looks pretty green, so maybe these got more shade than mine? Hmm.

Darla said...

What beautiful displays of flowers. Geraniums must be making a comeback, I have seen them in all of the nurseries, big box stores and yards. I have three myself.

cherry said...

I don't even want to think about how sad I would be if my favorite local nursery's closed we have 3 new ones that just opened with 2 of them being growers so I'm taking that as a good sign .
Happy Friday, Cherry

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Elisangela: Eu devo ter começ mais retratos das plantas no berçário mordi-me tive minhas mãos cheias e não pude começ retratos muito bons. Obrigado deixando cair perto. Eu amo os testes padrões do Crochet em seu outro Web site. Eu uso-me para crochet todo o tempo. Eu preciso de receber de volta a fazer algum outra vez.

Cathy: Okay, thanks for the heads up. If it is evasive I do not want it. I have had enough of that problem.

Blackswamp Girl: I believe it just needed more sun to make the leaves darker too.

Gail: I have been outdoor already this morning and plan to be out enjoying it all weekend.

Grace: What is up with our cars and carts having mind of their owns. Bad things! :-)

Linda: It sure looked like an interesting flower to add to the collection.

Darla : I have so many geraniums. Grown from seed the new black leaf variety and over winters several. I will end passing them around to use them up :-)

Cherry: That is wonderful. I hope they have good profits and stay around. Maybe with more growing their gardens now it will help them all.

Tootsie: Have a good weekend yourself.

Helen: That was the first time I had seen them but I researched them and they are not new. I am just seeing them in this area.

Balisha said...

There's nothing like going to a nursery or a little garden center and being able to talk to the greenhouse workers, find out information on growing habits of plants ,what's new, discuss weather and the seasons. You usually don't get that in a big box store. Many times they don't know much about plants...unless you are lucky and there is someone knowledgable working there.

JOE TODD said...

Really enjoy your blog, I left a little something for you at my site

Ilona said...

Love these photos of the plant choices... I get the same feeling that I have when I visit a nursery this time of year... umhmmm... I want that... and that , and THAT...and that and that...

gah! love your stuff here- your photos are phenomenal.