Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Clematis " Silver Moon"

One of my clematis vines is in full bloom now.
It is called 'Silver Moon'.

The colors are more of a soft shade of lavender which
looks almost gray in the sunlight. So I guess that is
where the silver reference comes from.
I like it because it does very well in shady areas of
which I have a lot of around here.

The iris are still blooming wonderfully and these look
like little soldiers all lined up.

Foam Flower 'Spring Symphony' tiarella is also still
blooming with its feathery blooms.

Since the weather has decided to warm up again the
morning was spent cleaning and revamping my small
pump pond. I wanted warmer weather before I started
playing in the water especially since I am now trying to
get over a sinus infection. I hate getting old! Seems I am
slowly falling apart these days :-)

The heavy pump just about wore me out moving it and
painting it. I have to admit I rolled it around more than
lifting the thing.Got a new liner put in and a new light for it

and got the rocks around it rearranged again. It looks so
much better (cleaner) after all of the gunk I took from it.

As you can see my Rhododendron's are now in full
bloom. They have grown so large over the years that I
am going to have to trim them this fall.The lavender
one is against the house and is now rubbing the siding
on the house.

Plans for tomorrow since the frost is gone is to get the
my tomatoes and some containers filled.
The geraniums that were over wintered are doing very
well now and just need a few flowers to fill in around
The outdoor furniture will need to be brought out of the
and scrubbed down.

Happy Gardening Everyone!!


lynn'sgarden said...

Hi Lona, that "Silver Moon" is the same coloring as my lavender/grey iris. She sure is pretty! I love the bright pink Rhody by the fountain, too! We had a frosty night also but tomorrow it will be nearly 90..very strange!

Sue said...

Lovely blooms and awesome job on the pond!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I love the color of the clematis, good to know it's a good one for shade.
The pump pond is really nice, the rhodies look very pretty around it.

Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Everything is just lovey! I wish I knew if that clematis is the same as the one I have on my mailbox! It's very similarblooms, but more white with just a faint tinge of lavender color. But the blooms look just the same as yours.

It's amazing how far our season is ahead of yours! The rhododendron has been gone for weeks, and my iris are all gone now, but I have roses and other things instead.

Thanks for sharing, Becky

Creative Country Mom said...

Beautiful! I cannot wait till mine get bigger. I bought 5 new ones this year, but they are only about 18 inches~ grow...grow...grow! Hugs....Brooke

Barbarapc said...

Can't believe you moved that pump! What a gal does to get her garden looking just the way she wants it in spite of her back. It's all looking terrific. I always am of two minds with those soft lavender colours - do I put them next to a bright chartreuse to bring out more colour, or snuggle them into a soft pink flowered plant for a sweeter look. At the moment, I'd just kill for another strong body to help me get it all done!

Dirt Princess said...

Everything is absolutely gorgeous!!! My friend has that clematis, I wasn't sure the name of it, so thanks :). The water feature is great. Have a good day

Jesikarena said...

I love the pond and the water pump! Totally cute!

Aerie-el said...

What a beautiful clematis!
Your pump pond is so sweet with the little angels sitting by it :)
Hope you continue to feel better-sinus infections are just plain miserable to deal with.

Darla said...

How beautiful all of them, the clematis is stunning. Love the water feature, do not lift or you will end up like me!

Friko said...

My garden here is roughly as far advanced as yours.
I have a very similar clematis, but it has a greenish sheen to the white petals.
Can't take photos at the moment because we have rain, rain, rain. Last Saturday gardener and I worked outside all day, in spite of the weather.

May I steal the above quote?

Phoenix C. said...

'Silver Moon' looks beautiful, and I love the name too!

I get the benefit of our neighbours' clematis cascading over the fence - a lovely pinky one I don't know the name of.

susan said...

Everyone's blogging on clematis lately - I'm getting a definite case of clematis envy. A trip to the nursery may be in order this weekend!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Susan: I am the same way. I will see something that several gardeners have that is so pretty and I have to find one.

Phoenix C: It is nice that your neighbor shares her clematis with you, that way you don't have to buy one.:-)

Friko:Hope our rain lets up so you can get into the garden. We gardeners need our flower fix. Yes, you may take the quote.

Darla: I know what you mean girl. I have back problems so I have to be very careful how I go about doing things. Thus more rolling of stuff rather than lifting :-) But you still can feel it after- wards despite all the safeguards.I am sorry you have problems also it is awful for someone so young.

Aerie-el:Thank you so much for the advice about the wisteria. I am going to have to do something with it because it should be blooming by now. I will have to use drastic measure on it. :-)

Jesikarena:Thanks so much, at least it makes water sounds which is good while sitting on the porch. Very relaxing.

Dirt Princess: Thanks for the comment and for dropping by.

Barbara: Hey, I could use another strong body to help me too.:-) I try to be careful but if it is going to get done I will have to be the one who does it.

Brook: Wow, you are going to have clematis growing all around. I love them also and they grow fast.I have another purple one but my Autumn one died on me and needs replaced. Bad winter here plant wise.

Becky:I know, I see gardens more advanced than mine with their roses already blooming and mine have just started. It is nice though to see all the different climate blooms going on.

Catherine: Anything that will grow in all my shade is a good plant :-) I am a sucker for Rhodies and hydrangeas.

Sue: Thanks and glad you dropped by.

Lynn: This weather has me so confused :-0 I hope the cool and frosty stuff is all gone now. Eighties today was great!

Shellmo said...

I really love that pond of yours - especially with those fairies! Your flowers look lovely too!!

Anonymous said...

Your Silver Moon clematis looks very much like my Clair De Lune clematis, which is also in full bloom right now. I just wish it wouldn't always peter out on me as the summer wears on.

vuejardin said...

Very beautiful white flower, I have some white "egg flower" in my garden, it's going to bloom soon.

JOE TODD said...

Always more work in the garden.. At least I think the chance of frost is over.. I lost one tomato plant could have been worse.. Love your pictures...Have a great day..