Friday, May 15, 2009

Honey Locust Trees

The Honey Locust trees around the house in the woods
are blooming now and they are just gorgeous.
They are so full of long white blooms that fill the
trees and surround the yard with their fragrance.

Against the blue skies the white blooms look so pretty.

The chains of blooms remind me of Wisteria blooms.

I just happen to catch this Bumblebee heading for the blooms.
The bees and hummingbirds are loving them and the noise of
buzzing fills the air.

My, now eleven year old, Wisteria is starting to get leaves now.
Will it bloom this year for the first time? Or not?
I am about to get rid of the thing and chalk it up as a lost cause.
After moving it into more sun, and trimming severely, and whacking it,
and talking to it, at times very roughly, such as "bloom or your gone", I
am going to dig it up and replace it if it does not bloom.
Wouldn't you say I have tried with it long enough?


Outside In said...

What a beautiful Locust tree, my wisteria vine I planted 2 summers ago has bloomed last year and now is developing buds. They say never buy a wisteria without blooms on it.

bennie and patsy said...

I can just smell your honey locust trees. Yes , give the wisteria this last chance to bloom if not ax it.11 years is to long.

Stephanie said...

This tree looks very beautiful with those white blooms all over it :-) The bee shot... was a good one! Have a great weekend.

vuejardin said...

Eleven year old Wisteria - that is like a teenager. Good luck with the flower.

Tatyana said...

Lona, these blooms are stunning! I love that bee that you managed to cathch! As for your not-blooming wisteria, did you try to search the Internet? Just type "why wisteria doesn't bloom". They mention a type of wisteria, fertilizing, pruning, etc. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lona~~ The Honey Locust, what an outstanding tree. Or maybe I should say UPstanding tree. It grows pretty tall. There is a mighty specimen growing along one of the bike trails we frequent and the buzz of happy bees is really something.

Wisteria: I'm no expert but I have heard that if your plant was a seedling, (as opposed to a graft or cutting) it will take many years for it to bloom. Also pruning needs to occur early so the plant has time to develop latent buds for the following spring. In other words, it blooms on old wood and if you prune too late, you'll take all of the buds. You may already be aware of this and the darn thing is still giving you grief. Plants can be so stubborn sometimes. But the leaves are pretty back lit by the sun.

keewee said...

Sometime a severe talking to, will result in action. We will see if your wisteria was listening.

Tootsie said...

what beautiful trees! good luck with the wisteria...mine didn't amount to much more than 6 inches tall and died over the winter here!

EB said...

I'd never heard of that tree, and what lovely blossom.

I don't know about the wisteria. I've heard often of how hard they are to get to flower; best advice I've encountered is to get one already flowering - like buying a cow in calf!

Creative Country Mom said...

Beautiful hun.... it is a lovely time in the garden. Enjoy your weekend....Brooke

Janet said...

Thanks for showing the Honey Locust in bloom. Such a beauty.

Gail said...

Thank you! I couldn't remember the name of the Honey Locust tree! Beautiful aren't they! I've been told that sometimes you can shock a wisteria into blooming by taking a shovel a foot from the plant and cutting the roots...I haven't tried that one! I find them too aggressive in my middle south garden...and they run over everything.


JOE TODD said...

As always a wonderful post

miss m said...

(Sorry about the late comment)

So nice seeing your locust in bloom ! I (unknowingly) found a Black Locust sapling and planted it in the yard to see what I would be. It got so big, so fast, I had to take it down. Never did get to see the bloom. :(

I'm sorry about your Wisteria. I acquired one last year and hope all goes well. Eleven years to see a plant bloom is a mighty long wait ! Will take all the wonderful advice left in these comments with me.