Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One Weird Petunia

I mentioned in my previous posting about the
weird things that the plants seem to be doing
this year. Some of you who read some of my postings
know about the beautiful 'Irish Gold' yellow roses

which have bloomed yellow for three years had suddenly
this year turned to the color of my Ebb Tide Roses which
is now in fact more red and not the deep pretty purple
that most of you have.
As pictured below everything is red including the|
once yellow roses on the trellis to the right.

I also showed in another posting the pretty 'Orchid Mist'
double blooming petunia's that I had grown from seed.
They are a fluffy light bloom with just a touch of lavender.

Well while taking a walk around the house checking
out the flowers and looking for some Japanese beetles
to squash I spied
a bright pink bloom in one of my
window boxes.

I went to get a closer look because I had never planted
any bright pink petunias. When I got to checking it out
the bright pink petunia was on the same plant as my
Orchid Mist petunia plant.

Not only that but between the bright pink bloom and the
light lavender blooms on the bottom was a striped bloom
of light purple and lavender.It was on the same plant too.
So this weird little petunia plant has three different blooms
coming out on the same plant.
That has never happened to me before!
Of you that have been growing from seeds longer than I,
has this ever happened to your flowers?
I really like the idea of having all those colors on one plant
and it makes me wonder what the weird little plant will
do next. Curiosity got to me so then I had to naturally
go around and check to see what my other seeded petunias
were doing and if it was all of them. I checked them all but
none of the others were blooming three different colors of

But one was slightly different. Keeping in mind now that
these are from the same seeds.....

It is the right color of the Orchid Mist but it has single
blooms on it and not the double that it was suppose to
have. This I could figure was a stray seed even if it is
the same color or that it was just not going to put on
double blooms.
The three different blooms on the one plant was an
oddity to me. It sure makes the petunia plant more
interesting to say the least.
If I save some seed from this plant what will
I get plant experts ? All Orchid Mist or three
possible colors of double tulips? ;-)

I also went to a local nursery that was having a 50% off
sale on their perennials. They did not have many left
and most were some that I already had but I did force
myself to bring home only three new ones.
Remembering the advise some of you had given me
on what I could add to the shady garden beds, I got
a Coral Bell heuchera micrantha 'Palace Purple'.
It has wonderful deep burgundy leaves. I also got
an Japanese Anemone ' Party Dress' that will have
pink blooms. The third plant I had to just bring home
was a Columbine 'Aquilegia Alpina' which will have
it looks to be blue blooms. I am hoping they are a
true blue and not purple.
I sometimes get aggravated at plants that are named
blue or red and turn out to be purple or rust.
Like the 'Little Business' daylily's I planted that were
to have red blooms and are rusty orange to my old eyes.

Happy Gardening !


Brooke (CreativeCountryMom) said...

Funny, but they are all good colors I think. The surprises are fun in a garden. You never know what will pop in and bloom.... or seed...lol.

Balisha said...

I can't imagine what is going on with your petunias or the rose. The rose looks wonderful on the wall.I haven't had good luck with the double petunias...They are very pretty though.

Outside In said...

I have one pansy plant that has 3 different colors on it, maybe it has to do with the soil? I also planted a lavender pinkish color roses last year and now it's light pink, so I am guessing the soil may have something to do with it. Your "Little Business" day lily is pretty.

CiNdEe said...

Wow that is interesting. Pretty too! Wonder how that is doing that? Your sure the plant has just one stem coming out of the dirt? Its the highlight of your planter! Call it the Mystery Petunia(-:

Tootsie said...

"forced" lol....I bet it was a hard time to convince you to buy new plants!!! lol
I have not seen anything like that petunia before...and I do ALL my plants from seed!!! How neat is that?
it is more than likely a hybrid that has not been bred properly or the seed for that one was a little special!!! lucky for you!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I've never grown petunias from seed, but that really is interesting. They are really pretty! You got some great deals on some nice plants.
I was at my sisters the other day and she showed me that her yellow rose had also turned red. It still had the tag, but I don't remember the exact name Gold something. It reminded me of the post you did not long ago.

Anonymous said...

I had some yellow roses that I bought one year. I loved them and they smelled like lemon chiffon pie. After two years I had to move it to another spot in our yard. That spring instead of yellow and smelling like lemon chiffon they turn red and did not smell at all.

I contacted the place where I bought them and they had no idea what happen.


Darla said...

Every year there is a new oddity in my gardens as well. A lone yellow calla lily in a bed of three year old pink callas this year. I know that different color petunias planted together will bleed into one another. Not sure about your petunias, sure are pretty.

~~Rhonda said...

Lona, it was fun walking through the garden with you (so to speak) and seeing all the flowers, both expected and unexpected! The rose may have died back to the root stock last winter. That would explain the change in color. Not sure what's going on with the pretty petunia!

In our garden, the daylily 'Chicago Apache' is the purest red we have. Beautiful!

~~Rhonda :)

Phoenix C. said...

How amazing with the petunia! I love finding unusual things like this on plants!

texasdaisey said...

I have had some really strange things happen this year too. I wonder what the deal is.

Bren said...

That rose is growing amazing! LOVE IT... wish we could get some rain up here in the NW.

Happy Summer Dear Ohio friend.

JOE TODD said...

I love your "odd" flowers . LilfFest 2009 this weekend Have a great day

lynn'sgarden said...

Lona, FINALLY! I can access your blog..just so strange it was out of loop for almost 2wks! What can I say except you, my dear, have MAGIC soil...haha! The comment about the tulips..funny!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Brooke: As long as they do not turn out to be all orange I will be happy. I am not a fan of orange colors most of the time.

Balisha: It has been so strange with the way plants have behaved this year and I have gotten emails from others who have had strange happenings with their plants.

Cathy: I am glad I am not the only one with strange plants. I like the three different colors on a plant though.

Cindee: Honest girl the petunia is just one plant, and the blooms that keep coming onto it are three different colors. Got to see if I can over winter this one ;-)

Tootsie: Okay laugh girl, you know it doesn't take force to keep me from buying flowers. ;-)

Catherine: What is up with the yellow roses? I am glad it was just not mine but I hate it that hers turned red also.

Willow: your kidding girl. There has to be something in the sir ;-) I think it is in the root stock area though. Some good gardeners have said it dies back sometimes and changes the flowers. When you moved yours it might have went back.

Darla: Strange your Calla lily changed too. My petunia was the only one in that flower box so it is strange but I like it.

Rhonda; So glad you stopped by. I had another yellow rose one the far side of the garage that did the same thing, it bloomed red this year. Maybe it was the hard winter and all of the ice and it died back to the root stock.I will have to remember the "Chicago Apache" lily. Thanks for the tip!

Phoenix C: It was a great surprise and not a bad one at that.

Debbie: I do not know what is happening but some times it works out. It is disappointing when you think you have the flower you really want and it turns out to be so different.

Bren: I know girl, we need some rain. I think we are 4 inches below already and the heat has just started.Typical Ohio weather, from one extreme to the other.Happy Gardening Bren!

Joe: No thanks I was there last summer and was very disappointed. Couldn't see the flowers for the sellers stands.

Lynn: Hurray! I am so glad because I just could not figure out why my pictures was not showing up for you.I hope whatever it was has fixed itself for good.

Kylee from Our Little Acre said...

Oooh! You got 'Party Dress' Anemone! You're going to love that one!

Everything looks so wonderful, Lona!