Friday, July 10, 2009

Some Blooms Happening For Fertilizer Friday

Hello Gardeners! I do not know where this week has
gone but it has sped by so fast that Fertilizer Friday is
here. If you want to see some great blooms from some
great gardeners go to visit Tootsie @ 'It's Tootsie Time'
and join in on flaunting your flowers. I have to admit
that I fertilized my flowers yesterday because it was dry
and they needed a good drink of water.

This is another surprise lily blooming from the assorted
bulbs I bought last Fall. She is very yellow!

The new Monarda or Bee Balms that were planted
last Fall are starting to bloom. They are not too bushy
right now but in another year they will be wonderful.
The butterflies,hummingbirds and bees are loving them.

The blooms one the white ones are not as big and fluffy.
Since I have never grown it before I am not sure whether
this is normal or not.

This petite pink ones are growing so wonderful despite
my moving them in mid growth to another more sunny
spot. Their sturdy and great for the front of the butterfly bed.

The 'Double Delight' rose is turning a cherry red as
the blooms age and I have had to knock the pesky beetles
off of it every day.

Finally the 'Black Leaf Rose ' Geraniums are starting
to bloom and I am loving the rosy colored blooms against
the dark leaves. I should not complain about them taking
so long to bloom since they were grown from seed. I guess
I want that instant gratification of blooms that are already
blooming instead of waiting.

The 'Adonis' pink phlox is starting to bloom now
and the fragrance from this phlox is so amazing.

The Stachy's Lambs Ears are not blooming yet but
maybe it will yet or maybe she needs another year of growth.
It is new also and I am not familiar with its habits yet.
I love the velvety, silver leaves though even without
any blooms.

'Moonbeam' Coreopsis is in full bloom with its airy
stems and dainty yellow flowers.

Has anyone ever grown this 'False Leaf Hibiscus' before?
I started some seeds and this is the only one that survived
my attempts. I am loving the dark burgundy foliage.
It has not bloomed yet and I am wondering how big
they get before they start blooming. Mine is in a
pot so it may not get as big as it normally would?

The Gerbera Daisies are still blooming away.

The Lantana is getting so big and full of blooms.
She likes fertilizer Fridays and the small dab of
compost I added to her roots.

The poor basket the baby raccoons kept dumping
to the ground below is trying to come back. Poor
looking thing.

The planter in front of the garage is staring to fill out.
Looking at the pictures I do believe my top planter is
leaning a lot. I will have to fix that. Isn't it
weird that something completely misses your eye until
you take a picture of it. ;-)

This window box with the pansies still amazes
me. It is still growing away while I have had to
cut them from the other three boxes.

The 'Rose Lobelia' is looking pretty.

The pots of white wave petunias and tobacco flower
is also liking the fertilizer and compost.

Have A Wonderful Fertilizer Friday
and Flaunt those Flowers!


Tootsie said...

those photos are outstanding!!! but that lily takes first place!!! what a great color! thanks for playing along with us this week!!! I love seeing your flowers!

Tootsie said...

where did my comment go??? just to be sure....that yellow lily is my favorite photo....but they are all just gorgeous...the tobacco flower pots are very pretty too....oh...I just love them all!!! thanks for joining in this week!!!

Outside In said...

Beautiful Lona! Happy FF!


gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Wow! You have so many different flowers blooming. I've never seen white Monarda before. I love all of your containers. I've realized I'm not good at container planting. I never like how they end up, yours are how I want them to look.

madcobug said...

They are all so pretty. Helen

Colleen Wms said...

Beautiful flowers and interesting containers.
I like the Fertilizer Friday idea. I think I'll join if I remember to do so next Friday!
Love the double delight. It is a beauty. Is it fragrant? I had one year's ago that was and then had 2 that were not.
Ah... Lobelia. I did not start any from seed this year and have not seen it for sale anywhere. I love it and miss it. So dainty!

Kelly said... the white picket fence and the Summer "Thyme" sign! :-)

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

Each photo got more beautiful as I scrolled through your is gorgeous and the photograph is outstanding...I am loving that coreopsis....

Heather said...

Your Monarda look pretty nice to me. Mine are just starting to bloom, but I wonder how they'll really do, 'cause they don't look so great. I just planted them last year, so maybe they need some time to establish themselves. My lobelia did not grow very well this year. Sometimes it does really well, and sometimes not. I really love all of your blooms - just beautiful!

Kathleen said...

I've never seen white monarda before either. It's really stunning. I would like it even if the flowers stay small. and your hanging basket is looking much better than mine (even with the raccoons bothering it). I'm getting ready to compost mine and either start over or give up for this summer! Nice blooms Lona!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Hi Lona, all your photos are so beautiful! I kept looking... The gerbera, that's outstanding. I also like the hanging baskets. So pretty and cheerful!