Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bob Evans Farm Festival 2009

The Bob Evans Farm Festival this weekend was
so much fun. Even the heavy rains Friday did not
keep away the crowds of people who attend to
see all that the festival had to offer.
Great music and square dancing.
Also a whole section is prepared for the children to
join in some country activities.
Arts and crafts, farm animals at the kid's corral,
kid's tractor pulls, hay bale and corn mazes, and
facing painting to name a few.

I always enjoy the many craft tents that cover
the grounds of the festival.
Again pictures are frowned upon so as to
keep others from copying their goods.
Which can be understandable.

All the crafter's were ready for those who
are looking for their fall and Christmas decorating.
Not to mention the booths with homemade items such
as purses of which my daughter bought two. They were lovely.
Among the booths of homemade items were:
Sculpted and rag dolls of every description,
silverware jewelry, tole and decorative painting,
china and porcelain painting, decorated gourds of every
description, toys, soap making, clay works, iron garden
decorations, dough art, pottery, wood carving, light bulb
ornaments, candles, primitive items too numerous too
numerous to mention,copper sculptors, leather items,
knitted items from rugs to clothing, slate painting,
wire trees, baskets that were works of art, quilted items,
log cabin crafts, brooms, furniture, braided rugs, stained
and fused glass,dried flowers, weaving and spinning, mobils
and birdhouses,cornhusk dolls, quilted angels, painted
pumpkins, and one of my favorites was the water
fountains made from antiques.

And of course the food tents with not only Bob Evans
foods but bean soup in giant open kettles, sauces, spices,
honey, candies, apple butter, cheese, apple dumplings, apple
cider, trail bologna, and the lists went on and on.

The quilt barn was full of beautiful hand stitched
quilts again this year, and quilting demonstrations and

There were also tents full of antiques.

What is a Fall festival without loads of pumpkins and
fall blooming flowers. The mums were gorgeous and
of course I came back with four new pansies.
I see flowers everywhere I go what can I say ;-)

It was a wet and cloudy day this year for the festival
but it did not diminish the fun my daughter and I
had Saturday and although we saw a few who had to
get help getting their cars out of the fields we were
lucky enough not to get hung up in the mud.
On the drive back home we took many side trips and
detours to visit some of the local scenery and ran into
a few surprises that I will share in future postings.
With the Fall foliage starting to add color and
beauty to the hills of Ohio a few, alright a lot, of
pictures were taken.

Happy Gardening Everyone!


madcobug said...

Neat pictures and lots of pumpkins. I love those trees in the first picture. Those are beautiful quilts. Helen

Anonymous said...

Hi Lona, what a fun festival! I love that pumpkin painted gourd too, understanding that the craftspeople don't want their stuff photographed for people to copy. I used to sell things like this and it was annoying for people to ask specific questions about how you did something. I would always say that they should buy one, then they could take it apart to learn for themselves. A little snotty maybe, but honest. :-)

Dirt Princess said...

Oh my goodness! What fun! I would have LOOOOVED to have gone! It looks like a blast, and everything is so festive!

Anonymous said...

Looks like lots of fun to me Lona! We had a great trip, and believe me, you'll see plenty of photos on my blog. What a gorgeous place! Will catch up with you later. Sure was nice to see fall colors starting when we returned, and my recalcitrant cosmos in full bloom! Nothing from the evening stock though, can you believe it?

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

That looks like so much fun. It sounds like they were selling a little of everything. The scenery there is beautiful.

Darla said...

My kind of place for sure!!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Helen : There were certainly a lot of Fall picture opportunities around there.

Frances: I understood where they were coming from too. I use to do a lot of crafts but not anymore.It is sad but they are on the wane up here.

Dirt Princess: It was a great event even with the mud and cool wind.

Robin: Glad you had a great time. Email n the way.

Catherine: They truly had so much going on and to see.

T Opdycke said...

Ohhhh...what a fun day! Love the pumpkins!

Adrienne in Ohio said...

I've always hoped to take the kids down there for their Fall Festival weekend, and it seems we always have something else on the schedule. It looks like a lot of fun!

Patsi's 'Garden Endeavors' said...

Crafts galore !! Gotta love it.
And fun plus flowers...what a great time. I want to go. :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Lona~~ And it looks like you had perfect weather for such an outing. Fun! Thanks again for your help. I'm making progress when I can but unfortunately a life exists outside the computer. LOL