Friday, October 9, 2009

The Last Blooms

Today is Fertilizer Friday sponsored by our hostess,
from the frozen north where it is snowing,
Tootsie at Tootsie Time, so join us in Flaunting Your
We were drenched with rain last night and more is on
way today.
There use to be an old saying here in the hills that
' when we had a hard rain that washed the leaves
out of the hollows winter was here'.
I think it washed them out early this Fall even
they have all fallen.
It seems that the trees are turning overnight so
fast this year.
The Bob Evans Show is being held at Rio Grande,
Ohio this weekend and my daughter and I are going
to fight the mob once again to see all of the crafts and
events. I am wondering now if we will get the car
hung up in the field tomorrow where they park
all of the cars after all of this rain.

Should I wear hip boots girls?

Most of my flowers are spent or put away to
overwinter in the house, while many were
left to survive on their own until the weather takes
them, due to a lack of room. Most of those were
flowers that I was not thrilled with this summer,
so, yes I am cutting their lives short.
The last bulbs and flowers have been planted
and the deers have eaten of the impatiens that were
planted in the Tipsy Pots. This was a first so they must
be really hungry this fall or are just getting braver
to come so near to the house.
Although I think they are pretty animals I hope that
deer season in November will thin them out.

I transplanted this neon pink Geranium into
another pot to bring it in for the winter and took
some seed from it. I love the bright rose pink of
this one.

This orange geranium is on its own because it
just clashes with every color of flower that I
love and usually plant.
It is called Bright Eyes and it sure is bright and has
a white center. It grows like crazy but sadly just
doesn't play well with others.

This puny little Fuchsia is now spending her days
in the house and time will tell if it likes its surroundings.

A small sprig of Blue Lobelia has came
up from seeds that must have been dropped from
the flowers that were in the old birdbath planter from
last summer.
Just enough to tease me with a few blue
blooms for Fall.

The late growth of this Purple Clustered Bellflower
that was cut back has a few last blooms for
the late leaving Hummingbirds.
Which reminds me it is time to bring the hummingbird
feeder in for the year.

The beautiful tall Queen Charlotte Anemone that bloomed
so wonderfully has only a few blooms left on it while
the new Amenone's, Party Dress, Honorine Jorbet
and Margarette are just budding.

Edinburgh dahlia is setting under the trees to
help shelter it from the cold and frost. I do not have the
heart to cut it down and bring the tuber in for the
winter while it is still putting on a few blooms.

Just when I think Becky Shasta Daisy is done for the year
I find another bloom or two still coming on. She has
been such a hard worker this year and she does not
fall over and droop.

The Black Leafed Rose Geraniums and Marine
Helitrope are still in the window box planters and
need pulled. This geranium was such a great performer
this year too. Grown from seed they are now staked in
the window boxes to keep them upright because they
grew so large. I will have them next year again.

This is the first year that I have grown Alyssum from seed
and it has bloomed all summer and is still going strong.
In my gardening notes for this year I have added a
reminder to plant even more of it next year and to
include planting it in some sunken pots on the garage
banking so it will cascade down over the banking.

The Burgundy Gaillardia Blanket flower that was
moved is doing well and still putting on a few blooms.

Some Chrysanthemums are blooming now
and that will be the last of the flowers outdoors
for the year.
Everyone have a great weekend and
Flaunt those Flowers while you have them blooming.

Happy Gardening Everyone!


Dottie said...

Everything is so pretty. You have a lot more blooming than I do right now, but my miniature roses and shrub roses are blooming better now than they did all summer. I even have some garden phlox blooming late and it looks so nice. It's been raining a lot here too....rain we needed six weeks ago.

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Beautiful photos, as always, Lona. I love that hot pink geranium. It will be interesting to see if the seed plants will be true to the parent. (I love collecting seeds and starting them for the next season.)

Enjoy the festival in Rio Grande. I think it's going to be soggy just about everywhere in Ohio this weekend.


Mary Delle said...

Love those geraniums. Can't believe you grew that one from seed. Great work.

Urban Green said...

awesome pictures!!
I love those pretty geraniums sitting in the jug.

madcobug said...

You still have quite a few blooming. They are all beautiful. Helen

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

That seems like a lot still blooming. I've never tried overwintering fuchsia or geraniums before. I might bring the fuchsia in, although it drives my husband crazy when I fill his workbench with garden supplies :)
The picture of your anemone is beautiful, I love the soft coloring in it.
Have fun at the show this weekend!

Dirt Princess said...

You still have a lot blooming! Some gorgeous flowers at that! I say this everytime...but your photography is awesome! Have a great weekend!

Rosey Pollen said...

Hi Lona,
Love your last blooms. Thanks for reminding me to get some Alyssum seeds for next year. I forgot how pretty they are. Lobelias looking good too!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

I ADORE that fuchsia in the teapot!

And I don't know if you'll have to plant even more of the alyssum... one of my neighbors has had it popping up all along her side yard for a few years now, so you may just need to figure out how to tell what its seedlings look like.

lynn'sgarden said...

Awww, Lona, I would adopt your Bright Eye geranium if I could...I love it's bold colors even if it clashes ;) That dahlia is beautiful, too! Should be a nice day here in NJ today so I'm finishing up my bulb plantings...yay! How was the craft show? Would be fun to see you in your hip boots!

Sue said...

You still have some lovely blooms. I just discovered anemones last year, and am loving my September Charm. I hope to get some more next year, and need to move the one I have, because it is too crowded by the plants around it.

I had some pots I was ready to tell my husband he could dump onto the compost pike, but we had snow and it's cold, so now, most of them are ready to go.