Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rainbow Knockout Roses

Now that we are into Fall and so many of the
flowers here in Ohio are giving up because of the
shorter days and cold temps in the mornings, it
is amazing to see what may well be the final
flush of blooms from my Rainbow Knockout

I just love this rose because it has been in bloom
since early June.

The pink blooms are tinged with apricot
and run into yellow at the centers.

Each bloom is a surprise because the shading
has some differences in the petals.

This is the only rose I have that is still blooming.
Others have been moved so they have ended
their blooming this year. Others have new growth
coming on them for more buds so I am keeping
my fingers crossed that we will not get any damaging
frosts or hard freezes in the next couple of weeks.
Thankfully the snow they predicted is not going
to get here.

Finally I leave with you a picture of the Swans
that are at a lake near here. How do they stay
so white?


Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Hi Lona! These roses should make october days more cheerful. Very elegant subtle color!

Rosey Pollen said...

Such stunning blooms you have, and the swans are beautiful! No ugly ducklings at all.

Darla said...

Beautiful roses and the Swans are so white....it's going to be in the 90's here this week..

Urban Green said...

Lovely pictures...swans are pristine white...gorgeous!

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

So sweet and soft! I love the color! -Jackie

Balisha said...

My knockouts are beautiful right now. I love the colors on your rose. Next year I will have to get one.

blushing rose said...

Lona, your roses are gorgeous & your pics of the deer are fabulous. TY for sahring.

Have a beautiful relaxing day. TTFN ~Marydon

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I have one of those and mine hasn't bloomed like yours. I really think the cool wet summer prevented most of my Knock out roses from blooming much.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Gorgeous roses, stunning.

And the swans use a Tide White pen for those stubborn little spots.


Kiki said...

OH my..these blooms are so sweet and super lovely!! So pretty! Great photographs, I love the yellowing in the middle. And wow..what gorgeous swans! Great post!

Dirt Princess said...

I love the new header pic! The knockouts are just that! Very nice!

Green thumb said...

Hi Lona, beautiful pictures of roses! The swans add a serene touch to your post!
Best wishes

Autumn Belle said...

The roses are love. I like their pale pink and yellow shades. The swans are truly pure snow white and they look so like a romantic couple.

Darla said...

Re: ornamental potatoes, usually I leave them in the ground through the winter and they sprout mid-spring. I tossed the two big ones out...I have them all over my yard..

VW said...

Those blooms are so sweet. I've seen rainbow knockout in catalogs but never in person, so thanks for sharing some pictures!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

What charming roses, the colour combination is just perfect. Beautiful swans, they always look so regal.

Carol said...

Hi Lona, That is a lovely rose... great to have so many blooms so late! Carol

Tootsie said...

Those Roses are unreal! I wish that Knock outs would grow here!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Stunning roses, Lona. And thanks fpor sharing the swans...beautiful!!

JOE TODD said...

If I were to plant a climbing rose bush very sunny area is there one in particular you would suggest. I was down at Wahkeena yesterday what a neat place was my 1st time there.