Friday, November 13, 2009

Alrighty Then

Okay, I got nothing......
Today is Fertilizer Friday sponsored by our great hostess
from Tootsie Time and for those of you who still have
flowers, of whom I am very jealous of, it is time to "Flaunt
Your Flowers" before it is too late.

A couple of days this week when the sun was shining
so bright was spent in the final clean up. That is it I
have had it with the mulching of leaves and cleaning off
the beds. I refuse to mow another leaf! For pity sakes I
live near a State Forest I am tired of leaves. They are no
longer gorgeous or decked in colors, but a yucky old brown
piles upon the ground.
You all know I am fibbing don't ya? ;-)
The oak leaves will find a way to my front porch
and into the little pond.They just lay in wait for a
good wind upon this hill to come sailing in.
Oh well, leaves will happen.

Now lets see what I have found with some
little color around here.

Of course the Purple Carpet Alyssum is still going.
Is everyone tired of seeing it?
I surely am but hey I am desperate here.

And this little sprig of blue Lobelia has a few blooms.
All the others are done and pulled up.

And surprise ! I found this pink mum in with my
burgundy one. Just don't ask me where it came from.
Maybe it is a Clara Curtis that slipped in when I wasn't
looking. It is a pretty little bloom though.

I found two old petunia blooms. You can tell their old by the
cobwebs. Well maybe not, it may be a spider web.
Can you tell I have gone from nostalgia to silly this week?

This little beauty is still blooming and the bees
are still taking advantage of them in the sun.

But even the mums now are looking like their
end is coming near. Poor sad looking bloom.

And this is the Nikko Hydrangea that waited too
late to finally set on a bloom. All my hydrangeas this
summer were a disappointment of no blooms at all.

Sadly enough it does look pretty against the burgundy
of its Fall leaves.

The Streptocarpus Roulett Red and Inkspot got their
new pots this week and are doing well.

And then there is the tale of the Amaryllis on steroids.

This Cocktail amaryllis took off full speed ahead.
This picture was taken a few days ago so it is even
bigger now.
I was going to stagger the setting of the bulbs so
that they would bloom at different times, but
since I have not tried them before I thought what
the heck do it now.I do not think I had anything
to fear about their blooming all at once.....

because the Picotee and Ragtime are just starting
to grow. Maybe the Cocktail amaryllis just takes
less time to start. Do you amaryllis growers
know or the plant tag might be my first move.

The foxgloves are growing very nicely and should
give me some pretty blooms next summer.
Tatyana I hope the seeds you gave me does as good.
The pressure is on girl.

To all of the Dirt Princess Seed Swap Gang the seeds are in
the mail!!

Well that's it. All she wrote.No more.
Nada, I am done. ;-)

Happy FF Everyone
& Have A Great Weekend!


CiNdEe said...

Totally awesome blooms this week! I have been sick with pneumonia so haven't had a look around the garden. I can see some blooms outside but don't feel like going out there.
I am going to repot my foxglove soon though. I seem to have better luck with them in a pot. Weird I know.(-:

Darla said...

typing left-handed, don't laugh..everthing looks good. i can't even snap a photo today and i have plenty of blooms still.

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

I love the planters you used for the Streptocarpus Roulett and the amaryllis. They are perfect! I bought some amaryllis to force and I've been looking for some nice pots. You've given me some ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Your photographs are simply amazing! What gorgeous flowers! Thank you for sharing!
Have a great weekend!

Patsi's 'Garden Endeavors' said...

Might try Amaryllis this year.
You have many pretty blooms.
Shame the season is dwindling away.

We have a lot of MUSH do to heavy rains...some roads near the coast are closed.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

You did find some really pretty blooms! My pictures are getting tighter so that you can't see all the dead plants around the flower :) My annuals have all been pulled out, even without frost they are all done. The Streptocarpus look really pretty in their new pots. I've started a couple of amaryllis, one has taken off, the other one is just sitting there.

Dirt Princess said...

Great shots! I always love your photography!!! I can't wait to plant my seeds!!! I planted foxgloves last year, but I planted them too late, and they never produced! So I am hoping this year will be better! You still have a lot blooming! Have a wonderful weekend

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

Wow, wow, wow...I see some gorgeous portraits of some beautiful blooms...these photos are stunning!!!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Cindee: You poor girl. You had better take it easy. Hey when I win the lottery I am going to have the biggest sun porch and greenhouse;-) A girl can dream but first you have to play I guess.

Darla you are a trooper girl trying to type left handed. It is hard not to check out the blogs though huh.

Ellie: Hey I love your blog and drool at your pretties ;-)

Deb, thanks for dropping by!
You have a great weekend

Patsi: I have saw all of the rain that has been hitting south of us. We could use a little now up here. Too bad we didn't get some of yours.

Catherine: LOL, as you can see I do not even have anything mush to get tight shots of. So my amaryllis is just acting normal.Good!

DP: Maybe it is too hot for them in your southern zone.
I have so many different seeds to start this winter I won't know where to put them all. So much fun ;-)

TBH: Thanks bunches. So glad you dropped by. Have a great weekend!

VW said...

How nice to see some life left in your garden. And I love the pretty autumn leaves and bird collage at the top!
Good for you, downloading Picasa and playing with your new toy. Grownups need to play with a new toy sometimes, too.

Tootsie said...

I just love seeing how your photos pop off the page! Your blooms this week are sensational friend! I hope you have a great weekend!

Autumn Belle said...

What's left of the blooms you are having here looks great. The bugs are still around too. I just love all your pretty flower pots.

Kate said...

Lovely photos! And, all that gorgeous color! I've got a few tough as nails pincushion flowers, blooming in a snowdrift. :(

Anonymous said...

See, you still have a few blooms out there! Isn't this weather fabulous? I love it! My roses get a few doses of organic rose food, and lots of coffee grounds from Starbucks. I have two of them now that are at least 8 feet tall! Oh, and some egg shells now and then. And I never move them around. *wink* I'm already loving my Apricot Yarrow. It's on the south side of the house in full sun, so it's still blooming away.

lynn'sgarden said...

Hey Lady, your 'nothing' is pretty damn impressive!!!
Love that peachy/corally mum with the green fly!
Lynn ;)

Kylee from Our Little Acre said...

Lona, what blooms you lack in number, you make up for in color! I know what you's about over up here catty-corner from you, too. Although today was 67 degrees and sunny! Wonderful for mid-November, isn't it?

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Kate: We just do not allow snow drifts this time of year. Say its not so ;-)

Robin:No coffee in this house I am afraid. Eggs shells and organic rose food I can do. Tried to but banana peels out for them but the silly coons kept eating them ;-)

Lynn; What you see girl is what I got ;-)

Kylee: Oh, wasn't today a beauty. We will take all we can get.We had 72 here on the hill.

Kelly said...

...lovely flowers! I also love your autumn-flavored banner with Mrs. Red in the center. Gorgeous leaves and color...

Anonymous said...

omg, these blooms are gorgeous Lona. I absolutely LOVE your streptocarpus & amaryllis containers too. They are gorgeous ~ I've never seen anything like them but I would definitely buy them. I enjoy growing amaryllis too but I've never figured out the secret as to why they do what they do. Sometimes they bloom when I think they will and other years they skip blooming altogether. The new ones I bought this year are sort of doing what yours are ~ some taking off and others sitting. It will be fun watching them develop and bloom won't it?

JOE TODD said...

Glad you still can find some color. It does seem to be getting harder and harder. About the only color I have is Blue Jays and Cardinals at the bird feeder LOL

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Kathleen it is good to know that all bulbs are not created equal and that yours are growing in different speeds too.

Joe I know it will most likely turn into a bird blog instead of a flower one ;-)

Kelly, thanks so much and so glad you dropped by.