Monday, November 16, 2009

Crazy For Blues.... Anywhere, Everwhere

Kiki over at 'Awake With Charm & Spirit'
a posting on 'The Color Essence of Blue' which
was beautiful and extended an invitation to others
who are inspired by blue to join in.
Blue is a color that I dearly love not only in the
blues of flowers and decor in my garden but also
all throughout my home.
The siding on my home is even a light blue.
Inside my home blue is the main use in decor, from
the blue and white theme in my kitchen....

to the blue furniture and decor in my living room.
Dried blue hydrangea blooms...

Even the bathroom has a blue and yellow decor,
so yes, blue is a color I love.

In the garden I try to find blue flowers of every
kind to grow. Even in the choice of the seeds I
purchase I look for blue flowers.

Blue dwarf Morning Glory's are beautiful
while they last and shearing them back when
they slow down will bring them back for more
pretty blooms.

Shades of blue in petunia's run more to purples
I believe but for this winters sowing I have found seed
for a blue Celebrity petunia and blue alyssum.

Blue Browillia

Blue lobelia

Marine blue helitrope

And some of the perennials that are around in the
flower beds are this Clustered Bellflower.

Blue woolly Speedwell

Blue Hill Salvia is one of my favorites in the
sage family and I have it stuck in two or three beds.

It looks so pretty with the Crimson Bouquet roses.

Even Campunala bellflower Chettle Charm turns
blue on the edges with age.

Tall Phlox or Rockets

Blue Bird Delphinium or Larkspur

Even Jack Frost Brunnera has the prettiest little blue blooms
to start off the spring.

Blue creeping phlox cover the whole bank on the one
side of the garage.

Blue Chip Campanula

Hardy Geraniums which the name now has been
completely forgotten. Johnson??

The Nikko Blue Hydrangea that I had to go into
the archives to get a picture of.

While in the archives I found this picture of the dark
blue hyacinths that bloom in the spring.
I have more blue flowers than I thought.

The decor outdoors has a few touches of blue
added in by pots.

The containers I use to plant the flowers in,
and I will use about anything that holds soil,
are decorated in blue sometimes.
Even in the previous posting of the Amaryllis
that were just started were put in blue and white
flowers pots.

Even to the flags in the garden the blue comes into play.

Blue Birds are invited to the garden and their blue

Some of the blues that I planted this Fall to
bloom in the blue section of the woods bed are:

Eryngium Blue Sea Holly

An Oreo Iris

A Out of the Blue re-blooming Iris

Agastache Blue Fortune

And a Jacob's Ladder polemonium

Others that I have but have no pictures for that are
new are Mammouth Blue hosta, Columbine Aquilegia Alpina,
Campanula Blue Waterfalls, and Loddon Royalist Anchusa.

Would you say I am crazy for blue in the garden and out?

Happy Blue Gardening Everyone!


Kiki said...

Oh My!! what a FABULOUS post!! you thought of everything now didn't you! Your birds are so sweet and enchanting..great shots! and I love your blue kitchen is just way too adorable! I am fan of your blue too I love blue pots in the garden!Wow..that was so fun! I am in love with the close-up shot of the delphinium and the salvia and red rose? awesome!! What a Fantastic job..and wonderful post! yay! Thankyou for sharing your amazing blues with us all!

Becca's Dirt said...

I can't believe all the blues you have. You definately have the blues hands down. Beautiful.

madcobug said...

You really have a lot of blue and it is all beautiful. My favorite color is blue also. Helen

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

What an amazing post, you have such an impressive collection of blue plants. Your dwarf morning glories are so very pretty, the hydrangea is gorgeous (wish Nikko Blue would grow here), the blue edged campanula is so dainty and lovely, 'out of the blue' iris looks perfect and the dark & mysterious hyacinth is show stopping. My list of things to add next year just got longer! :) Rebecca

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Kiki it was fun looking up all of the blues. I forgot some of them but hey that was way back in Spring ;-)

Becca:One does collect a lot over the years.Thanks for dropping by.

Helen then we have something very pretty in common ;-)

Rebecca, hey girl my list never reaches an end. There are just too many flowers and so little time.

T Opdycke said...

Beautiful in blue! Blue hydrangeas are my hands down favorites, but your photos make me want to create an ocean of blue flowers.

Love your kitchen in blue,too. Do you collect flow blue china?

Thanks for sharing your blue world.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

You have a great collection of blues. I love the blue and white in your kitchen. I was surprised at how much blue I found too. I love the Campanulas you showed, I hadn't seen some of them before. The hyacinth is a beautiful deep blue.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

T Opdycke: I love Flow blue china but I only have one piece. Too pricey fro me ;-)

Catherine: I am surrounded in blues here so that was just the posting for me ;-) Thanks so much for the seeds they arrived today.

Mary Delle said...

Can't believe the richness of blus you have in your home and garden. The flowers are stunning!!!

Darla said...

Very nice...I don't have much blue decor inside the house...I do have some bluish/purple blooms though.

JOE TODD said...

I'm blue no longer

Rosey Pollen said...

Me oh my!!! Such a wonderful collection of blue! Your china is lovely and you do have so many blue flowers, just spectacular!
Thanks for sharing
P.s. love your header collage.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Mary, thank you. I am so glad that you dropped by.

Joe, you rascal. I thought maybe Linda would like the Boyd's bear.

Darla, hey girl I hope the elbow is feeling better by now. Quite a few of my blues are what I would call purple also but they name them blue this or that.

Rosey, hey thanks bunches. I hope that I will not have to change the header to a winter one soon.

Balisha said...

Love your blue things. Darling kitchen and wonderful flowers. Here's a quiz that you can take to find out what color you are...


6p00e5504402138834 said...

Yes, I would say you definitely like blue Lona ~ and it looks good on you too! You have an awesome array of it. I love the pitcher and the bluebird photos. Not sure why? There were so many beautiful ones to look at. I definitely want to try one of your blues in my garden ~ the Sea Holly. I've never grown that before but I love the form. Thanks for the reminder to add it to my list! With blue as your favorite color, you can never have a "blue" day then, right?!!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Oh, no Balisha I am green ;-)
That is alright too.

Kathleen:I loved the look of the Sea Holly too so I thought I would try one to see if I liked it.

Balisha said...

Hey Lona...I'm green too!

Gail said...

Lona, There is a huge Wow factor in this posting on blue! Loved the deep blue hyacinth~~now where can I find that beauty! gail

Janet said...

Wow Lona, what a great collection of blue! I have a blue kitchen/ family room. I love it. I have two links to prior posts with just a little bit of my blue.. and to see the blue wall color and tile
Love that Sea Holly!

janie said...

Great post! I love blue too, and my favorite blue flower, 'shell pea vine' grows right out my front door.

Thanks for sharing, I got some good ideas from your post.

Kate said...

BEAUTIFUL! I have what I call a 'Too Blue Garden.' An area where all I plant are blue flowers. Yours are simply gorgeous. I noticed you have some bellflowers - have you ever tried the Deep Blue Pearls bellflower? It's a sweet pale blue...

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Gail: Good grief it was a while since I got them but I believe it was from Springhill Nurseries.

Balisha: Hey girl I see I am in good company ;-)

Kate: Now I will have to check that one out I never saw them before.

Janie: Not you too, Now that makes two I will have to check out. I got a feeling my list is going to be growing more.

Janet: Another lover of all things blue ;-) I am on my way over to check yours out.

Janet said...

thanks for checking them out, thought you would like the blue!!

Carrie said...

like blue then?? haha x

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Hi Lona, that's a lotta blue! And they're all so lovely, each in their own way. Blue is my favorite color and I can never have too much. It's a must have in the garden...and your photos speak volumes about how much you love it, too!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Just love your blues! What an impressive list! Your blue blooms are beautiful. I like that you included the birds and your blue floral arrangements!

Loura Lawrence said...

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I LOVE flowers, but my knowledge of them has it's limits. I have a few that are labeled "Unknown". This makes me sad, because they should be known!

If you have the time, could you help me by filling in some of the blanks?

Thank you for your consideration!

Loura Lawrence said...

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