Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rise and Shine

Did you ever have just one of those days?

I can rise and shine but it takes me
longer these days ;-)

We have had some wonderful days so far this
November. It has been nicer than October was
and warmer.

The mums have faded now so there is practically
nothing going on outdoors now.
The birds have been visiting more to the feeders
now also.
I love to watch them but around here they have
to be on the lookout for all the stray cats passing
through. This little Chickadee is on guard.
How do they manage to hang on to nothing?

Only one of the kittens remain now that grew in
my flower beds. The little black one has been AOL
for a week so I fear something has happened to the
little fella so only the little gray one remains.

It has rained a little the last two days (no the house
is still dirty) so I had to go slopping around in it to
finish up my Christmas shopping and it appears that
I was not the only one out looking for Holiday bargains
for Thanksgiving and for Christmas.
It was very busy in town today.
Of course I had to hit the garden center at the big box
store. I was hoping for some clearance flower pots
and I was able to came home with three and a new
bird feeder to replace the one the raccoons trashed.
Also I had to murmurer under my breath when I saw
the Amaryllis I paid $ 12 dollars for were only $ 5
dollars there. I consoled myself by saying my bulbs
surely had to be bigger or something ;-)

The only blooms that well be seen now is the
flowers that manage to put on a few blooms indoors.
This pink Gerbera daisy is blooming indoors but the
florescent lighting does nothing for her complexion.
Her makeup is looking a little orangish.

The Streptocarpus are still doing well and I
am loving this Roulette Red more all the time.

I want to thank everyone who have shared their seeds
this Fall. I am so thrilled to get them and start new
plants for the garden over the winter and making a
friendship bed next Spring to put them in.


CiNdEe said...

Rise and Shine should not be used Either rise or shine...I can't do both at the same time(-:
Super pretty blooms. Its been pretty nice here this Fall too. Lately though we have had frost. But I still have flowers on some plants(-:
I am loving my Streptocarpus too. They are so pretty!!!(-:

Phoenix C. said...

Stunning Streptocarpus!

Tootsie said...

in spite of it all...your blooms are still gorgeous!

Grace Peterson said...

Hi Lona~~ Your banner is top notch--stunningly beautiful! And the Chickadee do you get such fabulous feathered friends photos? You've got talent, girl! Love your Streptocarpus. I have a pink one blooming too but it's not nearly as dramatic as 'Roulette Red.' It's a stunner!

lynn'sgarden said...

Teehee.."Bird on a Wire"..adorable!
Isn't it crazy that the stores/malls have been decked out for xmas since End of Oct? least here! Another area of procrastination for!

Autumn Belle said...

My dear, you macros are gorgeous. My post today on blue butterfly pea (clitoria ternatea) flowers is dedicated to you.