Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Everything Is Coming Up Roses

" Ebb Tide'

I just had to do a posting on Roses for the New
Year. It is in the low 20's with a wind chill reading
that I do not even want to think about.

And snow upon the ground once more so
all I want to think about are flowers and Spring. LOL!

So instead of groaning about the weather I decided
to dig into the ole flower vault and bring out some
of the roses I am missing so much right now and
do a posting on 'coming up roses'.

'Scentimental' reminds me of peppermint candy or
candy canes but the naming it Scentimental is a
little deceiving because it has such a light

' Double Delight' is bound to perk up anyone.

As 'Double Delight's' blooms age the petals
take on a neon pink tinge all over, which I for one
like less than when it first opens.
It has a mild fragrance.

'New Dawn' loves to climb all over my old garden
building but her blooms fall away fast and it usually
only blooms for me in a massive burst in June and
just a few blooms in August.
It has a very mild fragrance.

'New Blaze Improved ' is a climber that grows over a trellis
that helps hide an air conditioner. The new
improved variety is still a disappointment to
me because it only blooms once for me so I am
looking for a replacement that will bloom more
than once. If anyone has any great climbing
rose selections for zone 5 please let me know.
New Blaze will be demoted to the garden shed
with New Dawn.
Maybe I should stay away from any

roses with the word new or improved in the name.

'Lavender Simplicity' rose has been moved a few
times and has taken it in stride but other than being
proven tough by my handling and Ohio's cold winter's
the poor thing hasn't had much of a chance to just set
and grow so I will not pass judgment on it just yet.

'Almost Black' is new and although a very deep
red it is not even almost black. It was moved twice
in its first season after my evaluation of the flower
beds in the fall and the moving of a lot of flowers so
they would compliment each other and undo the
random sticking in of plants that were bought on a
The final decision was made to create a rose
garden bed and add in some different colors of roses
especially after the Ebb Tide rose took over the side
of the garage and the Irish Yellow roses nearby decided
to put on red blooms last summer, which was a
great unwanted surprise.
So the bed beside the garage will become a rose
garden bed next Spring. I will use all of those new
gardening catalogs to find some roses for it this
winter and envision a lovely rose garden.

I am looking for a white rose, another yellow one
and even some orange or peach ones to add to the
rose garden. The new ' Cinco de mayo ' Floribunda
rose looks like a possible addition.

The Knockout roses have become some of my
favorite roses. They have no fragrance to speak of
but they give me blooms all summer and into fall
until a freeze claims them, so any rose that will give
me continuous bloom is a winner to me and I can look
to other flowers like the phlox's to give
me some fragrance in the garden.

' Rainbow ' knockout has flowers ranging from
color shades of pink into yellow and even a touch
of orange at stages in the blooming.
It looked just a wonderful in September as it did
in June.

Knockout Red 'Rosa Radrazz'

Knockout pink 'Rosa Radcon'

A double bloom pink Knockout
A new yellow knockout will be one of the ones
added to the rose garden next spring.

The last rose is one that I have had for many years
and has put up with many moves, ice storms and freezes.
The ' Crimson Bouquet' a Grandiflora rose puts
on a big show of beautiful shaped blooms in June
and also in September with a few blooms in between.
It has a very strong fragrance and is just perfect for
those of you who like to dry rose blooms for potpourri.

This has been a wonderful year and I have made
many friends on Blotanical and on gardening blogs.
I would like to thank you all for making my year a
much better one. Thank you for your friendship
and sharing your gardens and your generous advice
throughout the year. If I needed an answer to a
gardening question or a problem I knew I could count
on your help to provide me with the answers.
Thank you for sharing your frienship, pictures and
your seeds.
My wish to you all is a New Year filled with love,
good health, family, friends, and many flowers.
I wish a New Year for you filled with all that your
heart desires.
I am looking forward to a New Year with
you and meeting even more wonderful friends.


And by the way another reason for my posting
about 'Coming Up Roses'
Ohio State is in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on
New Year's day so............



T Opdycke said...

Loved your rose post! The 'New Dawn' rose is so delicate and lovely. I have an affinity for the old rose and David Austin varieties. HA! You beat me to it! I was planning a post on roses to commemorate the Rose Bowl and the Buckeyes on New Year's Day. I can't wait to watch the game. The wasband (was a husband, now the ex) will be at the game rooting the Bucks on.

Thanks for sharing your rose photos.

Christine B. said...

Alright, I am seriously tempted by Rosa 'Radcon'! Any chance it is scented? I hope your team does well, being in the Rose Bowl is exciting.

Happy New Year from Alaska,

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Thank you for this beautiful post, Lona, and for the warm wishes! A lot of rose blooms to you in 2010!

bennie and patsy said...

It is candy for the soul, lovely.
Happy New Year!
Hugs Patsy

Carol said...

Lovely roses every one and I can imagine the delicious fragrance floating in the air! Happy New Year Lona! It is great to have found your gardens and I look forward to enjoying your blog in 2010! Best Wishes, Carol

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

What a beautiful post! Scentimental is so striking, the red/white striping reminds me of a candy cane too. I LOVE double delight!! I'm crazy about yellow/pink roses. I haven't grown roses before, but will add a two toned one next year.

Balisha said...

What a rosey post. Beautiful roses...you have so many.I need to get more Knockouts. Have a Happy New Year!

Carol............. said...

Just gorgeous...I think I could actually smell the roses!

Have a Great New Year!

Wendy said...

These are gorgeous roses! I was just thinking today that I want to really stay on top of the roses I have that I have grown to love. Too often when I get around to them, they've already got rust or black spots, or are covered in aphids. I may have questions for you in the spring!

CiNdEe said...

I am also thinking of warmer sunny days with the scent of flowers in bloom!
Scentimental is a very fragrant rose here for me! So is Double Delight. They both smell wonderful!
Happy New Year to you!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh my Lona, you have so many beautiful roses. These photos make me want spring to happen even faster. I can't wait to see them in bloom again. Good luck deciding which new ones to add. There are so many choices, it can sometimes be a hard decision. Happy New Year to you. That was such a nice message you left and wonderful wish too.

Barbara said...

I love your roses post - better than any catalog. I'm envious that you know the names of all of yours, since the allotment garden I took over has lots of roses I cannot identify. Beautiful photos. Happy New Year to you and best wishes for the future in your garden and elsewhere. Barbara

Kiki said...

Lona...yay...many New Years wishes to you too..what a beautiful and lovely post! I love love love roses..so this was wonderful eye candy for me! Gorgeous!Beautiful photos..i feel refreshed and light! Thankyou!I'll be dreaming of roses now...

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

T: I received a David Austin Rose Catalog that I have been drooling over ;-) Some very pretty ones. LOL. Wasband, I love that phrase and will now have to borrow it for my ex. Happy New Year and Go Bucks!

Christine; I cannot smell mush fragrance from it but my sniffer is not very good (Sinus problems) ;-) Have a Happy New Year in the frozen north and stay warm.

Tatyana: Thank you and Happy New Year! I will be looking forward to your fun postings and gorgeous pictures in 2010.

Patsy: You and the Bennie have a safe and warm New Year's Eve.

Carol: Thanks bunches and I am looking forward to your posting and beautiful pictures in 2010.

Rebbeca: Yes lady you just have to add a rose to your beautiful garden. Happy, Happy New Year!

Balisha: I have fallen in love with the knockouts and want to add a yellow one.
Happy New Year and I will love reading all of those wonderful poems of yours in 2010 !

Carol.... Thanks for dropping by and Best wishes for a wonderful 2010 for you.

Wendy: I try to buy hardy ones that are resistant to diseases but some of the prettiest ones happen to be susceptible to them. Those old pesky aphids seem to appear out of no where and overnight.I try to watch out for them and use a fungicide spray that takes care of the blackspot problems. So glad you dropped by and Happy 2010 to you.

Cindee girl you must have a better sniffer than mine ;-) (things wear out over the years)or maybe I just compare them all against the Crimson Bouquet that has such a strong fragrance.
Happy, Happy 2010 to you and Happy Junking ;-)!

Kathleen; I will so be looking for more of those beautiful cards that you make in 2010.

Barbara: LOL, are you kidding, I have them all photographed and written down so I don't forget. It is the first thing to go you know ;-) You will probably be able to identify your by watching the blogs over time. It is wonderful that you got roses with your allotment though. Happy New Year to you Barbara and may it be filled with all your heart desires.

Kiki; We do need our eye candy in the winter months.
Happy New Year to you and I will be looking forward to your postings in 2010.

Kate said...

Oh, you're pushing my buttons with these lovely photos. I have quite a passion for roses, too. The John Cabot Climbers are a big favorite of mine - bright fuschia color all summer long. :) Very pretty.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I loved seeing all of your pretty roses. I was just outside looking at mine and wishing I might find a bud or two, but didn't.
Happy New Year to you. I've really enjoyed getting to know you this past year!

Patchwork said...

You have beautiful roses. I agree with you that the Scentimental looks like peppermint candy.
Have a Happy New Year...and, good luck to your Bucks in the Rose Bowl. We're hoping here, that the Longhorns pull off another one on the 7th.

Anonymous said...

Uh, excuse me madam, GO DUCKS !! LOL [I'm an Oregonian and it's my duty to say that.] Isn't it ironic that the Bucks and the Ducks are duking it out?

By all means, Lona, if you're looking for an unbeatable rose 'Cinco de Mayo' performed fabulously its first year in my soil. Once it started blooming it was never without until the cold weather a few weeks ago. And absolutely no foliar maladies whatsoever! For a climber, I can heartily recommend two: 'William Baffin' a medium pink semi-double and 'John Cabot' a deep rosy pink. Both are bred for cold hardiness as well as all the other stuff. They're not terribly fragrant but I've got a honeysuckle nearby to cure that.

In reply to your comment on my blog: If garden junk is "out" then I'm on my keester! Like you, I love garden junk and would never get rid of it just because some marketing beauracrat decided it's not en vogue this year. Bravo, girl! You're a gardener after my own heart. Also, all the green, sustainable propaganda: Gardeners are the LAST ones, Greenies should be admonishing to go green! We've been green since before many of them were born!!! LOL [Psst...I use chemicals too. Not always but sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, right?] Happiest of new years to you too. Love your spunk!

VW said...

I'm chuckling that you move your roses about as much as I transplant mine. Our old neighborhood was full of Double Delight rosebushes, and when they had their first spring flush it was glorious to take a walk and see them all.

LeSan said...

I can't imagine picking a bone with any one of these beauties. Of course it's the end of December and my garden looks like a barren wasteland so I may be a bit biased. I really love the first two in your post here. I agree that Scentimental should have been called something to do with peppermint and Double Delight is a heartbreaker.

Autumn Belle said...

I really enjoyed myself so much looking at your lovely roses. Wow, I hope your New Year 2010 is perfect and as beautiful as the roses too!

Stephanie said...

Lona, thank you to you! Love to read of all the happenings of your garden and the plants/flowers that you pick and grow. You have been (and still!) as sweet and wonderful as the roses here.

Have a great countdown to the new year! Happy new year to you as well!!

JOE TODD said...

Just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR and thanks for sharing your world

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Kate: Thank you so much I will check out the Jacob Cabot climbers.Happy 2010 and Happy Gardening in it.

Catherine : oh, no don't tell me you finally lost all the bloom on your roses. I guess we will have to depend on those southern and tropical gardeners to give us roses this winter. I am almost tempted to tie a few artificial ones on my bushes and pretend ;-)

Patchwork: Well we will have to cheer on those Longhorns on the 7th too. Go Longhorns!

Grace: Will as much as I want the Buckeyes to win they do seem to lose it under pressure. If you hear a rumbling of thunder or a disturbance in the wind currents it will be because I am screaming at them. LOL.
On the other, well an old girl has to just vent once in a while it does a body good ;-)

VW: LOL, sometimes I marvel that I do not kill more plants than I have already. If they pass the 'Lona indecision and Moving test' then I can whole heartily recommend them.LOL Wishing you a blessed New Year.

Le San: I am still laughing over your posting. What a terrific one. Happy 2010.

Autumn Belle: Thank you so much and ditto on the New Year wishes.

Stephanie:Well thank you that means so much. Wishing you a New Year filled with your heart's desire.

Joe and Linda: Thank you so much for showing me so many great spots in the Buckeye state that I did not know about. You both have a 2010 filled with all of the best. No heavy celebrating there in Lancaster ;-)

lynn'sgarden said...

I remember these rose pics! And drooling over them still...Ebb Tide..love that one!
We're looking at the same views outside...Brrr!
Happy New Year, Lona!

Cinj said...

Those roses are enough to bring a smile to anyone's face. A real feast for the eyes. I love that candy cane stripy one, I always have liked anything striped...

HARE said...

Thank you for your comment to my blog.
Your roses are so nice.
I love roses too.