Friday, January 1, 2010

Tail Winds For 2010

Your feathers would be messed up too in
this tail wind.

How many of you looked like this this morning. LOL
My hair is generally standing out like this every morning.

We are into a new year where we can start fresh if
we choose and start new projects or finish old ones.
Going into to it with an attitude that 'all things are
possible', and add some laughter to each day.
Laughter makes a heart fill lighter no matter what
else may be going on around you.

I spend New Year's Eve like any other day yesterday.
I am not a party person and in fact could not even
keep my eyes open to see the new day come in,
but it managed to come anyway without me watching
for it. I even missed the 'once in a blue moon' event
and forgot to look for the full moon.
But with the fog, drizzling rain and and back to snow
it was probably well

After a final run through of the seed catalogs
yesterday I did manage to get my seed orders
made. I saw a color theme running through the
order. It looks like shades of burgundy were the
main colors. I will share those purchased and
the hopes of new container flowers in another

The 'Ragtime' amaryllis is putting on its final
blooms for this winter so I wanted to show it off one
more time.
I promise not to bore you with it anymore this winter.

Four other amaryllis bulbs are still in different
stages of either almost ready to bloom, showing
promise of blooming or at the stage of " well do
something, anything, just don't set there" stage.
Since I fell in love with them this year I got
two more from 'Brent and Becky's Bulbs'
as they were half off.
I think I am well fixed for amaryllis bulbs now.
Oh, well I am probably fibbing so I better take
that line back.right now.

I hope that you all are as anxious as I am to start
those new plants and looking ahead to Spring.

The tulip bulbs in the fridge are ready to be set
in a flowerpot. Fressia's 'Corona' and Dwarf Iris

'Harmony" are sprouting so there will be color this
And miracles of miracles the orchid that I just told
a blogger was another gardening fiasco in my hands
is starting to sprout some new growth.
Maybe it thought it was destined for the compost heap
and feared for its poor existence.

Happy Gardening in 2010 Everyone!


Janet said...

Happy New Year to you! Love that Amaryllis!! (you should see my hair first thing in the morning!!)

Di said...

Lona, Happy New Year and thank you for your gifts to us this past year. May 2010 be the best!

bennie and patsy said...

I know in 2010 you will have more beautiful photo's to show and tell.
Love your blog

Darla said...

I am so ready to begin planting seeds inside, still a bit too early still. You cannot bore us with that Ragtime!! Beautiful...

GardenJoy4Me said...

Lona girl .. I am just about to start my first amaryllis (I'm really nervous about screwing it up since I am a newbie !!) it is Appleblossom (I'm a PINK nut) I thought it would be great to have it bloom for Valentine's Day .. husband's birthday (isn't that a hoot ? LOL) so if you have any secrets to success with these .. for pity sake let me know ? LOL
I love that little bird with the "bad featherhead day" haha
PS .. I'm not a party animal either .. we were in bed well before the magical hour ;-)

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

What an adorable little bird!! Ragtime is still looking great. Happy 2010 to you too. :)

Rosey Pollen said...

Happy New year, Lona!
Your Amaryllis is so Christmassy!
I love how easy these are. So do you get yours to bloom again?

azplantlady said...

Your photo of the bird with the ruffled feathers just made me laugh. I wish for you a very Happy 2010.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I did make it to midnight, partly because I was doing something on the computer. My husband didn't, though. We watched a Monk we'd missed, and drank our root beer floats, which are a tradition we started when our kids were young.

I love your amaryllis bloom photos. I always enjoy your photography.

Happy New Year!

Bren said...

The Holiday photos are great! Happy New Year - looking forward to 2010 and sharing photos from the garden with you!

Titania said...

How very cute the little fellow with its ruffled feathers. The Amaryllis are such wonderful exotic blooms. This double, red one is really a show off and I do understand that it has to be shown from all its sides. It is also such a pleasure to see it.
You have also lovely roses. I am a fan of roses and I am always into battle with all sorts of grasshoppers. They come in all sizes and colours and are very quick in munching away the fattest buds. I wish you a happy New Year and lots of pleasure with your new plantings.

Liz said...

Hi Lona,

Lovely Amaryllis, such a bright and appeciated colour at this time of year :)

I hope you too had a lovely Christmas and New Year!

T Opdycke said...

Happy New Year! Wasn't that an awesome game? Buckeyes rock!

Balisha said...

Wishing I had more hair... My amaryllis is just starting to fade. I have a white one in the basement ready to come up. I never get tired of pictures of these beauties.
I've had a pair of titmice (?) at my feeder since the ice storm. I love them. Several new birds have come since that night.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Happy New Year! We were up until midnight but only because my daughter really wanted to stay up til midnight, I would've been in bed before then otherwise.
I'm looking forward to Spring too!

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Could never be bored by seeing amaryllis, Lona, especially ones as gorgeous as this. Happy New Year to you, and here's hoping the weather improves.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Janet: I have this mass of frizz.I keep it frizzy because it keeps getting thinner all the time, so I look like a scrunched cotton ball in the mornings. LOL!

Di: Thank you, I have been enjoying your posts so much. Looking forward to more.

Patsy: I sure hope I will have loads of pictures in 2010. I planted enough flowers this fall. Now if I can keep the deer away. I already bought the nylon twine to stretch around, Hope that little trick will work.

Darla, oh, I hope you are feeling better girl. Cannot have you sick. Take care and stay warm. Eat plenty of chicken soup.;-)

Joy: This was my first year for them too, and I have an Apple Blossom one about ready to bloom.They are easy or they wouldn't be growing in my house.I just stuck them in a pot, added light potting soil up to halfway around the bulb and watered. Keeping them for next year will be my greatest challenge. LOL.

Rebecca; That poor little Titmouse just looked so funny and cold to.

Rosey; This is my first year so I will have to see if I can now keep them so they will bloom again next year. They are so pretty that I am going to try it anyway.

Bren: I will be watching all of those plants growing in your new greenhouse this winter.

Sue, buddy! Oh, I love Monk too. I am so sorry that this was his last year for the show. We will have to watch reruns now. Bummer.

Titania: So glad you dropped by. We have a problem with Japanese beetles on our roses here. I am glad we do not have to deal with the grasshoppers like you do.

Liz: I am so glad you dropped by and looking forward to this new gardening year.

T: Hey girl. Did you hear me screaming at them. LOL. I was so excited. It was a great game. I just hate those close ones though. I am so glad our little underdogs got over that hump and finally got a bowl win. The Buckeyes were great yesterday.

Balisha: I think your hair is growing in so fast. I like the way it looks now. Easy to take care of too.

Catherine; Did your daughter enjoy seeing the new year come in? I hope it was fun for her.I like the fireworks but they never have any around here. Some of the neighbors use to shoot of shot guns into the air out here in the sticks but if they did this year I never heard them. Probably wouldn't have heard them for my snoring anyway. LOL!

Jodi: It was so cold and windy today and we got three more inches last night. I would have never left the house if not for taking my Mom to get groceries. My hair did look like that Titmouse today. LOL!

Phoenix C. said...

My hair looks like that all day and a bit wilder!

I agree about laughter - and the 'all things are possible' attitude!

Wishing you a wonderful 2010, and looking forward to your beautiful blog posts!

I love the winter twigs on your header.

Teresa said...

My amaryllis is about to bloom! I am very excited! I can hardly wait to see it. I enjoyed your post.

Anonymous said...

Aww, cute little tufted titmouse! I love your new header photos, but it makes me cold just to look at it. Brrrrr. It's been a pleasure to "meet" you through blogging, and I'm looking forward to sharing your blog in the coming year! I'm not loving this frigid weather, bet you don't either. Way too cold for me. Spring, where are you?

JOE TODD said...

Lovely photos. I was thinking about you when I was out taking my shadow shots. I got a couple photos Adena Indian mounds to share later. When spring gets here I'm going to check out the ones you posted about in Vinton County.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Phoenix: LOL! Thank you so much. They were from the Ice Storm last winter. So glad you dropped by!

Teresa: LOL, you sound like me girl. I get excited over new blooms just like a kid in a candy shop. Glad you visited.

Robin girl I am so ready for Spring too. Out freezing my buns off this morning snapping more pictures. 5 degrees really wakes a person up fast. LOL!

Joe & Linda: Spring pictures of Vinton County will be awesome. That's wonderful, I will be waiting to see the Mound Pictures.