Friday, January 29, 2010

Good Riddance January

An expression of pleasure on being rid of some annoyance -
usually an individual,
but in this case I am so glad
to see January kissing us goodbye. I could live to
regret this later on. LOL!

A year ago today this is what we were looking through.

Ohio was a mess trees and limbs down everywhere.
Electric was off for two weeks in some rural areas.
Kentucky got the worst of the storm.

This may be what started the demise of the yellow
‘Capistrano’ Rhododendron.
We can do without repeats of this mess.

I was so pleased to learn that I was a winner!
I am one of those people that never wins anything it seems
so when Anne over at ‘ A Girl & Her Garden’ notified me of the
win I was gob-smacked.
This beautiful Dragonfly birdfeeder is all mine.
It is almost too pretty to put outdoors.
I may have to kill the first raccoon that even looks at it.
Maybe I will keep it on the stand to keep the violet company
and let the wooden birds eat from it.

Thanks again Anne for sponsoring the Birdfeeder
giveaway. The Cardinal’s will be happy too.

This is ‘Fertilizer Friday’ sponsored by our Tootsie over at
Tootsie Time” and there is not much blooming going on
now here even indoors.
The amaryllis are in between blooms so they
are just no help at all.
The streptocarpus ‘ Roulette Red ‘ got a new pot this week.
Is anyone surprised that it is blue? I did not think so.

The pelargoniums are doing very well.

GERANIUM_MAVRICKSTAR Geranium_horizon_red_ice

I sowed four new ones for this summer,
‘Apple Blossom’, ‘Raspberry Ripple’,
Maverick Star and Red Ice.

Color logo 2010

I still have a few tickets left for the Central Ohio
Home & Garden Show so hurry and contact me
for free tickets while they last.


Do not forget to enter Tootsie’s giveaway
for the garden sign. Today is the last day.
And join in Flaunting Your Flowers.

Everyone Have A Wonderful Weekend!


Roses and Lilacs said...

Lovely photos!!!

As someone wisely said, "be careful what you wish for". February may turn out to be worse than January:)

The winters are so much longer than they were a few years ago.

Carol said...

Lona, I am happy we did not have the horrid ice storm of last year too! Knock on wood! I think your new pot wears its green dress quite well... lovely! As for January well since it is my birth month ... might I defend it? Well... it is cold but there is the January thaw! Always welcome and painting classes start up again and we start a new year... so now we are near into Feb. ... which is perhaps my least favorite month! ;>)) Congrats on your win! What a sweet cardinal... look forward to seeing her perched in your new bird feeder soon.

Anonymous said...

What pretty pictures!

Darla said...

I am having NO problem saying goodbye to January either!! Congrats on the birdfeeder it is a beauty....about painting containers or anything else outside, I usually spray a coat of Polycrylic on them..hmmm didn't do that yesterday, thanks for the reminder...

Kylee from Our Little Acre said...

How well I remember last January! Yuck! Congrats on the win! I LOVE that dragonfly feeder! Your photo of the female cardinal is gorgeous. You should frame that one so you can look at it all the time. I think the female is almost prettier than the male.

Are you going to be attending the Columbus show? Mom and I will be there, too, so we should meet up if you are. Wonder how many other bloggers we know are going to be there - wouldn't it be fun to get together for lunch or something?

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Marnie: No doubt I will have to apologize to January before it is all over with. LOL!

Carol: Alright so January appeals to some who celebrate birthdays. LOL! Painting classes sounds fun. I do not have an artistic bone in my body.I was definitely passed over when those gifts were handed out ;-) But Carol February is a shorter month! {which we all will be glad to see go also no doubt}

Goodtogrow: Thank you and so glad you dropped by!

Darla girl, you are so right I should have sprayed a polycrylic coating on them. Duh! I usually spray my little statues but never thought about the pot. Thanks for the reminder.

madcobug said...

Glad that you won. It is beautiful. Great pictures. I hope warmer weather is on the way. Helen

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

With January over we are one month closer to Spring, Yeah! I hope the rest of the winter is nice and mild for you.
That new bird feeder is really pretty and I love your indoor birds by it.
Look at all those geranium seedlings! I haven't started anything indoors yet, but I will be soon.

RainGardener said...

I love the feeder you won and your birds you have next to it.
Great pictures!!!
I am also anxious to see January go and just hope February is just as mild.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Kylee: I am so anxious to see the Garden Show this year. My daughter and I are attending on a weekday when the crowds may be fewer. I went opening day last year and it was jammed. I like taking pictures and it was hard with all those eager lookers like myself.

Helen:It was sure cold this morning. Brrr! We northern gardeners always look toward spring with hoes and shovel in hand. LOL!

Catherine: I started mine a little earlier this year. Last year they were not as big as I wanted them. Hope it works out better.

Dirt Princess said...

LOVE that feeder! Coons! Ugh! They are so aggrivating! They will get into anything! I have those same little birds! I haven't started any seeds yet. That is on my agenda for next weekend

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

What lovely red roses on your header, that is sure to brighten up our days.

Congrats on winning that gorgeous bird feeder, I am a nut for anything dragonfly.

Lovely shot of the Cardinal, once again I wish we were so fortunate to see these birds.


bennie and patsy said...

I know how you feel about January, we were thinking home free after last January. Now today we are getting ice and maybe 7-10 '' in snow.

Carla said...

Pretty! Congrats on your win-Score!! Ok, I'm not going to whine about how cold it is here now...well, maybe NOT as MUCH:)

JOE TODD said...

I'm heading south for a week 2nd week in Feb. then the Garden Show and March longer days and Spring can't be far away. Computer seems to be working ok. Stay warm for now

Jim Groble said...

I'm with you, good bye January. Three more garden shows and it will be spring. Nice post. jim

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Beautiful post, and good riddance is right. Love the blue & white pot. :) Rebecca

Kiki said...

Beautiful shots..your photos are alwasy so lovely! gorgeous sweet bird..and love the ornamental birds..super charming!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Kiki: Thanks hon, I do love to watch them. I have so many pictures of them that they all are starting to look alike. This picture was a different angle.

Rebecca: Thanks, I do love my blue LOL!

Jim; Three more garden shows will keep you busy.You got Akron and Columbus, where were you lucky enough to find another one? Watch for the mail ;-)

Carla: LOL that is alright girl enjoy and flaunt that warm weather. LOL! I would too.

Joe, Glad your computer is working again and enjoy the south. Watch for the mail ;-)

Patsy: I saw that mess that was coming through and below us here in Ohio. My cousin on the Tennessee - Georgia line was all upset because they got a couple inches of snow. They just don't get much anymore not like years ago.No one knows how to drive in it there anymore. LOL! I had to tease her about it.

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Congrats on winning the feeder! I'm so with you on saying Good Riddance to January, which is going out with a spectacular weather tantrum--big snowstorm, big wind, and supposed to drop to very cold tomorrow. But the days ARE getting longer....

Autumn Belle said...

Congratulations on winning the bird feeder. It is indeed a lovely present, something I'd die for too. I can just imagine all the lovely birds it can attract. chirp! chirp! chirp!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Jodi: Thanks. I notice that the days are getting longer too Jodi. That is so welcome.

Autumn: I was so excited. I will have to find a special spot where the raccoons won't bother it. Thanks!

Debbies Doodle said...


Anonymous said...

I was out of town this weekend Lona, so I just now saw your offer. Now you know that I'd just love to take two of those tickets off you hands for me and hubby! Are there any still around? Will chat more later.

Leigh from Larrapin said...

Love that cardinal! Congrats on your lovely prize. I was happy to find your blog today.