Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some Perennial Favorites

 Looking through the picture files again I decided there
were just some perennials that I would not like to do without
every Spring and Summer.
Everyone has their favorites they depend upon to be
fragrant, colorful and reliable.
These are also the ones that I tend to keep adding new colors
or new varieties of  to the beds every year.
A few of them are:

‘Jack Frost’ is an early bloomer and who would
not love the tiny blue blooms. The foliage stays around all summer
for me adding contrast to the beds.
I also have Brunnera ‘Looking  Glass’ but its foliage tends to die back here in the heat of summer.


Dianthus spreads in mounds and smell heavenly.

I have this white variety that I have had for years and
which has lost its name if it had one.

A new Antique Rose one that I grew from seed last summer
now has been introduced into the garden and I hope to see some
blooms from it this summer.

Creeping phlox is also the first to bloom along with the
tulips in the Spring. It is a tough ground cover that is just
the thing for that bank or slope that everyone has that tends
to wash away. This cover a whole section along the banking
on one side of the garage to keep it from washing away.


Is a must have for any shade gardener.
I have several colors of it.

From white, red, pink  and lavender.

More pinks were added to the woodland bed last Fall and
I am searching for a pretty peach colored one to add to them.


Tall Phlox is one of my favorites and I keep looking
for new ones to plant every Spring. If deadheaded they well
keep putting on flushes of blooms all summer.
The blooms  may get smaller in later blooms.
‘Adonis’ pink is an old one with a strong fragrance that fills
the yard on summer breezes.


‘Nora Leigh’ was new to bloom last Summer and
has lovely variegated leaves. I am told the variegations
may get lost over the years so we will see.



David tall white phlox is a very tall one with pure white blooms.
Also to the collection of phlox in the beds little “Laura’
was added last summer and it has a very strong fragrance
and is more compact in growth.
Besides the wild lavender phlox that comes up in early summer,
Nikki , Katherine and Miss Ellie will be joining these in
the summer blooming.


Achillea’s  of all colors is another perennial I have come
to love. ‘ Richard Nelson’ is a lovely deep pink.


‘Oertel’s Rose’ achillea is a lighter shade of pink yarrow.


Achillea  ‘Snow Sport’  with its white blooms will be joined
by newly blooming yellow Moonshine, Apricot Delight, red Cerise Queen,  and light yellow Anthea this summer.

Wooly Speedwell Blue Veronica has upright candle blooms
that the butterflies and bees love.


A favorite by many gardeners is ' the ‘Lolypop’ lily.
This one has been around for years and just  keeps
getting fuller and better every summer.
I planted over fifty new lilies last summer and fall that
I am so anxious to see bloom this summer if I can separate
them from the munching deer’s.

These are just a few of my favorite perennials that seem
to grow in numbers through out my garden beds and are
added to as the new varieties come out every Spring.
Echinacea’s are another favorite perennial in my garden
and several new ones were introduced to the garden
last Fall. Among them  are Summer Sky, Harvest Moon,
Sunrise, will join Razzmatazz and Double Decker.

What are some of your favorite perennials that you
would hate to do without in the Summer?

Happy Gardening Everyone!


Noelle said...

I love the tiny blue flowers of the Burnnera and your Phlox. Typically, they do not grow well here, so I am glad I get to enjoy yours.

Jim Groble said...

Your pictures are outstanding as always. I love the brunnera. we have never had any luck with creeping flox. We tried using them to border our hosta beds, but they die off every time. I don't know why. jim

Kiki said...

What a magical post...such a lovely array of faves..many of mine too! I love the the photo wiht the statue as well...super magical!The Antique Rose is sso sweet..I am smitten!
Wonderful post!

Meredith said...

Lovely, lovely post. Thank you for introducing me to 'Jack Frost.' Those tiny blue blossoms, you're right, how could you not love them?

Happy@Home said...

On this cold, snowy day your beautiful photos were a real treat for the eye. I just love the little blue flowers in your first photos. So cute.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

You have so many great choices, I need to find a spot for Brunnera and your Astillbes are so pretty and "fluffy".
I would have a hard time doing without Echinacea (sadly I think 'Green Envy' isn't coming back), Oriental Lilies, Red Valerian and Penstemons to name just a few.

TheGaudyGarden said...

I love Achillea but it does not do well here, for me in NC. I'll just have to admire yours.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Wonderful pictures! You have made me want to give achillea another try. It seems to get the best of my small garden, and I'm either walking on it or staking it. I love the looks of the lavendar one.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Noelle: It is always amazing what grows in some areas well do not grow in other areas. I just forget and figure if they survive my hard clay they will grow anywhere. LOL! Some areas are probably to hot or dry for some.

Jim: That is too bad that the creeping phlox well not grow for you. Maybe they are not use to all the rich zoo poo LOL! Maybe you need some Candytuft or Dianthus instead.Lamiastrum grows well in part shade too.

Kiki: Thank you maybe they are loved by all. ;-)

Meredith: Jack Frost is fantastic. You must get at least one. ;-) Thanks for dropping by!

Happy@Home: I think those dainty blue blooms are just magical. Thanks for dropping by!

Catherine: Oh, girl I loved your Green Envy and the Tiki Torch. I have been trying to figure out a place to put them so they won't clash with my colors.

Jim: Is it too hot in NC for achellia? Maybe it prefers my old clay soil to your rich soil.

Gatsby Gardens:I know what you mean exactly. I hate to give up on these plants that droop and hate staking too.It stands up pretty well here but I love it so much for the butterflies and bees that I will stake it if I have to.The Richard Nelson has sturdy stems and stand up better than some others.

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Nice to see we share some of the same favourites. I LOVE my snowy white 'David' phlox, and have it all over the yard. Yarrows don't do well here because of the heavy clay, except for 'Gold Plate'.
Have you seen the astilbe called 'Peach Blossom'? It's lovely, and it's fragrant into the bargain, though it doesn't smell like peaches.

Debbie said...

These are some of my favorites too. I love, love, love your headers.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Beautiful post, and a wonderful selection of blooms. Jack Frost is on my must add list (as is a white astilbe and creeping phlox), your variegated phlox is stunning. I hope my David returns, I was very hard on it last year, moving it around from spot to spot (I'm not exactly sure why lol).

Christine B. said...

I cannot do without: ornamental grasses (many kinds), Achillea 'Terracotta', Bergenia, Salvias, and hostas. I just planted some Brunnera 'Jack Frost' last summer, so we'll see how it does here.

Christine in Alaska

Amy said...

I enjoyed your post. I love the first photo of the burnnera. Those are the smallest blooms I think I have seen. You are right...who wouldn't love those. I have never seen the Astilbe before. That is unusual and pretty. I like the foliage on the Nora Leigh. You could say I loved them all.

Allan said...

Thank you for introducing me to Achillea Richard Nelson. Good to know that this perennial is available in deep pink.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Definitely some of my fav's are in there also.

I used to have flats of 4 inch purple phlox at the greenhouse, and each spring I would get to see it rebloom again.

That Brunneria is so gorgeous.


Carol said...

Lona you have some of my favorites photographed here! I love the forget me nots and astilbe. I have so many other favorites but it depends on the season... two that come to mind are peonies and lilacs! ;>)

Ever Green Tree said...

Hi, I am still awaiting our flowers to bloom here in this part of the world. What a lovely collection and photographs you share with us here. Thx for posting. Loved the phlox, the lily in red and the teeny tiny blue flowers. Cheers! Radhika

Stephanie said...

The Burnnera flowers look so dainty and pretty and soft... love them! I find the rest are pretty also. The Lolipop Lily look very unique as the flowers face upwards. Lona, hope your Sunday has been a pleasant and wonderful one ;-) Take a good rest later ok.

Darla said...

All of these are just beautiful. I do hope you show full photos of your gardens during spring and summer, I would love to see your placement of these beauties....congrats on your win over at Tootsie's!!

Peggy said...

Congratulations Lona on winning the garden sign from Tootsie Time. I can't wait to see it in your beautiful gardens.

Liz said...

Hi Lona,

We have very similar tastes, so many of your plants will also be found in my garden!

Wonderful photos... Now it's just making me wish even harder for Spring and Summer :)

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Jodi; I will have to check on the 'Peach Blossom' Astilbe Thanks for mentioning it to me.
BTW. I loved your mentoring idea and really could not add to the many great ideas or comments left already.

Debbie: Thank you so much as so glad you dropped by!

Rebecca; That will not do at all I am the one who moves things two or three times.LOL!

Christine: I hope your brunnera does well.

Amy: I am glad you liked some of my favorite perennials. There were really too many to mention. LOL!

Allan: It comes in so many beautiful colors anymore and seems that a new one pops up every year.

Jen: Howdy and glad some of my faves are yours too.

Carol: Love those lilacs for certain. I can almost smell them. ;-)

Radhika: Thanks so much for dropping by and looking at some favorites.

Stephanie: Hey at my age I rest every chance I can LOL!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Darla: I didn't even knew I won until I checked my blog this morning and saw the comments. I was so tickled! ;-)

Peggy: I will find a special place for it in the garden this summer. Thank you.

Bangchik said...

Lovely display of flowers. The colour seems to be endless.... ~bangchik

fairegarden said...

Hi Lona, I am in love with every one of your favorites! I didn't know Nora Leigh would lose her variegation though, very sad. Lilies might top my list, you just cannot have too many of them. And good riddance to January is right!

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

These are some of my favs too! I've never seen a lollipop lily. It's stunning!

marmee said...


looking at all your blooms makes be long for spring...especially this week as we are all snowed in.
i love the blue flower of the brunneria...and will have to consider planting some.

Ilona said...

Love your pictures. I just put in a Jack Frost last year- hope mine looks as pretty as yours this year, it did seem to attract slugs a little bit.
Never had any luck with astilbes, not for lack of trying, but I think my ground just gets too dry in late summer.

Glad the last storm missed us- it really locked up the South.

Ilona said...

oops- forgot to mention that your dianthus might be Itsaul white which is an old variety. Oldie but goodie.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Liz; It does make one long for Summer looking through last summers pictures. It is getting closer

Bangchik: Thank you. So fun watching Bilbo as he tours your garden. ;-)

Frances: I am hoping that they are wrong about the variegated leaves on Norah Leigh. It would take from her beauty.

Ellie: 'Lolypop' is a beautiful lily and it does very well in my beds.

Marmee: Ugh! I am sorry you are snowed in. It missed us this round. I am so over snow. LOL!

Iiona: Thank you so much for the name of the Dianthus. I bought it years ago at a hardware store clearance and it had no name on it. Thus far I have had no problem with the slugs on my Brunnera. Knock on wood. ;-)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

So happy I found you this morning. What a delight to few all these beautiful flowers on a cold winter morning. Please come to Texas and help me have some lovelies like yours.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I love every one of your choices. The Jack Frost is so pretty. That perfect shade of blue and the variegated leaves...hard to not love this plant.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Marnie: It is a gem with its dainty blue blooms.

Maggie: Is it warmer in your section of Texas compared to my freezing state. If so I may be convinced to come help. LOL! Thank you for dropping by. I love new visitors.

Tootsie said...

they are all beautiful girl...but I am always drawn to the blues lately...they just pop!

Kate said...

Hi, Lona;
Uh oh... now I see another phlox I must have! :D I love my little Brunnera, too. It's such a perfect dainty flower for springtime. :)

Msrobin said...

How it warms my heart to see summer's flowers again. You really have me wanting a Jack Frost brunnera. My shade gardening area is quite small, so I'm trying to figure out where to squeeze it in! Can you believe my scabiosa had a bloom on it in January? Must be keeping warm there near the foundation. I haven't gone back out to check on it now that it's cold again. I'm afraid to!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Tootsie: Me too, Love those blues! Still got to find some monkshood.

Kate: I know what you mean this never ending flower list we all seem to have. LOL

Robin: Ah, come on you know you really want one. LOL!

FlowerLady said...

Wow, fantastic pictures, and it would be very hard to pick a favorite. They are all beautiful.


Colleen Wms said...

I love the brunneria. I have 1 and while it does return every year, I expected it to do better. It is not thriving as I had hoped. Thanks for the reminder. I need to make a note to move it. Maybe it's not too happy where it is.
I originally bought it because I tend to forget to reseed forget me not and they are not self seeding themselves for me.

Jess said...

I just planted two light pink yarrow in my garden yesterday. They look fantastic in your pictures.