Sunday, January 24, 2010

In The Search Of Sunshine Or Rainbows

What do gardeners do when it is looks like the
day is going to be a total loss and there is not even
a hint of some sunshine? The day started out foggy
and only got worse with a steady rain falling out
side. With not even being able to sneak out and
check the flowers beds for some more sign of life
I had to find my sunshine from the picture files
to brighten the day a little.
Looking through the picture files one thing became
apparent, my garden is lacking in the color sunshine yellow.
Then I remembered Rebecca @ " In The Garden"
had posted a Rainbow Invitation so thinking this
would be a fun project I went on a search for
Roy G. Biv

Now red was easy to find with the help of
my 'Crimson Bouquet' roses. They are what
are pictured in the header collage.

And if that is not red enough I can always count
on the huge blooms of the 'Lord Baltimore' hibiscus.
I have the red amaryllis also but I know everyone
must be tired of seeing them.

This is my orange find. Alright it is not really
orange but I am not fond of the color orange as many
of my blogger friends know. So this 'Pardon Me' Lily
will have to do.

Oh, I almost forgot about the orange mums
that were grown from seed. Well that do for orange?

Now to the absent color of yellow in my garden.
'Moombeam Coreopsis is one that never fails to
please. The one wished change I would have for
this flower is that it had sturdier stems but on
the other hand it will grow in any type of soil.
It has dainty cream yellow blooms.

On the other hand 'Stella de Oro' lilies are very yellow.

The 'Japanese Painted Fern' will is green but leaning
toward the silver and burgundy area so may not count.

But the woodland ferns that were moved into my
front shade bed is a lovely green.

'Sentimental Blue' campanula is a true blue.
Correction it is Blue Chips not Sentimental Blue!

But not as brilliant color of blue as the 'Bluebird' Delphinium.

' Laura' is shorter than the other phlox but its
indigo color is lovely and its fragrance devine.

This indigo delphinium needs a name.

This Purple Clustered Bellflower will be the violet
color in the garden.

And 'Blue Hill' salvia is more violet than its blue

Sadly the only picture I have of an actual rainbow was
this one I caught as it was almost faded away last

Do You Have A Rainbow in Your Garden?


Anonymous said...

There are many rainbows in my garden, as I love to have lots of bright colors! I love your new header, btw. Gorgeous! This endless rain and gray skies has got to go. I see lots of things peeking out in the garden, but it's so wet and dreary that I haven't photographed it yet. I bought the cypress vine seeds for the hummingbirs. Last year I used Cardinal Climber and it was kind of spindly.

Allan said...

Thank you for the roses in your banner, today. It helps to brighten up a difficult winter.

Janet said...

Fun posting, will have to look for my colors. Not sure which one I will be short on.

Hank Moorlag said...

A nice post! Isn't it a great way to think about the range of colors that are, or are not, represented in your garden? It made me think about it, and I'm not sure I could come up with them all. Maybe close. And, also a great way to chase away the winter blues by reminding yourself of the colors past and the ones to come this summer.

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

I am LOVING these rainbow garden posts, Lona! Tonight I'm working on pulling out photos for a major writing project and have been eyeballing possible contenders for a rainbow post, though I may not get to it for a day or two. Love the saturation of colour in your plant selections.

Darla said...

All of this is beautiful.....BUT my heart fell for the Bellflower!

Kate said...

I let out a little gasp when I saw your Laura Phlox!! We seem to be growing quite a few of the same goodies. And, that particular phlox is a favorite of mine. Such a lovely color...

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

We were on the same wavelength today. Doesn't just looking at these flowers brighten up your day?!
I love those Delphiniums, I have no luck with them :(
We are also having a gray, gloomy and wet day here.

Amy said...

Pretty rainbow post!

T Opdycke said...

Ohhhh pretty,pretty! Your rainbow of flowers brighten the winter. If I were to choose a favorite, it would have to be the 'bluebird' delphinium and the campanula. Blue flowers just make me swoon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lona~~ Perfection! Your rose banner is also stunning. This time of year we need all the color we can get.

Between now and spring, you can ruminate on which yellow flowers you're going to add. Fun.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Wow Lona, what an amazing post!! I love your selection of stunning blooms, and yes, the japanese fern counts. Thanks so much for participating, I'm so glad you did! :) Rebecca

Stephanie said...

Hello Lona, my garden is too small for the rainbow to be so near as yours. You have certainly found sunshine... your blooms were all so beautiful and in various colours. The flowers that you have are all so interesting and pretty.

Btw, the variegated fern shown in my current post is Polyscias 'Dwarf Variegated' from the Araliaceae family. Hope you can find it at your place to add to your wonderful green woodland fern collection.

Continue to enjoy the 'sunshine' yeah :-D

The Garden Ms. S said...

Your 'Sentimental Blue' campanula is beautiful. I have never seen one before - I just love the veining in it.

Such a cheerful post! :)

Carol said...

Lovely Lovely rainbow blooms post Lona! Gorgeous flowers and photography. That was a very wide rainbow you had that day!! ;>) Carol

Ben said...

Great photos Lona! I really like that Hibiscus what a beauty. I too realized I was lacking some colors while browsing though my images. I have not one blue flower here, but I hope to change that this year... lol about the amaryllis. I don't know If I could get tired of seeing them but I know we all have seen our share the past few months :D.

Peggy said...

What a great way to share the colors of your garden!

Barbara said...

All beautiful, and I've gotten some great new ideas. But prettiest of all are the reds in your header imho.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Lona (Sue here ) aka JOY of GardenJoy .. hahaha .. hey I have mixed up names too but I couldn't help but laugh with this .. I wouldn't mind Sue as a new name at all girl ! .. These are such beautiful pictures and I love what you did with the header picture, is it for Valentine's Day ? Those roses are gorgeous .. so are all of the other flowers and of course the ferns .. I am a fern girl .. I should try and do this post too .. as soon as I have about 5 more cups of coffee !! LOL
Joy ;-)

Kiki said...

Oh my gosh..super lovely!! Magical! Fabulous macros! Love the delphinum and the blue clustered bell flower..woah..must have that now!! Inspiring rainbow post!

miss m said...

Lovely blooms ! Especially love your blues. Blue is so pretty. My platycodon stop coming back after a while. I really should get some more.

Anonymous said...

I love your blues, the salvia and the bellflower photos are so pretty with their white companions

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Hi Lona, just wanted to let you know that I have a Thank You for participating post on my blog. :) Rebecca