Friday, January 22, 2010

The Start Of Things

A stroll through the yard after our January thaw
revealed that some of the plants are not looking too
bad. The snow cover seems to have helped them
survive some very cold days.
I saw the promise of some new growth in the
two lonely primroses in one of the beds.
The stachy and foxgloves are still looking green.
The tips of some of the tulips are starting to peek out.
So there is hope for some blooms this spring.

Along with the thaw comes the foggy mornings
and rain which all of those flowers will need now
and later on.
The raccoon has came back out and is once more
raiding and tearing up the birdfeeders. I may have
to invest in a coon hound to keep them away or
maybe a big German shepherd to just keep everything
away, man and beast. LOL!

Indoors some of the seeds are starting to sprout
and grow. Who knew it took only three days for
Gazania to sprout. Not me evidently.
The new geraniums are growing very fast
and the verbena and petunias are as well.
Old egg cartons make fine holders for
Jiffy starters. It also holds me down to a limit
of a dozen or half dozen flower or veggie plants.

The miniature irises 'Harmony' are sprouting and growing
nicely. Why is it there is always this one bulb out of
a dozen that never grows but just sets there smugly
just to tick one off.

The Freesia 'Corona' are growing very tall, all but that
one bulb of course.
The tulip bulbs have been taken out of the refrigerator
crisper and set into a pot for some early color indoors.
That is what those refrigerator drawers are made for
aren't they, seeds and bulbs?

The baby African Violets are loving their new pots.

And Grace the poinsettia experiment has not been
drop kicked to the basement but tossed out the
back door completely.

Today is Fertilizer Friday hosted by our Tootsie
over at "Tootsie Time" so everyone " Flaunt those
Flowers" whether they were last summer's dream blooms
or those blooms of promise.
What is growing indoors or what tropical plants
are showing their beautiful heads.

Happy Gardening Everyone!


Di said...

Hello Lona, while walking around the garden yesterday, I was amazed at all the green that is emerging. Several weeks of moderating 50 degrees has spoken to what lies underneath as well as above; even the Kiwi foliage has spoken.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Great post, I can't wait to see the mini irises. ~Rebecca

TheGaudyGarden said...

I love your header. I wish I had the patience (and neatness) for starting things indoors.

Carol said...

I think that seeing sprouts of green and new buds swelling is one of the most joyful things in the world. Lovely how you have created your indoor spring garden ... early garden seedlings too. ;>) Carol

Darla said...

This is such a uplifting post!! Spring, spring...come on!!

Cinj said...

Lona- I love the new header, it's gorgeous. Maybe not so new? Anyway, I have some seed potatoes in my crisper drawer. My seeds are actually in the cheese compartment of my extra fridge. Soon it will be time to get those things out and get planting up here too. I'm trying to wait until after the bath tub is fixed so we can set up my portable greehouse in the guest room.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Di: I know girl, we have had a few days in the forties and the plants have responded already. They are ready for spring too. LOL!

Rebecca: I am anxious to see that little experiment too. If it messes up I will blame Joseph over a t Green Sparrow. LOL!

Just kidding Joesph!

Jim: I need color and things growing to keep me into gardening mode. The header is of my Crimson Bouquet roses. Do you have one?

Carol: yes, I have my very own garden indoors these days. My son just shakes his head at me and grins. LOL!

Darla: yes girl we need our spring. ;-)

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Looking good! Loving your african violet pots.
Beware of those pesky raccoons! One attacked and tore up my Great Dane! After Operation Raccoon (see my blog) started they have been scarce...but I think it's because of the weather. Come Spring I'll be awaiting there return I'm afraid.

RainGardener said...

Isn't it just so exciting? I love your beautiful containers. I think someone has spoiled starts living in all of those gorgeous homes! LOL

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Hi Cinj! Those little greenhouses are the berries when you lack the room and sunshine as we do here. Thanks for the comments.

Deb: Those raccoons and opossums too can be mean varmints when cornered. Have to read your posting. ;-)

B : ) said...

Looks like Spring is showing the top of her head at your house - lovely.

Liz said...

Hi Lona, lovely to see your bulbs coming up, I have crocus, snowdrop, iris and tulip all coming up... Can't wait until they flower! The snowdrops will not be long, the flowers are already coming up :)

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Thank you for your touching and heartfelt comments.

JulenaJo said...

Gorgeous header! We don't have much promise showing in our part of Ohio yet. I keep looking though. One day, when I least expect it, there will be the tiniest tip of green showing where the bulbs are planted. I can't wait.

Kate said...

Looks like a lot of goodies are percolating indoors for you! I'm excited to see their progress.

PS: I vote for a German Shephard! :))

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Lona, I just love the green growth in the blue&white pots! You are doing so good with seeds, I am far behind! As for the tulips, you are so right to hold them in the refrigerator til now. I planted some in Nov.-Dec., and they already show thin, weak green tops.

Tootsie said...

one year I planted my Geraniums inside the house...left them on the kitchen counter for the night and was planning to take them to the greenhouse in the morning. I had started the dishwasher and the trays were sitting right over the spot that the machine was. I was shocked the next morning when I came back to the kitchen and there were a few Geraniums that had sprouted overnight! It was the heat from the dishwasher running below them that jump started them so
I have not seen that happen since...but I have had them sprout in two or three days, there is just no better feeling than seeing success!!!
thanks for linking in today...have a wonderful weekend...oh...and don't forget to stop by this week...starting right now to enter and learn about the great give away that is being held on my blog this week! I know you will love the prize!

Stephanie said...

Wow Lona! I can see that very soon you will have plants in abundance. I hope all the seeds will germinate well quickly and in time to be repotted to permanent location. Sorry about your broken birdfeeder. I hope you are able to get replacement. Have a great weekend!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

B: Hello, I hope they continue doing well and that the plants out doors are not showing themselves too early in our cold gardens.Thanks for dropping by!

Liz: And we cannot wait to see pictures of them blooming.Thanks for dropping by!

Deb: My prayers are with you and your family.

Julena: I know exactly what you mean and cannot wait for spring flowers either.

Kate: I have had two good German Shepherd in my years. They were both such loyal dogs.

Tatyana: There have been a lot of first for my planting lately and the tulips are another one. I hope they will turn out well. I love trying new things. Some turn out and some get kicked out the back door. LOL!

Tootsie: Hey girl I know where you will be growing your geraniums from now on. LOL! At least you found a new germination trick for future stubborn seeds. ;-)

Stephanie: I have all these knickknack dishes setting around the house because I love them so I thought why not put them to use for something more than dust collectors. LOL! This way I can enjoy them to the full.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Lona, I am so excited also, my bleeding heart is starting to sprout, in January!

This means that spring truly is coming....yah.


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

You have lots going on there. I love the miniature iris in the bowl. Glad your African Violets are doing so well, looks like quite a bit of new growth.

bennie and patsy said...

A very happy post. Thank you, makes me want to plant.

Anonymous said...

You always have the best containers for your indoor plants Lona! These are all beauties as well. I've never forced freesias but now I'm wondering why not? That is one scent I am crazy about (unlike paperwhites). I also like your new header ~ out with the cold theme and in with the blooms!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Jen: Alright then, glad to see things are starting to grow in your area too. A sure sign of spring.

Catherine: The violets seem to like their new pots and I am so glad.I do not have much confidence in my growing abilities I guess.

Patsy: I know what you mean. All this growing going on indoors makes me want spring to come even sooner ;-)

Kathleen: Ugh, anything has to be better than Paper Whites for fragrance, unless it is Dutura. LOL!

Barbara said...

I love your flower photos, but what I really like are those pots! And the great header. There just is nothing like red roses.