Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Of Lilacs And Butterflies

My lilacs are in full bloom now and the fragrance
is so wonderful. Not only do I love the beauty and
fragrance of them but the Butterflies and Bees are
loving them also. They are swarming to the light purple
blooms. While some of the other spring flowers are
attracting a few the lilacs is the hot spot in the garden
at the moment.
I have not spotted my first Hummingbird yet at the
spring flowers or the feeders but maybe I have
just missed seeing them.


The Tiger Swallows are enjoying the lilacs.
There must have been ten on one bush Sunday
when I took the pictures.


This one was high up in the bush and although its
underside is duller in color it is still pretty.



There were also a couple of Black Swallowtails
but they were shy and kept to the top of the bush
and away from this person with the camera disturbing
their lunch break.



Two weeks ago on a warm day I spied this butterfly
flying around and landing on a bare spot in the yard
of old rock hard clay while I was painting the shed.
So yes I threw down that old paint brush, who cared
if it the paint got tacky in the process, getting pictures
of butterflies is much more fun than work.


Now having a camera in hand I watched this Mourning
Cloak as it would take off into the air at my approach
only to always come back and land on this same patch
of clay dirt. I stood there and finally was able to get
closer to snap some pictures. The angle of the sun
does not show how pretty this butterfly really is.


Look how well the cream colored scalloped edges of its
wings is camouflaged and matches the clay soil.


So was this butterfly just sunning or trying to hide
while sunning. I have saw it or another Mourning Cloak
at this same spot for two weeks now.


The Spring blooming trees are so beautiful now.


And the Lilac bushes are loaded with blooms.




Any of about 25 species of fragrant, northern, spring-
flowering garden shrubs and small trees that make up
the genus Syringa in the olive family, native to eastern
Europe and temperate Asia. Lilacs have deep green leaves
and large, oval clusters of compound blooms colored deep
purple, lavender, blue, red, pink, white, or creamy yellow;
they are often highly fragrant. The common lilac S. vulgaris
reaches 20 ft in height and produces many suckers The
name syringa was formerly used for the mock orange of
the saxifrage family; and the butterfly bush buddleja is
commonly called summer lilac.


Do not forget to enter the Gardening Grab Bag
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The drawing will be Wednesday April 21st.

What's in the box...I want to know.
Oh, Lona do not tease me so.
Is there a plant or garden tool?
Oh, please don't make me be a fool.
My curiosity is peaked you know..
The 21st is when you'll show...
What's in your pretty cardboard box..
You are so sly...just like a fox.
I guess that I can wait and see..
Although the suspense is killing me.
Balisha @ Never Enough Time

I had to use it Balisha it was just
too cute. LOL!

Everyone enjoy the warm temps and sunshine
this week and….

Happy Gardening !!

Until Next Time, Lona


FlowerLady said...

Oh Lona, how beautiful and lush your wonderful bit of paradise is. I wish i could grow lilacs. I'll just have to enjoy yours via the web. Those butterflies are wonderful too.

I love your header picture too.

You are blessed ~ Enjoy.


bennie and patsy said...

What a up lifting moment to see the beauty you have in your yard.

madcobug said...

Those Butterflies and Lilacs are beautiful. I can almost smell the Lilacs now. I have never seen the Mourning Cloak butterfly. Maybe it is getting some dampness or nutrients of some sort from the soil. Helen

Amy said...

Beautiful post, Lona. The butterflies are so fun to watch! You have some great pics of them.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

FlowerLady: Thank you so much. Is it too hot where you live for lilacs?

Patsy: Thank you. The appearance of the Butterflies is always a welcome sight.

Helen: You could be so right. I know every little I admit about butterflies and their habits.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Lona, I can smell the lilacs right through the computer! I can't wait until my neighbor's farm lilac blooms.


Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Wonderufl post Lona, I really needed this today as we are having a blizzard. Beautiful lilacs and butterflies, I can feel the warmth from your pictures.

Debbies Doodle said...

Again ... Great pictures... cool to see how the colors blend together on the butterflies.

Liz said...

Beautiful photos of such amazingly beautiful subjects, Lona.

I love lilac, my neighbour has one and I look forward to hers flowering, perhaps I will have to grow one for myself too...

Noelle said...

Oh Lona,

How gorgeous your lilacs are! I am so envious that you have so many swallowtails to take pictures of. I see one now and then and they never sit still long enough for me to take their picture ;-)

Kay said...

These photos are just beautiful. Good job!

Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

I'm in love with your Lilac bushes,
I can't imagine the fragrance in your yard.
What a selection of butterflies already...happy to see them. Thanks.

Debby said...

Me again. Had to tell you this. On the way to pre-school Goose said she was going to play soccer at Wildwood. Carter said, " I went to Hocking Wood." I said, Hocking HIlls?" Carter said, 'Yes." Goose said, " Did you play hockey." SO funny.

Trädgårdsmakare Hillevissan said...

Stunning pics, Lona!
Cheers from me and my still no-buds-lilacs-hmmmm...

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I didn't think lilacs could get any better, but butterflies on lilacs would be too wonderful to imagine. Wow!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Lona, those photos are just beautiful!!! We never have butterflies when the lilacs are blooming, too cold here (usually, this year may be an exception).

Lilacs are one of my 5 favorite flowers.

Yan said...

How lovely. I have serious butterfly envy you have such beautiful visitors, so early in the year. Yan

Bernie said...

Fabulous photos of some truly beautiful butterflies. The lilac is stunning ... not a plant that grows here so I love seeing your photos of it.

Marsha's Mpressions said...

Hi Lona, your lilacs are so pretty and I love to watch the butterflies flutter around. Lovely pics!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Amy: They are so fun to watch. They just flutter around like they don't have a care.;-)

Eileen: They smell so good Eileen. I hope they stay in bloom for a long time.

Rebecca: Girl I could not believe all of that snow you are getting.Ugh!I feel so for you.

Liz: Thanks so much. You know you really should have one. LOL! Convinced yet? ;-)

Deb: They are so pretty. I was so surprised to see so many.Take care!

Noelle: They had plenty there to keep them occupied.
They sure were swarming around all of those blooms.

Kay: Thanks so much. Hope you are enjoying your spring hikes still.

Debby: Oh, that is so funny.LOL! Thanks for sharing that one with me.
Did you play hockey Debby? LOL!

Patsi: Oh, girl it smells divine outdoors between the tree pollen sneezing LOL!

Hillevi: That's okay you can tease me then when your are in bloom and mine are all dried up LOL!

Robin: It is a beautiful sight and aroma.Sensory overload almost.

Marnie: Well I hope you have loads of butterflies when yours bloom.

Yan: I know. This is the earliest I have saw them here.Last year I did not even see many till summer.
Thanks for dropping by.

Bernie: I have heard several say they will not grow where they are. Is it the heat? That is a shame they won't grow in Australia in your local. Hope your rain ends soon. We cannot have you floating away LOL!

Marsha: Thank you so much and I am glad you dropped in to see them.

A Garden of Threads said...

Wow, what a great combination, butterflies (my favorite) and lilac. Wish the computer had smellavision, that way I could also enjoy their fragrance. Take care:)

Jim Groble said...

Great pics and post. Our lilacs are just now opening up. Send some of the butterflies up north. jim

Carol said...

Lovely!!!! I can almost smell them! Beautiful photos Lona!

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Your lilacs are lovely. We have two sad lilacs in the garden of our new-old house. They smell heavenly, but for some reason the bees and butterflies aren't interested.

Dirt Princess said...

What beautiful shots! Butterflies and dragonflies are generally shy for me! This year the zoom lens will come in handy!

The lilac is stunning

pogonip said...

Your lilacs are just beautiful. Mine have buds but are waiting for warm weather to open.

Stephanie said...

Your lilac is beautiful! Love the flowers. I can imagine the fragrance to be really wonderful as well. Oh the butterflies, haha... they are getting a big slurp :-D Very nice shots of the butterflies btw. It is wonderful to wake up now to see refreshing sights of lilac and butterflies. TQ!

Happy@Home said...

Your garden must be a delightful place to be right now. So much beauty and the smell must be divine.

cherry said...

I could stay here all day looking at your beautiful pictures and dreaming of the wonderful fragrances.

Our first Hummingbird came by on the first day of Spring keep looking I bet they are close by.
hugs from Savannah, Cherry

Autumn Belle said...

Lovely flowers and beautiful butterflies. You have caught quite a number of them on camera.

Heather Bell said...

All seems right in the world when the lilacs are blooming. And to have such a great butterfly gathering adds to the beauty.

And of course I want to be entered in the Garden Grab Bag draw.

Bernideen said... beauty here...makes me want to fly!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

A Garden of Threads: I wish you could smell them too.Today they were especially fragrant on the breeze.

Jim: I will have a talk with them and send some up north. ;-)

Carol: Thanks so much. They do smell soooo good.

Lisa & Robb: Maybe they are just busy where there are more flowers.I hope it does better for you next year.

DP: The zoom lens will help a lot. I do not have any dragonflies up on this hill.
No water for them.

Pogonip:Then when yours open I can drool over them. LOL!

Stephanie: The scenery is much better now without that old white stuff all around.;-)

Happy@Home; I was out in the beds today and could smell them even behind the house.

Cherry: Thanks. I have so enjoyed your tour of Savannah postings.

Autumn Bell: I just kept snapping away on those pictures LOL! Making sure I got some good ones.

Heather Bell: I will gladly put your name in the flowerpot for the drawing.

Bernideen: I would get dizzy LOL!

Msrobin said...

Oh how lucky you are to have all those huge lilacs full of butterflies! My tiny little lilac isn't attracting any butterflies yet. The only ones I've seen so far are simple white cabbage butterflies. Don't be too impressed with my new columbine, I bought it already blooming! But I must admit that my red one is about to bloom. The bird bath came from Lowe's, $40. I love it!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I can tell you love our Balisha's poems as much as I do! She is one of the sweetest bloggers around! Her poem made me smile!! But then they always do!

Jan (Thanks For Today) said...

Lona, how beautiful your lilac bushes are! I can't believe they are so full and flowering already. I have 3 bushes (1 is a different variety); 2 of them do have buds now but haven't opened up yet. I just planted them last year because I have memories of a lilac bush at my grandmothers when I was a child. I love the scent and hope mine will flourish here. I think they do better in a little cooler climate but time will tell. How nice to have the butterflies already, as well. Can't believe it--I'm in VA and there are none in my area yet, I'm quite sure! I have seen lots of bees, though. And the Mourning Cloak is an interesting one. Wonder what it's been doing hanging out for 2 weeks?! Happy spring;-)

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Oh, my goodness, I am so happy after seeing all the wonderful blooms and butterflies! We won't see any for awhile yet. Not many bloggers have shown any butterflies yet, either. Yours are beauties!

Annelie said...

My, thanks for sharing those fantastic pictures. Sooo gorgeous and delightful!

Tootsie said...

hey honey...get your house secured...the breakables put away....BILBO IS COMING YOUR WAY!
if you don't want him...let me know. He is a huge pain in the A$$ lol...just kidding...he is fun to play around with! I do need your address... I think I have it somewhere...but it would be just easier if you send it again my email.
luv ya girlie...

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I'm so behind in visiting, but I'm glad I didn't miss this post.
Wow, you've just sped right past us here. Lilacs and butterflies!! My Lilac is so close to blooming, but no butterflies at all so far.
I don't think I've ever seen a Mourning Cloak, it's beautiful! Painting can wait, those butterflies won't.

Colleen Wms said...

I can just smell those beautiful lilacs from here! Wow!