Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring In Bloom Everywhere


Hello Everyone!


Fertilizer_Friday Fertilizer Friday
is here already so join us with  hostess Tootsie
over at Tootsie Time and Flaunt your Flowers.


This week has flown it seems.
It might be because it has been such a beautiful
week and I have been busy outdoors soaking up
the sunshine. Believe it or not it is so dry here that
I had to give the flowers a drink of water.
It makes the sneezing season from a high pollen
count even worse than usual. We need some rain to
wash it out of the air. I do not know what happened to
the April Showers but so far they have been absent here.


Most of my tulips and daffodils have finished
blooming now  and their blooms have disappeared
and fallen to the ground.
All but this later blooming red and white tulip



and its much gaudier sister of yellow and red.


Diana Clare Plumonaria is just getting prettier
every day now.



Jack Frost Brunnera  is doing his beautiful self proud.



The unusual warm days have sped up the growth
of my rose bushes and a couple have buds already.
They usually do not bloom until the first of June in
my beds so some are really ahead of schedule this



Jack Frost Brunnera

Wild Violets are coming up everywhere. Some
gardeners do not like them coming up in their beds
but I think they are beautiful.



Wild Blue Violets

I went for a hike up in Conkle’s Hollow Wednesday.
It was such a beautiful and warm day thought I would
venture out and see what was blooming there in the
woods and fields.
I was not the only one enjoying the day because
there were several hikers who had the same idea.
Wild Violets of white, yellow and blue were everywhere.
Dutchman Breeches, Bluebells, white Trilliums, Golden
Ragwort, Trout Lilies and Wild Oats were blooming
up in the hollow.
The ferns were unfurling and the May Apples were
coming up.
Water was coming over the falls and it was a beautiful
place to be on a warm spring day.
And needless to say I got so many pictures which I will
be posting on my other blog Nature’s Scenic View.



Golden Ragwort


The vinca minor or Creeping Myrtle is blooming and
spreading down the garage banking.



The creeping Phlox that also grows on the garage banking
and around my Rose of Sharon bush is just beautiful now.
The Bumble Bees especially like the low growing flowers.



Creeping Phlox

I got some more plants and roses moved this week
and made a fast run to get some pansies for the
window boxes. Fast trip, right! Did I get just pansies?
You know me better than that LOL!
An Iceberg Rose bush also appeared as if by magic in
the rose bed when I got home.



The Red Leaf Maple in the side yard is getting leaves  now
along with the other trees and the woods are greening up fast.



Spring Symphony Tiarella started blooming this week.



The little 3 foot Magnolia Jane is in full bloom now.
It has about seven blooms. LOL!
I did not notice the little spider on her petal until I
downloaded the pictures so it was an added surprise.
How often are you so intent on getting a picture framed
in that you miss the small things?



Everyday now there seems to be something new
blooming and adding beauty to the garden and
the woods where the Red Bud trees and Dogwoods
are in full bloom now.



Spring is a beautiful time of the year.




Also this week  I received the winning prize from Debra
in a drawing she had on one of her beautiful blog sites,
Glory, Feathers, Starlight and  Roses.
I was so thrilled to get this beautiful cake stand
and tin signs. Aren’t they gorgeous?
Thanks Debra !!! I love them.


Happy Gardening Everyone and
Flaunt Those Flowers!

Until Next Time,   Lona


Bangchik said...

Oh.., Spring is splashing colours everywhere!

Noelle said...

I love your multi-colored tulips. Such pretty colors. But, my favorites are the blue and purple flowering plants :-) The cake stand is just beautiful! I love to bake cakes.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Lona you are really ahead of us with the flowering trees and the maple. Your phlox is beautiful and those striped tulips are so ususual. I will have to look for those next fall.


Kay said...

Beautiful wildflowers. I just love all the flowers of spring. Really like the tulips.

noel said...

aloha lona,

i'm so impressed with all the amazing flowers blooming in your garden today, love all the colors and variety especially your first two tulips the variegations are beautiful. thanks for sharing that with us and have a great weekend!

Autumn Belle said...

The little flowers you feature today are very pretty. Your bi-colour tulips reminds me of marble cake. I would love to smell your Magnolia Jane and the little spider is a wonderful surprise. Now, I can imagine a delicious cake sitting on that beautiful cake stand :)

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Your flowers are gorgeous, Lona! They look so healthy. Mine seem to struggle. Although one that is doing exceptionally well this spring is my bleeding heart. I'll have to post some pics of that.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Wonderful post Lona, your red & white tulips are STUNNING. I planted some similar bulbs last fall, I really hope they bloom well.

A Garden of Threads said...

Your garden is so far ahead of mine, I do not even have Jack Frost Brunnera out of the ground yet. Thanks for taking me on a tour, love the cake stand. Have a great weekend:)

Bernie said...

Your tulips are drop dead gorgeous ... and that enormous patch of creeping phlox is simply beautiful. Lots of lovely spring blooms everywhere.

Jim Groble said...

Lona, Your tulips are wonderful. All the plants are great looking. Wht's cool is that we have almost the same plants. The creeping phlox is beyond amazing. Pat and I just can't seem to keep any alive. I hope your garden isn't a luch room for the usual suspects. We walked the yard after work today and a dozen or so hosta were a snack to our deer. Loved your post. jim

Stephanie said...

Earlier, I read in the papers that we would have black tulips air flown from Amsterdam for Mother's day celebration. When I see your tulips now, I thought maybe they should have send some colourful ones (like yours!). Lona, your tulips are marvellous :-D

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Yes, spring is in full swing! I love your blooms. I need to check into getting some of that Jack Frost Brunnera. Those first 2 tulips are awesome!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

The tulips are really unusual, very pretty! I really need to find 'Jack Frost' I've read so many good things about it, I love the little flowers.

catmint said...

Hi Lona, thanks for sharing such pretty spring flowers - I simply can't pick any that stand out more than any others. All so appealing. cheers, catmint

Terri said...

I love those tulips! And the phlox, and the creeping myrtle, and the dogwood... oh, all of it! Like you, I can't visit a nursery or garden center without plants sneaking into my basket - they're sneaky little cusses, aren't they? :)

Trädgårdsmakare Hillevissan said...

Your garden looks just wonderful now, lona:-)

Cheers from Stockholm!

em said...

beautiful blooms! i'd like to see photos of views of your garden. The butterflies are terrific too! they are not awake here yet...

Paula said...

Your tulips are quite amazing ! Thanks for sharing, Paula from Idaho

Happy@Home said...

Your red and white tulips are gorgeous. Congratulations on your win. Your gifts are beautiful.

debsgarden said...

Congratulations on winning that gorgeous cake plate! You have many beautiful blooms. I really like the Jack Frost Brunnera; I hope I can grow some here in my climate! I will check it out. We, too, have had a dry April, after an extremely wet March. I hope we have rain soon!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

What a great job of photographing your beautiful flowers. Those tulips are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! :) No tulips for me here in California. :(

GardenJoy4Me said...

Lona girl you are way ahead of me and HOLY COW !!! Those red and white tulips are amazing !
Your Jack Frost is looking fabulous .. I ordered a few more brunnera and another Jack is certainly in there too !
I don't have a pulmonaria yet .. I have to get one .. I just ordered my first Bishop's Hat aka name ? Lilafee ? sorry working on 1/8 brain cell this morning.
I love all of your pictures it screams enthusiasm : )

Colleen Wms said...

Your pictures are beautiful, as always! Love the magnolia Jane. I try to only plant early blooming varieties of spring bulbs because the heat comes so quick here that the late ones just fry. But this year, they late ones are just blooming now and it's staying in the low 70's so they're fantastic!

Carol said...

Wonderful spring blooms Lona!

leavesnbloom said...

I really do want a Jack Frost - I've been hoping it arrives in the local garden center soon. I too have Diane Clare pulmonaria - its only new this year in the garden but its made tremendous growth and is blooming its little socks off. You've some lovely blooms just now Lona - and congrats on winning that beautiful cake stand.

Dirt Princess said...

LOVE the creeping phlox. I have the same type and color in my yard in the front. I have been moving bits and pieces of it because I want mine everywhere like that!!!! It is such a gorgeous plant, and very hardy here! The tulips are stunning! Hope you had a wonderful weekend

Tootsie said... never disappoint with the photos you share and the beauty they hold! I love visiting your beautiful gardens!!!