Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weekend Blooms

What a hot week it has been and this weekend
looks to be more of the same. I still am not going
to complain because I still remember last winters
long, long days. LOL!
Out in the garden now there is a riot of sounds
and it sounds like August already but I guess it is not far
away now. I saw a full grown Katydid in the garden this
week and it seems too early to me.
Summer seems to be flying by and I hate to see it.
Before you know it the children will be going back to
school here the last of August.
Some flowers are waning in the garden from the heat
and others are getting ready for fall blooms.


Anemone ‘Queen Charlotte’ is getting her buds for blooming.


Coreopsis ‘Limerock Ruby’ has another flush of blooms
since it was deadheaded.



The ‘Easy Does It’ rose bush has another flush of blooms.
This rose has been such a beautiful addition to the rose
bed this summer and it just blooms and blooms.
I recommend it for those who like the color and want a
great bloomer. This winter will be the judge of its hardiness
for our zone 5 Ohio winters.



Another new flower that I have really enjoyed this summer
is the Gaillardia ‘Mesa Yellow’. It so far has stayed a compact
plant with continuous blooms.I do not think it is going to
be a leggy bloomer like the Burgundy gaillardia that I have had
for years but it is still in its first year so we shall see.
The picture is not the best because it was taken in the high sun.



The Elephant Ear in the tub is still growing and putting on giant
leaves. It likes the tub and its home along the woodland bed.
The three new kittens from a dumped off cat has been playing
with the leaves. They also like setting in my dahlia planters
and anywhere else they can climb into.As if we needed more feral
cats around here.


Heuchera’s ‘Amethyst Mist’ and ‘Palace Purple’ are blooming.



Eupatorium ‘Chocolate’ Snake Root is growing
well and I love the foliage on it. It looks like a leaf miner
is liking the leaves too.


The new Asiatic Lily ‘Frisco’ that  I got for half price is


This Gladiola that just showed up one summer
from out of the blue is pretty with its dark peach
blooms. Free flowers are always welcome.


This white ‘Snow Princess’ lily is just so pretty.
I love pure white blooms in the garden and this
one has very large ones.


These will likely be the last of the lilies blooming
this summer unless Stella de Oro has a few more.



Tall Phlox ‘Nora Leigh’ is looking pretty now as the
blooms unfold. The variegated foliage makes it a
favorite of my phlox.




Phlox ‘Bright Eyes’ and ‘David’ white are still looking
pretty but my ‘Adonis’ pink is looking sad. Its blooms are
about spent and I deadheaded it this week.
I have fought the mildew on all of the phlox this summer,
even on those that are not suppose to get mildew.



Lantana ‘Luscious Purple’ is new this summer.
The bees, hummingbirds and butterflies love it.



Pelargonium ‘Raspberry Swirl’ geranium has freckles.



Impatiens double blooming ‘Rose’ looks pretty in the…


…..old birdbath.
All of the water splashes out of this birdbath and it was leaking
so it became a planter.



A new Astilbe ‘Delft Lace’ has been added to the shady
flower bed. It is a compact astilbe with wonderful foliage
and is suppose to have pink blooms in late spring.
It was another half price bargain.


Hydrangea ‘Alpen Glow’ is still looking pretty.


The Butterfly plant from seeds that Darla from “More
Family and Friends” shared is getting some buds.


Nepeta ‘Walkers Low’ Catmint is still spreading and blooming.



This Torenia was suppose to be pink instead of blue
but it is pretty anyway.

So that is some of the plants that are blooming and
growing in the garden this weekend.
You all try to stay cool with this heat that is spreading
across the states and stay safe in the gulf with the storm
coming in. I so hate to see the storm pushing in the oil
along the coastline. So many are suffering from this disaster.
Until Next Time,


Nancy's Notes said...

What a gorgeous feast for the eyes! I have to say, that rose is just exquisite!

Have a great day!


Noelle said...

Isn't it amazing how you can tell the coming change in seasons ahead of time just by seeing the signs in your garden? Your plants are just lovely and I love your asiatic lily :-)

Liz said...

Hi Lona,

I love that Coreopsis, I saw one today and now I'm kicking myself that I didn't pick it up!
I also love your use of the old birth bath, so very creative... my garden is so boring! And I can't wait to see the Anemones in flower, I bought 4 recently and have never had these late Anemones before.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

We have had some pretty bad weather, hope you are not in line for it.

That Easy Does It Rose is lovely. Now, I am sorry I did not plant it.


Priscilla said...

Hi Lona, your blooms are beautiful! I love the Rose, Asiatic Lily, Phlox, Geranium, and Hydrangeas. All the flowers in your garden are amazing! Thanks for posting.

T Opdycke said...

I sigh each time I visit. Your flowers are so lovely, but the 'Easy Does It' rose is simply exquisite. So much vibrance!

Stay cool on these hot summer days.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

You have lots blooming there! The Phlox here is just starting to bloom, I always start to forget about them until they surprise me with flowers. I love your variegated one. The white lily is really pretty too.
Stay cool there. I can't believe August is a week away and summer will be wrapping up. We got such a late start on it I feel a little sad about how quickly it went by.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Beautiful Lona!! The white lily is stunning, and I am envious of your limerock coreopsis. All of your blooms are gorgeous, but there does seem to be a small shift towards fall. The little blue mushrooms are adorable. :)

Kudzu said...

beautiful....i love the coreopsis especially!

Terry said...

Your flowers all look great! I love that coreaopsis! I only have the yellow kind.

RainGardener said...

You have so many beauties - I love them all. But your Pelargonium ‘Raspberry Swirl’ geranium really caught my eye. What a beautiful speckled flower.
Lona, I'm starting to think I've put my Astilbe in too much sun. I put it in a sun/shade garden but I guess I'm going to have to re think it.

Kate said...

Your gardens are looking very lovely, Lona! That snow princess lily is to die for! My phlox has just begun to flower. Always a happy site in the garden. Hope you're having a marvelous weekend. :)

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

That header, is a collection of stunning heady blues. Love it. Wow you have a lot of gorgeous flowers.

And yes summer seems to be flying by, but some part of me keeps dreading the coming heat? Go figure. I guess it's because we seem to have super hot days, then cool days. We can't find the right side up around here.

Enjoy your summer.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lona, Your blossoms look lovely despite such intense weather.

I'm wondering if your 'Limerock Ruby' is new this year. I've been unable to get this gem to winter over, although 'Heaven's Gate' came through splendidly.

'Easy Does It' is a beauty. I love your photo with the drops of water on the leaves.

I wish I could take a kitten or two off your hands. I'm sorry some idiot thought dropping a momma cat off was the right thing to do. It's infuriating how some people treat animals.

Love the big Elephant Ears. I've always been a fan of 'Amethyst Mist' Heuchera. 'Frisco' is quite a bargain. My 'Norah' Phlox hasn't begun to bloom yet. Yours is way ahead. Actually all your Phlox are ahead of mine.

I hope you're able to stay cool too.

Floridagirl said...

Beautiful blooms! I usually read these temperate garden blogs to remember my old Zone 7 garden, where hydrangeas and peonies and phlox flourished. (Yes, your hydrangea is beautiful, and oh my, I just realized how much I miss astilbes!!!) But anyway, here today, I saw a few familiar Florida faces! I have that very gaillardia. After growing the native blanketflower successfully in this garden for several seasons and seeing how well it reseeds, I added three new cultivars this year, one of which is 'Mesa Yellow.' Of course, lantana is a staple groundcover in our Florida gardens. And torenia is an annual that reseeds itself freely around the garden. Love those little flowers. I have the pink and the purple.

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Oh, my! The header photos are a luscious treat of blue.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Wonderful post. I must find some of the Limerock Ruby, that's really nice. Love the Nora Leigh too, such pretty foliage.

Heather said...

Pretty blooms in your garden! Just lovely....

Terra said...

The blues in these photos are charming. I see that you grow Asiatic lilies too, I love them. My blogger icon photo is of me and a huge and gorgeous lily, which I think is Tom Pouce. Or possibly not :)

bennie and patsy said...

Love your blue header and the Snow Princess Lily but they are all lovely .

Anonymous said...

I love the blues in your header. Your garden flowers are lovely Lona.

Ellie said...

Your garden looks gorgeous at the moment. (But then again: it always does, doesn't it?). I love the different colors and shapes of the flowers. Many of them are nog easily found here in the Netherlands. My favorite is the Impatiens.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lona ~ the macro photo of the white & pink phlox is just heavenly. Very pretty. I can't believe I don't have any phlox in my garden. Somebody send me to the greenhouse quick!
Summer IS going way too fast. My daughter starts school the 16th or 17th of August (I keep getting confused about the date) either way it's too darn early. I'm certainly not ready to have her go back.
Your elephant ear has to be extremely happy ~ those "ears" are incredibly large. Love it.
You have so much going on Lona. Enjoy the bounty. Hope the kittens find homes too. I hate when people dump off animals. So cruel.

Darla said...

A pleasure as always to see your flowers. It is you that wants the double pink hollyhocks right? I mailing seeds and need confirmation so I can get them in the mailbox....

Bonnie said...

Your photos are wonderful!

J Bar said...

So beautiful.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Nezzy said...

Oh baby, you've got some beautiful bloomers there. Thanks for showin' them off! Your pics are just incredible.

Ya'll have a terrifically blessed Thursday sweetie!

Kylee from Our Little Acre said...

Lona, you always have such lovely blooms! That variegated phlox! I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for that one. My 'Blue Boy' hasn't bloomed for two years now. I have no clue why.

That 'Raspberry Swirl' Pelargonium is a winner, for sure! I love it!

Claudia said...

Lona - You claim your photos with a signature - does you camera do this? I'l like to do the same. How do you do this? Thanks for any hint. Claudia

Kimberly said...

I love 'em all but that ruby coreopsis is breathtaking!

debsgarden said...

Your blue collage is fantastic! All of your flowers are so pretty. I LOVE your 'Chocolate' snakeroot, and I'm going to do some research and see if I can grow it.

Anonymous said...

Well I sure love that variegated phlox! Wonder where I can find it around here? We are on our way to Michigan, dear DIL is in labor. I'm about to become a grandmother!