Sunday, August 1, 2010

Where Did July GO ???

Hello Everyone, a whole week has passed by and
August has arrived and I so hated to see July end.
Summer is just speeding by and although I want it to slow
down there is no stopping it.
In the woods beside the woodland bed wild ‘Woodland
Sunflowers’ are in bloom. The birds must have brought
me some seeds from the woods in the parks nearby.



Their is a symphony of sounds as I step outdoors now.
The Katydid’s and Cicada’s are filling the sir.
In the evening as darkness falls the sound is the loudest.


Cicada’s may seem ugly to some with their bulging eyes
but some have flecks of gold on their emerald green wings.
In about six years the seventeen year cicada’s will arrive
and to me they are aggravating and ugly with their orange eyes
cutting into young trees and bushes to deposit their eggs.


In the garden the alyssum is spreading and blooming.


The Butterfly Weed is attracting its namesakes.


The White Cosmos from seeds sent by Darla
are getting some blooms. I have a terrible time getting
them to grow from seed so I am thrilled to get a few
blooming even if they are only about 10 inches tall. LOL!


The ‘Edinburgh’ dahlia is getting blooms. The plants are not looking so well because some little kittens like playing in the
giant pot amongst the jungle of branches.


A white ‘Victoriana’ dahlia is also blooming which was
grown from seeds.


Gazania “Big Kiss White Flame’ are also joining in
on the blooming from seeds. All of my seedlings seem
so slow to get going this summer. But with many blooms
now waning in the garden I will enjoy what is in bloom.


The petunias growing in the mailbox planter are starting to look
sad with all of the heat and sunshine beating on them.
Maybe they need a good pinching back?


The ‘Fancy Dress’ petunias have been surprising and
blooming in all manner of variations of color.


All of the Nicotiana had to be cut back because of getting
too leggy and falling over. Now they will rebound with new
branches and blooms.


The new tall phlox ‘Starfire’ is now in bloom and
although it is advertised as being red, is instead a
beautiful deep, bright pink. It is a beauty.


The new ‘Iceberg’ rose bush is having another flush of
blooms. I have so enjoyed its blooms this summer.


The yellow miniature rose bush has survived the Japanese
beetles and is in need of a bigger pot.



My favorite of all the roses ‘Crimson Bouquet’ is putting
on some more blooms. Its fragrance is always heavenly.



Blue Lobelia grows in one of the planters
on the front porch.


“Norah Leigh’ tall phlox is still beautiful.



“Frisco’ Asiatic lilies are alluring to the butterflies.
Getting to the nectar may be harder to get to than
with the coneflowers or phlox.


The blue Torenia’s are lovely.


That is about all of the new flowers in bloom for this
first day of August but the anemones will soon be
in bloom to give me something new to look at
in the beds.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend
Happy Gardening Everyone !!


Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

I am also a little melancholy about the arrival of August. Your blooms are stunning, I don't even know what to comment on! But Big Kiss is really something. I will have to enjoy your Edinburgh, since mine were a total failure. Fancy Dress is living up to it's name, it's interesting how some of the petunias with 'markings' can vary from bloom to bloom. Very enjoyable!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Lona, your dahlias look so much better than mine. The ones I put in the ground are big and strong. The ones I put in containers have had it!

We had the 17 year cicadas a fews years ago and it was awful. They cut into everything and almost killed my Pagoda Dogwood.


inadvertent farmer said... have some amazing blooms! I especially love the shot of the white cosmo (I have never seen one like that), the allysum and oh that mailbox is just darling!

Great post! Kim

pogonip said...

This time of year is a gardener's delight.

I love seeing your blue banner when the weather's so warm--very cooling!

Henrietta said...

I love your mailbox planter idea,it's funny and make me smile.
Henrietta from Finland

Anonymous said...

Hi Lona, it all looks fabulous! What I see at the mailbox planter is abundance and happiness. Funny how our brains are wired to see different things in our own gardens as opposed to what others see. Like when we look in the mirror or see a photo of ourselves. I love the butterfly so deeply diving into the lily! And those white cosmos are divine. Happy August! :-)

A Girl & Her Garden said...

Hi Lona,

Everything looks great! I love the petunias in the mailbox planter, they look like they were meant for that spot. What a cute whimsical addition!


A Garden of Threads said...

Hard to believe it is August, I agree where did July go. I like your Fancy Dress petunias, must look for some next year. My Norah Leigh phlox is just starting to bloom. It has been a wonderful weekend for gardening in Southern Ontario. Take care.

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Lovely blooms, all of them!

Balisha said...

i do love the four seasons, but after the winter we all experienced last year...I hate to see fall come. Let's all enjoy August and the heat. Your flower pictures are so pretty. You have so many different flowers. Balisha

T Opdycke said...

Summer is flying by with a big swoop, all hot and humid. Your flowers are gorgeous and so many! The gazanias are splendid, but I'm mesmerized by your buttefly photos. I'm still trying to capture the elusive beauties with my camera.

Have a grand week!

Noelle said...

Your summer flowers are just lovely. As I write this, I can hear the cicadas outdoors. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with them. As long as they are not too loud or eat too much, they are okay in my garden :-)

Bernie said...

So many beautiful blooms ... the Torenias are a particular favourite of mine. I've had them in pots for quite a number of years now and they're just such a prolific almost care-free bloomer.
Your Phlox is a stunner ... as is your gorgeous Victoriana Dahlia! I also just adore the Woodland Sunflowers ... such a cheery flower.
Katydids and Cicadas are such familiar insects to me ... we'll be hearing their endless chorus in a few more months ... in the middle of our summer here the noise will drive us indoors into the air-conditioning!!

Kylee from Our Little Acre said...

I love your Lobelia photo! So airy and dreamy. I have a hard time growing Lobelia on purpose, but when it self-seeds, it does great! Go figure.

LOVE the photo of the swallowtail going after that lily nectar! I've never seen one do that!

Thanks for the anniversary wishes. You're right, that's an awful long time for two people to put up with each other! It's a downright MIRACLE! LOL.

Barbara said...

Oh thank you for sharing all those wonderful blooms, I do love flowers and all these are so beautiful, Lovely blog you have here, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment, God bless you and hope you come again and make yourself right at home. Lots of hugs Barbara

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I am of mixed thoughts when August comes. It's so hot at work, and at home, we rarely get to enjoy the summer. But when we have a day off, and the cool breeze is coming off of the ocean, the flowers perk up and life is beautiful.

Sad to think that soon it will be all over, it's so fleeting.

I love your mailbox.


RainGardener said...

I love your white cosmos with it's uneven leaves. That makes it so different. And the dark butterfly is a stunner - never seen one like him before. All of your flowers look so beautiful. And I'm with you summer is going by too fast and I hate to see it doing that.

Becca's Dirt said...

Beautiful dahlias. Love the white Victoriana dahlia. Phlox is stunning. I want to get my mailbox planter done. Yours is gorgeous.

Arija said...

Lona, your garden is an absolute delight. I only have Nicotiniana in white and hope it will come up again somewhere in spring. My garden has gone to pot over the last few years with water salinity and lack having destroyed all my perennial and self seeding flowers, my inability to do much and the helpful Prof. having dug up my sprig flowering beds !!! have done the rest. I just hope, now I am home again, that I manage to prune the surviving roses.
Thank you for your kind thoughts and support.

leavesnbloom said...

Lona I too feel the same about August - I now that for me autumnal hues are just around the corner.

I'd never even heard of a Cicada until I saw yours - I must check that little insect out on wiki.

You've so many beautiful blooms and I especially like that little petunia with the stripe down its petals - I've never seen that here in Scotland.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Love your mailbox planter. How cute. Your blooms look wonderful.

I just cannot believe it's already August. Where is the time going?

GardenJoy4Me said...

Lona girl .. you will laugh at me I know .. but you know my Halloween fetsih .. come on down Autumn !!!! hehehe
I love your white cosmos : ) I totally forgot to plant my seeds and other seeds from some sweet gardeners .. I have been a total seed IDIOT this year .. but they should be ok for next year .. right ? Your pictures are so pretty Lona ! I have had Nicatiana in mixed colours and they are sweet .. but wow ! that RED really jumps out doesn't it ?
My Butterfly Weed went crazy this year and I loved it to pieces .. now I have all these seed pods .. like that movie ? I'm afraid to go to sleep !!! hehe
I am in love with the mail box planting .. I know you must have more of a country setting than I do .. to hear frogs and crickets would be perfect for me .. but the cicada sound .. just like my tinittus .. horrible stuff ..
Positive note to end with .. gorgeous gorgeous flowers you have there girl !! Enjoy them all : )

luisa said...

Hi Lona!!!Do you remember me?I¨m from Argentina south.Always I follow you.All the photos are beautiful and flowers and rose ice ,all.Your garden beautiful.Adios!!!

Rusty in Miami said...

You have so many blooms and they all are amazing, we have one in common the butterfly weed.

Priscilla said...

Lona, your garden is absolutely gorgeous! I love all your summer blooms. The Dahlias are beautiful and so are the Phlox and the mailbox planter Petunias, how adorable!

JOE TODD said...

Cicada’s mean to me we are on the downhill slope of summer. If you do any canning or make preserves and would like some peaches let me know I would be glad to meet you in Rockbridge or where ever just let me know