Tuesday, August 31, 2010

As August Ends

August has flown by and the short cool down we had
last week has ended when the hot, hot weather arrived
again this week with highs in the 90’s.
Just for the record this has been a very hot summer
for Ohio.
The cistern has finally ran dry and there is just a little
water left in the rain barrel so if the garden gets watered
it will be from the well water or hopefully we will soon get
some rain.
The flowers are already suffering from this latest hot,
dry spell. It is not any wonder though because this old clay
soil around here is now like cement.
A few die hard geraniums in pots are still going:



Rosebud Apple Blossom


Horizon Red Ice


Raspberry Ripple


Gaillardia Mesa Yellow just keeps growing and blooming.


The Blue Clips Bellflower sporadically gets a bloom or two.


The yellow Gerbera is still blooming in its pot on the porch.


The pots and containers of Impatiens shrivel
and their heads droop in the afternoon heat.
And the hungry deer ate all of them from the tipsy
pots out at the edge of the garden. Grrr!


Hibiscus Lord Baltimore is still having a few blooms
but its poor leaves at the bottom are full of holes and
turning yellow.



The dahlias are still blooming in their pots also but their
bottom leaves are all brown and they are looking terrible.




This silhouette of a Hummingbird perched in the evening shade  was guarding the feeder on the front porch from the other
Hummingbirds. They like to dive bomb anything on the porch
including myself. Soon they will be leaving.


Even the alyssum in the teapot looks sad and is
lacking in blooms.


I can see through the trees that the Crape Myrtle
still has some blooms. It has been just full this summer
and has bloomed its heart out.



This ‘ Scentimental’ Rose bloom is representative of
the hot, buggy summer we have had. It is even blushing
pink where it should be white. Poor ravaged thing.


The yellow miniature rose was transplanted into a bigger
container and is loving all the room for its roots and showing
it with a lot of new growth and so many buds.


All of the tall phlox are still getting a few smaller blooms
from the continuous dead heading of them. I am still
spraying to keep down the  mildew on them.
This has been a terrible summer for mildew on the Bee Balm
and the phlox, even phlox that was suppose to be mildew
resistant. This Laura has resisted better than the rest.


The containers would be so terrible looking now but
for the seeded dahlias in them growing to fill them out.
The petunias just need ripped out of them.
The window boxes look the worse this year than I
can ever remember them. Even the geraniums in them
are barely growing at all. The pentas are still blooming
in them but the verbena is yellow.
I can hardly wait to ripe the plants out of them and add
pansies for Fall plantings. That will have to wait until the
weather cools down because the pansies would suffer now.
I hope all of your gardens are fairing better than mine
is right now and…..

Happy Gardening Everyone!!

Lona  H


Becca's Dirt said...

You still have so many pretties blooming there. Gorgeous geraniums. Pretty color on the gerbera. I feel ya on the rotten weather this year. I'm ready for another season and be done with this one. Not to mention just to have some cooler weather. I'm tired of taking a paper towel outdoors with me to wipe my face while I walk around the house.

RainGardener said...

Well Lona, it looks like we're both telling sad gardening stories today. LOL But the pictures you took make your flowers look fantastic!
Those Geraniums are beautiful. And I love your teapot. How sweet is that? Does it stay out for the winter or do you have to bring it in to keep from breaking in the cold? It's beautiful.

Carol said...

I love the hummer shot and your crape myrtle one too. It has been hot here lately and September promises to begin in a heat wave. Your flowers look lovely. ;>)

Ginny said...

You do still have some beautiful blooms despite the wear and tear of the long, hot summer and that photo of the hummingbird silhouette is wonderful! I'm ready to rip my petunias out,too, and replace them with pansies. And I'm ready for the mums to bloom and the air to be crisp!

Darla said...

Your flowers looks just great Lona! August has been dreadful, maybe a slight cool down will perk things up a bit before the cold sets in.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

I know how you feel Lona, 90's here also. I am beginning my task of getting rid of some container plants that have shriveled. I need to water again as everything is drooping.


Bangchik said...

We do experience the extra heat these few days. It taxed on everything. Plants suffer too. Even the colour of flowers change. The edge of petals wrinkles.. and we have to keep watering. But some place are experiencing storms and floods. But your flowers are still holding on keeping the beauty intact ! ~banchik

Priscilla said...

Your August garden is gorgeous! I have such a small garden, I don't have much in bloom except a few Perennials and vegetables. Our climate is cooling down and it's disappointing for my veggie harvest. We have short growing season in high altitude. Hopefully my edible garden will get better next year. Have a great week!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Still gorgeous Lona!! The apple blossom geranium is so special and lovely.

Floridagirl said...

Ooh, I love those dahlia shots, and the teapot planter is so cute! My crapes have looked gorgeous this summer too. We've had awesome, though strange temperatures these past two or three weeks. It's mostly stayed in the 70's and 80's. So weird, but I'm not complaining. I'm sure things will return to normal in Sept. and Oct.

Antique ART Garden said...

Looks beautiful still ,and we found out in SC that it was the hottest Summer on record here. Actually looking forward to fall for the first time, take care, Gina

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Seems like we had totally opposite summers. Ours was cool and the flowers fried from the sporadic days in the 90's which shocked the flowers.
I think your flowers look very pretty and fresh. I love that hummingbird picture.

Annelie said...

Love the nectar guides on the bell flower. So beautiful.
The sentimental, ooops, scentimental rose is very unusual, Lona, I like it.

Bernie said...

I can totally relate to the conditions you've been experiencing over there ... they are very, very familiar experiences here in the Summer.
Despite the heat and lack of water, you have so many lovely flowers still. Your Geraniums are so gorgeous ... and so is your Scentimental!

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get some rain soon!

Barbara said...

Judging by your photos, your garden must still look beautiful despite the unfavorable weather. I know what you mean about the petunias though - I just ripped out a bunch of mine. They had become a sticky sorry mess.

Ilona said...

Has it ever been dry! But your garden through the lens is ever fresh and completely beautiful. I can never get those nature shots- so I especially liked the hummingbird silhouette.

Let's hope for a rain shower or two.

Kudzu said...

beautiful flowers and photographs. i especially love the hummingbird and the tea pot :D
thanks for sharing!

Kate said...

Hi, Lona!
By the looks of things, it's mid summer gorgeous in your lovely gardens. You're growing one of my new found faves -- just discovered that Dahlia on a trip to Oregon last week. Here's to a long and leisurely autumn. I am absolutely not ready for winter. :(

Catharine said...

Dear Lona what a feast of flower images. I think the yellow gerbera is the one that jumps at me.

T Opdycke said...

What beautiful blooms! It has been so hot and a bit too humid. Can't wait for the cool down coming soon.

Grace Peterson said...

Lona, Leave it to the Geraniums [Pelargoniums] to thrive in the heat and drought. Your rosebud apple blossom is doing very well, as is mine.

Love the teapot even if the plant within doesn't. :)

Autumn Belle said...

Wow, the blooms are gorgeous. I love the sentimental rose.

FlowerLady said...

Lona ~ what wonderful photos. You still have a wonderful selection of flowers in bloom, in spite of heat and needing water.

I love the blues in your header picture.


Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Lona, I love your photographs! I need to find my camera's manual and read about macros. The bellflower picture is oh so pretty!The scentimental rose color is awesome! There is something special in every image! Thank you!!!

lynn'sgarden said...

Beautiful blooms, Lona, even through the heat! I LOVE the hummer photo! My pots have not fared well either...both from the heat AND neglect! Looking forward to starting fresh with cool-weathered bloomers! :)

Kimberly said...

Lona, you still have fantastic color! I'm in awe over that sentimental rose...like candy! Love your little tea pot!