Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Blooms

Hello Everyone. I hope everyone has had a good
week. We had a cool down here for a few days and
it has been wonderful  working outdoors without
the feel of breathing and working in a sauna.
I got some last minute painting around the house to
get ready for that old winter weather. I shiver at the
thought of that  word and dread it even though we are
not into Fall yet.
That awful noise that the cicada’s have been making
for the last few weeks drowning out everything in the
garden even the water fountains has finally come to an
end and now it is just the katydids.
With the cooler mornings it has made one feel like Fall is
coming early this year but since we started into spring
weather earlier this year it is not surprising that Fall may
be here sooner than we want it to be. Where is the Summer
gone to?
On the gardening front some of the bulbs that were
purchased for next spring have arrived.
Seems I run in collections when it comes to bulbs or rhizomes.
I have gone from Lilies into Irises this  year most of which
will repeat their blooms. More bang for the buck and some
Autumn color in the process. Something different to look
forward to next Spring in the garden.
Today’s posting is being made also for a record to look back on
to what is happening , not happening, and not to repeat for
next springs garden.


The Butterfly weeds have been run over by orange aphids
and caterpillars along with some of the leaves from a
nearby hydrangea bush.


I have also been taking notes on what needs to be
improved on or moved this Fall and one of the moves
will be of the Monarda’s that are in the side bed.
I am so frustrated with the mildew on them and
fighting with it this summer that it is going to all be
moved to the Woodland bed.  Maybe they will also
get more circulation  there and cut down on the
mildew.With exception of a new half price Raspberry
Wine one that was planted this summer.
It is not suppose to mildew so I will leave it  until
next summer to see what it does.


This Hibiscus is finally starting to bloom that was grown
from seeds sent to me by Dirt Princess.I love the pink blooms with the deep burgundy eyes.  I was really disappointed
this spring thinking none of the hibiscus seeds would germinate
and after giving up on them I finally got surprised with seedlings.
Granted they took their time and some are still growing into
maturity but I have plants now and fought the Japanese beetles
this summer to try to keep  leaves on them.


I also have a Blue River hibiscus growing from seeds from Donna
and another that will be a surprise. A surprise because I took a
couple of seed pods from a bush at a local mall. Yes, my friends
I am a thief, a stealer of seeds.  c
I know none of you have pinched a seed head from a flower.
I do the same for wildflowers I am afraid. I just took a flower head
from a local cemetery that had Iron Weed growing along the bank.
I expect the local sheriff any day now to come and take me away.


Some of the re-sown seeds for cosmos all still growing
their heads off but no blooms yet but I am glad they
are just growing since I have had failure after failure with
direct sowing of seeds. The cerinthe are also still growing
but no blooms. I hope I get some blooms by Fall.
Some of my anemones are still budding long after
Queen Charlotte was in bloom.

Son hopefully anemones ‘Honorine Jobert, Party Dress and
Margarette will grace the shade bed with blooms.

Copy (1) of Agastache_Rosita

I have fought all summer to keep Agastache Rosita
alive. It is finally starting to grow well and after deadheading
has started to branch out. But I am still trying to get the
Salvia ‘Blue Flame’ to grow. I have thought it a goner a
few times this summer and it is just setting there.


The Capistrano Rhododendron is almost dead now. I was hoping
to move it to a better location this fall to save it but now it looks
like it will be too late to save it at all.With two others nearby that
have grown so well I cannot figure out why this one did not.


The Crape Myrtle is still in bloom.


Dahlia Edinburgh has a bloom that is all burgundy and
minus the white markings on the petals.


The new Clematis Sweet Autumn is getting loads of
new buds on it and will be in bloom soon.


The new echinacea ‘ Lucky Star’ has gotten a bloom.


The Dahlias grown from seed are still looking wonderful
and I will grow them again next summer.


The Elderberry bushes along the woods have ripe berries on
them and the deer are enjoying  them. That is fine by me if
they leave the lilies alone.


The Blue Escapade  Plumbago is almost done with its blooming.
The blooms do not last very long but the blue is so beautiful on
them. This is a picture looking up from the bottom into the
evening light.

Today is also Fertilizer Friday with hostess Tootsie so join in and
”Flaunt Your Flowers”.


Also join in with Denise over at ‘First A Dream’ and link in
to her Weekend Porch and Garden Party.


Happy Gardening Everyone and
Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Lona  A


RainGardener said...

Lona, I agree, anything to make the deer leave the Lilies alone. They got a few of mine this year in between repellent spraying.
Your Hibiscus from DP is beautiful. Looks like you're doing ok with seeds. None of my Poppies did any good or anything for that matter although the Zinnias Catherine gave me are up but I don't know if it's too late for a bloom.
Your Dahlias are beautiful - none for us this year it's been such a wacky spring and summer they just didn't come up on time.
Like you it looks like fall is going to just jump right into the middle of this hot weather we are having. More strangeness to add to the list. Is strangness even a word? LOL

bennie and patsy said...

This cool weather I think will give the garden a up lift in blooms. I have some blackberry lily seeds from the plant Mildred gave me and moonflower seeds for you. e-Mail me your address if you want them.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Where do you find all of those unusual coneflowers? Each one is beautiful. I have Rosita, and it is a more fragile agastache but once it starts to fill out it is striking, much more delicate than Blue Fortune.

I have three of them in the alley garden - one is huge, another is medium and the third is struggling but blooming. We'll see next year.


Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Beautiful post Lona, I'm sorry about your Rhodo. I don't know why some plants struggle while others of the same kind thrive. Just one of the downs of gardening I suppose. Such an interesting bloom on Edinburgh, another one of the great gardening mysteries. Everything is still looking wonderful. :)

Liz said...

Hi Lona,

Loving your blooms, and I'm simply astounded that you stole seeds!!! I would never do such a thing... Nup, never stolen Aster seed heads or Geranium from plants seen out on the steets............

Hee hee.

Carol said...

Lona, You have so many blooms in your gardens. Lovely photos ... I love the Crepe Myrtle! I wish I could see my Elderberry in that way but the birds eat it so fast when it begins to turn red... it never gets to be black. Have a great weekend. ;>)

Alison said...

What pretty Hibiscus and Dahlias you have! I grew some from seed this year too, they are just now getting ready to bloom.

A Garden of Threads said...

Love the photos, they are fantastic. You have a wonderful garden, sorry about the rhod. I have the Raspberry Wine Bee balm in my garden and have not problem with powdery mildew. It is also very drought tolerant as it grows in sandy soil here. Enjoy the weekend.

Annelie said...

Can't help it, but bug pictures are my favorite right now, and I like your caterpillar picture.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Please oh please take photo's of your yard from a distance so I can see how it is all designed. I need idea's. To have flowers like yours would be a dream come true for me.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Lona girl ! I have Lucky Star as well .. and a few that I wish I had drawn a little sketch to identify them .. I hate when I have no clue to the name of the plant .. drives me BATTY !
You are so right about such a quick start to Spring and now one to Autumn (which I don't mind really : )BUT .. sinc I have missed a whole MONTH in the garden the panic to get some real chores done is a monster inside of me .. I swear I am vibrating with stress ! LOL
Ah yes .. the bulb thing .. I better order now or I will be in trouble with no bulbs that I like left ! Enjoy the cooler weather girl : ) I love it !!

Anonymous said...

As you may know, Lona, my 'Raspberry Wine' monarda has done exceptionally well with half day afternoon sun. It is well over five feet tall and needs no staking whatsoever and no mildew! It is the creme de la creme of the Monardas for sure. I've not had good luck with moving monardas since they like water and my soil tends to be on the dry side in summer, so it's usually plant them and watch them die either in their original spot or after having relocated them. I'm sure you'll have better luck.

Of all your photos I think the crape myrtle is my favorite. I'm still waiting on mine so yours was a treat to behold.

Glad to hear the weather is more gardener friendly and that the bugs finally let up their annoying utterances. :)

Anonymous said...

It is still hot here and so I am envious of your cooler weather. My garden so needs some attention. I love your myrtle. Such a pretty pink flower!

Suzy said...

You've got some beautiful things still blooming. That hibiscus is gorgeous. And the Lucky Star coneflower might be the first white one I would like enough to buy. Love your blue header!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

It feels like fall is definitely in the air and since summer was late in starting it feels like we had about a month of summer.
You have so many pretty pictures here today. The Hibiscus is so pretty. My seeds from DP germinated, but just withered away with the weather we had.
I also have 'Raspberry Wine' and it has done just great in it's first year. The hummingbirds love it and it's also in part shade.

Balisha said...

What a beautiful variety of flowers. My favorite is still the Japanese Anemone. I have some plants coming this week. Balisha

Meredehuit ♥ said...

Blue flowers always capture my heart... your collage is simply divine.

Stephanie said...

Oh Lona, you took a very good shot of DP's hibiscus. ok... I am sure the fower is really lovely. Enjoy their big big blooms. Mine (given by DP also) would just open a short while in the morning. The sun is too great for the flower here ;-)

Nezzy said...

Thanks for showin' off your beautiful bloomers girl! As I have said we are dry as cotton down here but my Hibiscus which usually just dies back to the ground after bloomin' mid-summer is still puttin' on a show and a half! Go figure!

You captured yours to perfection!

God bless ya and have a marvelous Monday sweetie!!!

leavesnbloom said...

oh Lona - I too over the years struggled with mildew on Monarda - I hope their new location will solve the problem.

I think I must google cicada’s and see if I can listen to them myself - I've read so much about them this summer on folks blogs I just have to hear them for myself.