Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Busy Weekend in the Garden

This weekend was a little cool in the mornings
but just right for tearing into the garden beds.
I know none of you who know me will not be
at all surprised that I had out my trusty little
shovel and three tined digger and was moving
plants again.
Most of the moved plants seemed to
be the blunders I planted last fall. You know the
ones that were suppose to be red or burnt sienna
and turned out to be orange and yellow.
The ones that the colors just did not meet up with
what you envisioned in your garden planning.
It was also time to divide a few plants.
Some new Irises were planted in the sunny section
woodland bed. I find myself getting collections of plants
by what I am drawn to that year. Two years ago it was
lilies, last year was colorful yarrows and now for Fall
planting I am on the iris kick.


Iris_PaintedCloud Iris_LemonMeringue

Pictures courtesy of Dutch Gardens

Also I moved those mildewing Bee Balm plants to the
woodland bed. Some new varieties of tall phlox and
pompom daises were added to the emptied spot in the
In between the planting, digging and moving my daughter
came out and wanted to take a hike so the gardening
was postponed for a few hours as we hiked around in
Cantwell Cliffs park.


I planted a new lace capped ‘Mariesii’ variegata hydrangea
in the garden this weekend.
I love hydrangeas but it just worked out somehow that
all of the hydrangeas I have growing are all of the
mophead variety and I did not have one lacecap
I saw so many lovely ones that you gardeners showed
growing this summer in your gardens
Wanting to remedy the lack of one in my own garden
and spotting this blue lacecap variegated one I knew
it was the one. With its blue blooms and variegated
leaves I am hoping it will look lovely in the garden.


Achillea ‘Cerise’ was grown from seed and
is now starting to get a few little blooms on
one of the three I grew.

Anemone ‘Margarette’ started opening up
this weekend. I love the pink blooms against the
Chocolate eupatorium White Snake Root
Why in the world I called it Bloodroot in my previous
posting can only be explained by.. hey kids, I am getting
old and senile. LOL!
Sorry Joy!!!

And thanks to Grace and Joy for identifying the
anemone in the previous posting as ‘Prinz Heinrich’.
I well hurry and write that name down so as not to
forget…. LOL!


Anemone Queen Charlotte was the first one to bloom
this year and is still going strong. It is also spreading out
everywhere in that section and crowding out a nearby
Aspen Glow hydrangea. So I will be digging again and
moving some of its runners into the shady part of the
woodland after it is finished blooming this Fall.


This blue aster that I thought was a gonner last summer
came back and is now giving me some tiny blooms.


I noticed that the Sweet Autumn clematis that
was planted this spring is getting loads of little


Dahlia’s Edinburgh and Mary Eveline are still blooming.



The Antique Rose Dianthus is about done for the summer.


The stinky orange marigolds are still going strong.
I guess they will lend to some Fall coloring.


The Purple Heart plant loves the sun and is blooming.
It was held over from last summer in the house this winter.


Salvia Rose Queen has about stopped blooming for
the summer also.


The humming birds were drinking up the last of the phlox


The Bumblebees were loving the new Caryopteris and…

Copy (1) of Gaillardia_Bumblebee

and the Mesa Yellow gaillardia and….


a little fighting for the white dahlia blooms.
So I was not the only one who was busy in the garden
this past weekend.

Happy Gardening Throughout This Week
Everyone !!

Lona H


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Lona, I need to get my anemones back, so lovely. I had different varieties at my last home but did not plant the fall blooming ones here. That lace cap looks interesting with the variegated leaves. I have only one lace cap, Let's Dance, and they are still being watched because the leaves tend to turn brown.


Edith Hope said...

Dear Lona, It is always so exciting carrying out a little remedial work in the garden. For, as you suggest, it does not matter how carefully one plans, they never quite work out to be the perfection one has previously seen in one's mind.

I love your Japanese anemones - so good for late summer onwards - and one of my all time favourite perennials.

Sunita said...

Oh my! Lona I think you're going to get quite fed up with me saying this everytime ... but you have so many gorgeous blooms! I quite envy you, you know. Those iris really took my breath away and everything after that has been a haze of very-jealous-green. And all I can think is that you're neighbours are truly blessed to see all this beauty without having to work for it!

Carol said...

Hi Lona, I feel so guilty now that I did not move or divide any iris. Maybe I can still get a few lifted and replanted. Love your anemones and Asters. Sweet photo of the hummer and the Caryopteris with its bumblebee visitor. The white Dahlia too! Lovely blooms and photos.

RainGardener said...

Sounds like you're one busy lady this time of year. I'm trying to be also. Normally I'm sick of everything by now but have been out everyday working. Yesterday planting and still, like you, have some moving to do.
Your Dahlias are so pretty. I'm having to enjoy everyone elses since all I've seen so far are 3 trying to do something and 2 buds. Looks like you still have quite a bit going on.

Liz said...

Hi Lona,

Wonderful photos, and oh so very jealous of the Hummingbird!

When you're finished, you're more than welcome to pop over the pond and do some digging in my garden. I've plenty of hard landscaping for you to get stuck into!!

luisa said...

Hi Lona,again I here.Your flowers are beautiful.Dahlia´s Edinburgh,rose,salvia,all.Your post are lovely.Thank you.Adios!!

Beth said...

I loved looking at all your photos and drooling over the plants that are still in bloom in your garden! The hummingbird and bee photos are spectacular!

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier, I really appreciate it!

A Garden of Threads said...

You have been very busy in the garden. I have alos been moving seedlings from the nursery bed, really a corner of the veggi garden to their new home. Beautiful pictures:)

The Redneck Rosarian said...

I'm loving those iris! The yellow and white is especially beautiful......

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

The last photo with the bee's on the white flower is just amazing!! What gorgeous creatures God has put on this earth.

Kate said...

Hi, Lona;
Love that hummer shot. And, I was thrilled to see the Edinburgh! I recently attended a Dahlia festival and I'm so hooked on these flowers... :D

Stella said...

Since I haven't been able to work in my garden this summer mine is mostly weeds. It was so lovely to look at all your beautiful flowers. I am especially fond of dahlias but don't plant them because I have to dig them each fall.

Kimberly said...

Lona, those irises are fantastic! Truly beautiful!!! I have the Mesa Yellow Gaillardia...I love it. Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

Balisha said...

Lona, Lona, Lona....you just take the most breathtaking pictures. That last one with the two bees is just outstanding. Love those J. Anemones. I hope I have good luck with them. Balisha

Bonnie said...

I can't wait to see your variegata hydrangea next year. What a fun plant!

texasdaisey said...

Oh what beautiful flowers! Oh how I need to get out in my garden.

threedogsinagarden said...

Hi Lona,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I was working on a future post this morning, which involved a photo of a plant I did not know the name for. I had taken its picture because I thought that it was a great foil for the pink sedums it was planted with. I was thrilled to see it named in your post (caryopteris)! Now, I can hunt it down in my local nursery and add it in my garden.

Grace Peterson said...

Hi Lona, I wondered about the bloodroot but since there is indeed such a plant I figured you must be growing it.

I know what you mean about getting a certain plant stuck in your head and needing several varieties of it. I do the same thing.

Love the variegated hydrangea. It should be just wonderful next year.