Friday, September 17, 2010

Backwoods Festival 2010

This weekend is the Backwoods Festival in Thornville,
Ohio. My daughter and I attended to  look at all of the
wonderful crafts that can be found there.
This was our third year attending the Festival and we
were not disappointed. We came home with a few goodies
in bags. I usually  pick up some Indian corn for decorating.


They tell me if you cut or score the skin of the pumpkin by
scratching a name or message, etc. into it, that
when it heals it scars over and the message grows with
the pumpkin.


There were so many Mums for sale there but we had our
arms filled and the car was way down in the field somewhere
and our arms were full.
We have to memorize a landmark near the location we park
to find our way pack to the car when we go somewhere. LOL!
And those keys that make the lights flash and the horns honk
to help you find your car are life savers. LOL!


Re-enactors are dressed in period clothing in one section
of the festival.I have decided I would never have made
it as a pioneer woman. My family is glad also because
cooking over an open fire would have meant starvation for
them not to mention most likely burning the house down.

New this year was the Tin Man in the picture.


I did not run into Toto, Dorothy or the friendly
old lion but….


the Scarecrow was there to point the way into the crafting
area. I would have liked to bring him home and stand him
in front of the garage for Fall decorating. LOL!


I could not pass up these little stacking boxes at one
of the booths.


Meanwhile back at the house the only Fall decorating
that I have done is put out a few things on the bookcase.
Those three tiny orange pumpkins came from my big
pumpkin patch before the vines died. LOL!
No wheel borrow needed to bring them to the house.

I found this quote just for Balisha and myself…


"I cannot endure to waste anything as precious as autumn sunshine by staying in the house. 
So I spend almost all the daylight hours in the open air.
-  Nathaniel Hawthorne -


And back in my garden the Cosmos Picotee are finally opening
and are the only new blooms in the beds right now.


After finally getting some cosmos to grow for me I am just
excited to have them, even if they are a little late
in blooming.


The pelargonium's  are still giving me some color.
This is Red Ice geranium.


The Torenia or Wishbone flowers are still blooming
in the shady garden bed beside the house.


A small half priced Pink Lady hellebore was planted
this week.


The Forever Dwarf Pink hydrangea blooms are changing
to Fall colors. They went from pink to green and now
are rusty orange colored.


The phlox blooms are fading fast now.


This Red Spotted Purple butterfly posed just long
enough for me to get one picture.
Apparently the smell of Deer repellant does not
bother it or did it. LOL!


While my daughter and I were on our walk Wednesday
afternoon I spotted these berries and Fall leaves on a bush.
A sign of what is to come I am afraid.

Everyone Have a Great Weekend !!
@ Happy Gardening,

Lona    AP


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Lona, you have so many great things going on in your area. Your new hellebore reminded me that I need to start buying some of these again for my small shady areas.


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

It sounds like you had a great time, isn't fall wonderful?

At least it would be if it ever stopped raining?

Great shots of the berries at the end.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

The Backwoods Fest looks like they had plenty of mums today! I can't go until Sunday so I hope there is still stuff left! Your walk sure had some lovely fall discoveries!~Patti

Balisha said...

Thankyou for the quote...I agree with him completely. I remember Nathaniel Hawthorne from the card game "Authors" when I was a kid. It sounds like you and your daughter had a wonderful time. I have had to use my car keys to find the car a couple of times. Have a nice weekend.

Bernie said...

The Festival looked like a great day's outing. It's always interesting to me to see how Autumn is celebrated over there ... as we don't have a real Autumn at all, there's no such celebration here. I just love that Indian corn ... that's something I would never see in real life here.

Loved all your flower shots ... but particularly loved the Cosmos. I see you also grow Torenias ... one of my favourite plants! Gorgeous butterfly too!

Kay said...

Oh that looks like it was fun. I just love Fall festivals. Thank you for sharing it with us.


Stephanie said...

Such a beautiful festival Lona. People in period days clothings... it's cute to see.

I like your fall decor :-D Everything is so cute too. The little pumpkins... good that you saved them... makes a good compliment to the picture and ceramic ones.

Have a great weekend to you also and yes happy gardening as always!

Aerie-el said...

The festival looks wonderful, and the stacking boxes are so sweet. The Tin Man and Scarecrow looks so REAL in your photos. I wouldn't be surprised to see Toto and Dorothy scampering about somewhere nearby!
Cosmos are such happy little flowers, aren't they? Glad yours are in bloom for you; mine were late this year too.
Happy (putting the garden to bed soon) gardening!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Lona girl what can I say .. I absolutely love every picture in your post and I am so jealous of that wonderful craft fair you saw !
It is hilarious to see people pose as characters and they were great !
Yes !! it is true about the pumpkin scraping .. it is so pretty when it glows like that : )
You have some gorgeous blooms still and when I saw your Cosmos I felt guilty .. i totally forgot to plant mine this year .. Double Click .. they are still in the package !LOL
Wonderful post that has gotten me more and more in the Autumn mood ! and those quotes ? how TRUE are they !!
Joy : )

Kudzu said...

i'm so looking forward to autumn and some cool weather. those are some great displays and give me inspiration for my front porch! my grandson planted pumpkins and has long since forgotten about them...maybe there's a couple out there if the deer and other critters didn't get to them!
beautiful blossoms!

RainGardener said...

Don't ya just love Cosmos? 'Cept mine always fall over LOL. Lona, I'm going to send a lady over here to talk to you about her Phlox. I don't know the answers to the questions she asked.
Looks like ya had a good time at the Backwoods Festival and I like the stacking boxes you got!

La Petite Gallery said...

Trial and Error sent me over I have a question. Live in Maine and my Phlox went 3 weeks ago, do I cut them Back they are ugly? Also
my wisteria, I know to cut back in Spring, but I have so many shoots at the base this Summer.Can I trim up now.Do Like your post it is so fall looking, my favorite time of year. Thanks yvonne

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Yvonnee: Hello. An email is on the way.

RG: It was a fun time and we enjoyed it so much and the weather cooperated.

Kudzu: Girl I was worn out taking in my pumpkin crop LOL!

Joy: The Tin Man and Scarecrow were not real people but they were made so well they almost looked real.
I think my big pumpkins are too little to try that scratching method on.LOL! The possibilities are wonderful though of all the things you could do to a pumpkin to have it grow already decorated.

Aerie-el: Hey Toto and Dorothy could have been there and we just missed seeing them. They look so real don't they. LOL!

Steph: I love seeing them dressed in period clothing. I would love to see some civil or revolutionary was re-enactments. I think it would be awesome!

Kay: It was so fun girl! We have a couple more on the agenda this Fall if the weather permits it.

Bernie: I imagine it would be a whole different view of Fall for you. I would love to have your winter's too. LOL!

Balisha: Handy little items those key alarms. LOL!

Patti: Girl they had so many I am sure there will be some left for you to grab up. Have a blast the weather is perfect for it.

Jen: It was so fun. I wish I had some of your rain and then we would be evened out instead of all of the excess.

Eillen: I am having no luck with them growing for me. They just set in the ground and do not grow, but as stubborn as I am I keep trying.

VW said...

The festival looks like fun! I'm hoping to get up to nearby Greenbluff for the apple harvest and related fun next month.
The shots of the picotee cosmo are stunning!

A Garden of Threads said...

I love the color of the cosmos, your garden still looks wonderful. Looks like you have a great time at the festival. I so love the colors of autmn. Happy gardening.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

The festival looks like a lot of fun and a great way to get in the spirit of fall. I love your little pumpkins :)
The Cosmos is so pretty! I may try to find that one next year. Mine didn't do anything this year, although there is some foliage that just decided to sprout.
I have lost my car in parking lots sooo many times. My oldest daughter now is the one that helps me remember because I get so sidetracked once I start walking towards the stores.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Hi VW. Hope you are doing well.I love the Fall Festivals around here with all of the great artisans. They are so fun.

Garden of Threads: Now you are a great crafter. I love your quilted things! The cosmos did turn out to be pretty. I might try them again now LOL!

Catherine: My pumpkins are just the right size for the Littlest Gardeners Fairly maybe. LOL!

Christine B. said...

Last night the road near my house was covered in frost. It's the beginning of the end. At least good deals are to be had, like that hellebore you picked up.

Christine in Alaska, cold and definitely autumn

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Christine: Oh, no! Frost already.I am so not looking forward to this at all. I am looking for an early cold spell and winter since everything was early this year. Ugh!


The festival looks like so much fun! Wonderful autumn colours!
All the best.
Ingrid x

Ellie said...

Gorgeous pictures, as usual! I love the pictures of the festival -we don't have anything like that where I live. In the NL is still a bit early for pumpkins and autumn colors. Just another 2-3 weeks I guess, then suddenly the weather changes and it will be autumn.

Stella said...

How I loved the scarecrow! Looks like of fun on an almost fall day. I need to get some shade plants in the spot where I enlarged my bed this fall. We probably have another month before our first frost.

Jim Groble said...

The festival looks like the kind pat and I like. We'll put it on our go to list for next year. jim

pogonip said...

The Cosmos Picatee are stunning!

Kent Island Red said...

What WONDERFUL pictures! I just got tons of Fall decorating ideas for my yard and front porch. Just found your blog today and am totally HOOKED! Consider me one of your newest followers. BTW: I visited Hocking Hills about 3 years ago for "Lillyfest" and was so impressed with how beautiful the folks there keep their yards. You can tell how much pride they take in their home and surroundings. Very inspiring.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

That looks like a fun place to go. I'm glad you were able to find your car. I love the cosmos photos!

I'm just starting to accept that it is fall.

Joe Todd said...

Linda and I were at the Fest on Friday.. Wish we could have met.. was a good time with a lot of photos

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Gorgeous cosmos photos.