Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Kind of White

Mention the word “White” this time of the year
and everyone, including myself, think of snow.
But my kind of white runs in the color of flowers
for the garden.
After reading Jan’s posting on her white Foxglove
that were blooming now in the Fall and seeing how
beautiful they were I got to thinking about all of the white
flowers I have included in my garden or in containers.
I was surprised at just how many white flowers I do
have or use in the spring, summer and fall.

Achillea_Snowdrift I have added quiet a few white perennials in the
beds such as white Achillea called “Snow Drift”.
I am trying to keep snow out of this posting but
it is sneaking in. LOL!

I especially like how white flowers always look
so delicate. The white blooms of my Dicentra
“Alba” Bleeding Hearts to me are just perfect.


I also like how white flowers in a flower bed
make other colors just pop. This white late
Spring blooming Astilbe planted with “Blue Hill”
Salvia is a favorite combination of mine although
in this picture the salvia is blurred.


White “Becky” Shasta Daisies look so pretty
with a background of double pink impatiens.

Campanula_ChettleCharm  And Campanula “Chettle Charm”would not show its
beautiful blue edges without the white to make it shine
forth. The blooms on Chettle Charm start out white
and the blue appears and deepens on the edges as the
blooms age. If you are a gardener who loves tall Bellflowers
I got this one from Bluestone Perennials.


  Pure white Peach Leafed Bellflowers makes the green of
nearby plants come alive. Would the pink
Foxglove show up as well without the white to
enhance its colors?


Along the woods native grown white Elderberry
blooms make the woods come alive and the bees
and butterflies swarm to it.

Hydrangea2_ForeverPinkDwf_June12 Since Hydrangea’s are one of my favorite blooms
this Dwarf “Forever Pink” hydrangea starts out
white, turns to pink, and then gets green and bronze
in the Fall. I get a lot of color from this hydrangea
throughout a blooming season but I love the white
stage in my shade garden the best.
The white really stands out in a shady bed.

W_PrimroseLow growing white Primroses are so pretty  in the
front of a bed or around the rocks of my pond.
They bloom in the spring and rest in the hot,
dry spells of summer to only return to bloom in
the Fall when the rains come. There is a couple
of blooms on it now that I discovered while putting
up some Christmas decorations. It really stands
out now that the rest of the garden is asleep.


I have many tall phlox plants in my garden beds.
I love it for its long blooming season and the
fragrance of phlox in the garden is divine.
This white”David” tall phlox has it all.


White rose blooms are so delicate looking.
Although this “Iceberg” rose was new to the
rose garden this summer it won my heart.
Not just because of the delicate looking blooms
but because it has bloomed its heart out
and I love roses that are in constant bloom.
I have small gardening spaces and I really hate
using precious space on plants that do not give
me a lot of blooms for a long period.


I also have several Echinacea’s in my garden of
different colors for the bees and butterflies so when
  I saw this “Lucky Star” variety I knew I had just the spot for it in the garden with Red Fox Salvia and Rosita Agastache
growing around and under it.
I liked the White Swan coneflowers but Lucky Star
won out because of the straighter petals that stand out.
Why not some white Monarda for the bees and
You may have trouble finding this white Bee balm.
I got this in a mixed order and have not been able
to find just the white since. If any of you gardeners
know of a supplier please let me know.


In the Fall this “Chocolate” Eupatorium planted
with Fall blooming Anemones were a standout
in my garden. It blooms for a long period right
along with the anemones for Fall color.

What about some white vines in the garden?
Another Fall bloomer this ”Autumn Joy” clematis
was full of feathery, tiny blossoms. I saw that it
was a favorite in many Fall gardens on blogs.


This Fall I added some white Pansies to my window
boxes. They look quite lovely now with the pine and
artificial Poinsettia flowers placed in with them under
the windows for Christmas decorating.
{I need to get a picture…}

Maybe add some white annuals to your garden
or mixed into containers.
Darla sent me these seeds for white Cosmos and
although I had some Picotee Cosmos that were
pretty the white cosmos were my favorite ones.
Doesn’t this one have a funky looking bloom.
I don’t think it could make up its mind to have
a single or double bloom. LOL!
Another annual from seeds this summer
were a combination of “Sparkles” Pentas.
It had Red, Pink and white but again the white
ones in the window boxes with geraniums, verbena
and petunias were my favorite of the mix.


White wave petunias cascaded over a couple of my
hanging containers this summer with geraniums and nicotiana plants.

Geranium_W_Sept2And you just knew I would have to have
a white pelargonium or two. LOL!
This poor one looks a little dirty on its white petals.

An annual vine is this white Morning Glory that
the birds planted for me. Does the pink brighten the
white bloom or does the white brighten the pink?
Right down to its white stamen have you ever seen
such a delicate looking bloom as this white Morning

This white Alyssum was beautiful cascading out
of a basket of  Raspberry Swirl Geraniums.
I just pulled it out this week and took the basket
of geraniums to the basement.


Do not forget to  plant some white bulbs for Spring.
These white Daffodils look a little spent in this image
but they were pretty last Spring.


What is it about white Lilies that remind you
of purity and a fresh summer ahead.


  I ended up with two varieties of white Dahlia’s that
were grown from seeds and added to containers.
A double blooming dahlia and a single petal one.


And though red is the prominent color for Christmas
blooms. Why not add a white Amaryllis for the holidays.
The amaryllis below looks like it is sprinkled with sparkling
dust last winter. Amaryllis blooms were so welcome
last winter when I was hungry for blooming flowers.


If nothing else plant some white in the garden
for a white glow in the garden at night.
Make a bed dedicated to white just for a Moonlight garden.
These white Impatiens glow in the evening from wicker
baskets hanging on a tree in the back yard where I love
sitting in the early evening with a book. Seems I always
stay there watching the garden until it is so dark I cannot
see any longer. It is so peaceful I hate to leave.


Do you include white in your garden plans?
What are some of your favorites?

Happy Gardening,


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Lona, this is a beautiful post! What would we ever do without white in the garden? I tend to stay away from white inside the house but always use it throughout the garden.


ledgeandgardens said...

I love white in the garden as it intensifies all other colors and glows in the late afternoon. I love the white phlox although I have a different white still fragrant though. My favorite white....hmmmm....maybe clear white foxgloves and white hydrangeas.

Patsy said...

I want more white in my garden for next year. A must have will be the White Coneflower. We didn't have much Elderberry blooms this year I guess because of dry summer and fall.
Your flowers or lovely.

Darla said...

Yes, white is a must in my gardens. You have some beauts here. I am adding Astible to my list right now, okay, I just wrote in on my pad I have next to the computer for emergencies just like this one. I'll spend the winter researching plants I have admired on blogs this past gardening season and see if any will grow in my zone. I can hardly wait to start the seeds you sent, Thanks again!

Jean Tuthill said...

Oh, they take my breath away! They are all so gorgeous, I can't even pick one for my favorite! Makes me long for next spring, instead I'll just enjoy your beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

scottweberpdx said...

Beautiful post, I agree, white is such an under-appreciated color in the garden. I really love the Eupatorium with the Anemone...I actually did the same thing, except I accidentally planted a white Anemone instead of pink :-( It's pretty, but it would have been nicer had the flower colors not matched :-)

Janet said...

What a great collection of white blooms. I was surprised at how fragrant Alyssum is.
We had an Elderberry bush in Virginia, may have to get another now in SC.

Kate said...

Hi, Lona;
My daughter talks me into white, for the same reason you mention -- it just pops in a sea of darker colors. I tend to avoid it because I see too much white in the form of snow during our long winters. But, you are certainly making a beautiful case for me to add more! Your photos are stunning and your blog design is so festive. Loved this post. :)

Phoenix C. said...

What gorgeous white blooms! I do love white flowers - particularly the Dicentra.

Just been watching Alan Titchmarsh on TV talking about Sissinghurst in the UK with it's famous White Garden. Really inspiring place!

A Garden of Threads said...

Beautiful collection of white flowers for the garden. I could not decide on a favorite, love them all. Take care.

T Opdycke said...

Oh my, Lona, what gorgeous white flowers. Each one is so lovely it's hard to decide which I like best, but I'm always a sucker for white hydrangea, roses, and happy daisies. This white is so much better than the white that's in the not so distant future.

Have a wonderful evening!

Nickie said...

I like the white cosmos the best also. I was surprised at how much I like white flowers this year when I usually grow bright colors.

debsgarden said...

I have always been fond of white flowers in the garden, They add a cool, refreshing touch to my green landscape. I love your white bleeding heart. i definitely want to plant bleed ing heart in my garden next year. i hope i can find a white one"! All of your white flowers are great. I would add moon vine - it's huge white blooms that open at dusk are wonderfully romantic!

Kelly said...

Wow! What a gorgeous post...and so many flowers too. I love all of this "white," but my hubby just told me some of the other "white" is on its way this weekend. (I especially loved the shot of the wild Elderberry and the white echinacea...)

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

So many pretty white flowers, they just pop right off the screen! I've never seen white Monarda before and I love the "Chettle charm' those light blue edges are so pretty.
Hopefully you won't see too much of the other white stuff.

Meredehuit ♥ said...

Hmmmm, would you like to trade whites? Mine is very cold.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

I like the 3rd flower photo, never seen it before. We have white hollyhock and poppy in the garden blooming now. Also everywhere in the patch the whit coriander flower is dominating all over our veggie patch.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl your background and header are so FESTIVE !! Gorgeous girl : )
I love "white" posts .. because I do love white flowers too and we share some of these .. they shine in the garden don't they ? .. and they are always perfect foils for the really colourful ones .. I have always wanted a section of just white on white plants .. but I don't have the room .. meanwhile I do make sure I have pockets ? of white .. the "other" white is coming SOON .. eeekkk !
Beautiful white post girl !

Edith Hope said...

Dear Lona, In the main my garden plants are restricted to green and white. I never tire of these colours which always to me look fresh. Your collection of white flowers is very extensive and do indeed give something more cheery to think about than the snow!!

Bonnie said...

One of my favorite whites is the “Carol Mackie Daphne”. It is a variegated shrub and I love it! Your photos look like snowflakes on plants. I love this post!

Becca's Dirt said...

I love all of your whites Lona. I didn't realize you had so many. It is nice to look at them right now with it being cold outside.

I collected bears for a long time. I had many cherrished teddies and other collectible bears. I lost many of them when I got a divorce 10 yrs ago. I still enjoy the few I have left.

Floridagirl said...

That's my kind of white too! What a lovely collection of white blooms you have! I am especially fond of the Shasta daisies and the white coneflowers. Two of my favorites, that I once grew in my old Zone 7 garden.

Jean said...

All of your white blooms are amazing1 So much better than the white I see out my window today! Jean

Kathleen said...

I've never seen white Monarda before ~ it's stunning. I hope you find a source and then share it!!
You have an amazing collection of white blooms Lona. I don't have nearly so many. More and more, I appreciate it in the garden tho.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

What an impressive collection of whites! The blue edged campanula is stunning. I too have many whites in the garden, it is my favorite bloom colour. Unfortuntely the other white is all that is visible now, so it was truly a pleasure to see your lovely photos. :)

Chris said...

You're so right - white flowers add so much depth to a garden. Great collection you've posted here! I had 'Chettle Charm' Campanula, which I loved, but the rabbits nibbled it to the ground.:(

Balisha said...

My goodness look at all the white flowers. I love that Iceberg rose. I also like your new "holiday do"

noel said...

aloha lona,

it almost looks like a white garden, love all the various flowers you grow in your garden and the photos you took, the achillea is my favorite, its striking!

Noelle said...

Oh Wow! What a gorgeous collection of white beauties. Daisies have always been some of my favorite flowers, but I especially love the white dicentra.

Msrobin said...

You can show me white flowers all day long, as long as you don't include any of that gross "snow" stuff you mentioned earlier. Ick! You really do have any amazing amount of white flowers. Thanks for thinking of me with the loss of my FIL. It was a rough week indeed, but it's so good to be home! Our Thanksgiving dinner was a ham sandwich eaten in the funeral home. Festive, huh? I didn't work on Black Friday, that was the funeral day. It was black in a different way.

Grace Peterson said...

Hi Lona, I love your blog's new do for the holidays. Kudos to "Scrappin' Blogs" and to you.

Your white flowers are delicious. I especially liked the 'David' phlox photo with the rain drops and back lighting. Makes me long for summer again.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I am sorry to say that it is this time of year that I tend to ignore my flowers...just when they need attention...and by Springtime I am in a mess...I must come here for inspiration!!

sweetbay said...

Such a beautiful collection of whites! I love the blue-edged bellflower and the morning glory with hints of pink.

White flowers are so valuable where there is shade and to set off other colors. Phlox 'David' is a stalwart in my garden.

Laurrie said...

This was a treat to see the white varieties of so many familiar plants that I usually associate with colors. White simplifies and purifies their forms. Thanks for showing us so many -- after reading this I definitely want to try using more white in my garden next season!