Monday, November 29, 2010

My Rosebud Pelargoniums

Anyone who has followed my blog for even a
short time learns that I love Pelargoniums.
They may be considered an old fashioned flower
but there are so many varieties anymore to choose
from that there is a geranium color or variety
that will appeal to any gardener.


These two Rosebud varieties were brought into the house
to over winter for next year.
I took these two pictures right before they were given
a trimming for the winter.
I am trying to root some new starts from them in water, which does not work so well for me for some reason.
The stems usually just rot at my house in the water.
Since I am seeing no roots from the water method
I am now trying to start some in potting mix.
I am hoping to get some starts one way or another.


Since these have become my favorites of the geraniums
I went searching for some more of them online.
I ran across a website called Hobbs Farm and Greenhouse.
Well I may be an old gardener but not so old when it comes
to gardening so I was in shock at the varieties, variegations, scents, ivies, tricolor, bicolor, fancy leaves and colors of geraniums that Hobbs Farm had.
Now I am thinking seriously that I should not have done
a search about pelargoniums at all. I saw too many that I would like to have. This  is not good. LOL!


Yesterday while the sun was shining so bright
I decided to get the Fall decorations out of the
yard and get up some Christmas decorations
while the weather was cooperating.
With a busy, wet week ahead it may be my
last chance to have gotten it done.
Not to mention that gun season for deer hunting
opened today so it may not be too safe to be
outdoor when you live near the forest. LOL!
Maybe I should rethink that hike my daughter
and I decided to take today also. LOL!
I do not have hunters orange to wear so maybe
bright red is the thing to wear on a hike today.


This is going to be a busy week coming up with the
Christmas at Waynesville’ event coming up
Friday through Sunday December 3 – 5.
I am excited to go see all of the Christmas
decorations, antiques and crafts that will be
in the Waynesville shops.


Also this week I will be going to the Franklin Park
Conservatory in Columbus to see their Christmas displays.
So I see a couple of wonderful days filled with beautiful
Christmas displays and flowers for this week.


Everyone Have a Wonderful week and ….

Happy Gardening,


FlowerLady said...

They are all wonderful and I can see why you love them, especially the ones that look like roses.

Hope you get some to root for you.


Liz said...

Hi Lona,

I tried looking for some of these rosebud pelargoniums last time I visited the garden centre... I have a feeling they will only be found online!

Wonderful photos, and good luck with your cuttings.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Lona, those doubles are beautiful! These are well worth wintering over. I tried it years ago, hanging them from the rafters in the basement. It did work, but my geraniums were just the common red ones.


madcobug said...

All of them are beautiful. Do you use Root-on to root with? Helen

Anonymous said...

You have some beautiful varieties, I especially love the coloring on that first photo. :)

A Garden of Threads said...

I can see why you love geraniums, these ones are beautiful. Love them all. Hope you get the outside decorating done. Take care.

Anonymous said...

It IS dangerous to do online searches! I think that's how my Amaryllis collection began. :-)
I never have much luck rooting anything. I'm not sure why?? I hope it works for you ~ I can sure see why you like the pelargoniums. The rosebud varieties are very pretty.
I hope your Amaryllis bloom for you too! I can't imagine getting thru a winter without mine.

Anonymous said...

I can see why you love these flowers. My favorite picture is the soft pink flower with the hint of grey-blue in the background. So beautiful! Have a great week and enjoy the Christmas displays, antiques and crafts!

Patsy said...

Cute header and always enjoy the flowers.

tina said...

They sure are pretty and most welcomed this time of the year.

milka said...

Lona, those blooms are all so darling. Happy gardening to you too.

Stone Art said...

They are fab. I like the christmasy look of your blog. What with all the snow outside here at the moment its getting me in the Christmas mood o<:)

Commonweeder said...

As a rose lover I cannot resist those geraniums. Thanks for the source info. I am very fond of all pelargoniums. I hope you'll visit my celebratory blogoversary Giveaway.

Elephant's Eye said...

To root cuttings in water, have you tried an opaque container? Roots grow in the dark. Also those glass marbles that are sold to hold flowers in place in the vase - are WONDERFUL for rooting cuttings!

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Lona, I remember your pelargoniums and admire them. I have only the simplest ones. Yours make me Ahhhh!!! Your beautiful new blog's header picture made me nervous: I haven't done my holiday shopping yet!

Janet said...

I used to sneeze all the time in English class in 8th grade. The teacher had a row of geraniums along the window sill. :-(
I do like them outdoors! That Rosebud in the first photo is beautiful. I will check out that web site to see other beauties --- may add one or two to my summer garden.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

FLowerLady: I hope I get some to root also. I do have terrible luck at it. Have a wonderful week!

Liz: I could only find them online but I live in a rural area with only the same old flowers in the local nurseries.

Eileen: I have had good success with hanging them in the basement too. I was afraid to try it with these two rosebuds and did want to try to propagate some more from them just in case.

Helen: I have tried rooting them with a root hormone. Sometimes it works and other times not so much. Glad to hear from you stranger. LOL!

perennialgardener: The Appleblossom geranium is so pretty with its touches of pink on the edges. Have awonderful week.

Garden of Threads: I have gotten what little I am going to do outdoors now. Glad its done and this was early for me. LOL!

Kathleen: I came to love amaryllis plants last winter too. It just perked me up having blooms in the winter.

threedogsinthegarden: I am so excited to be going to two fantastic events this week. My camera will be smoking. LOL!

Patsy: I was trying to get snow going on the new background but it was not working. It worked on my other blog but not this one so I am bummed out about it. LOL!

Tina: We will take those blooms at this time of the year where ever we can get them. Have a wonderul week!

Milka: Hi there! So glad you dropped by. I loved my vosot to your blog.

Stoneart: Seems I am in the Christmas spirit early this year. Maybe it is all this blogging with beautiful Christmas decorations on them. LOL!

Commonweeder: Hi there and so glad you dropped by. I will be around to seeing your postings.

ElephantsEye: Well thank you forthat tip. Maybe too much light is where I am messing up. In the dark they go. LOL!

Tatyana: I know girl I am really getting an early start on this Christmas thing. LOL! I am blaming all these other bloggers who are into Christmas now. LOL!

Janet: Oh, no.Your must be allergic to the things. I had a teacher who was allergic to roses and I didn't know it. Of course I would be the one to cause her sneezing fit and her declaration of being allergic to them. I was so embarrassed. LOL!

Appalachian Feet said...

It's nice to see someone actually calling these "pelargoniums." Where I live, most people call them geraniums, which I find confusing. I really like the scented pelargoniums, especially the rose and citrus varieties. Your photos are lovely and tempting!

sweetbay said...

They are all lovely! I can't believe how much the red ones look like roses.