Sunday, March 6, 2011

As The Saying Goes “Better Late Than Never”


I finally got Amaryllis blooms now that winter is winding down. Although you would not know from the looks of things because we woke up to a world covered in white this morning here in the hills.
I guess we should be thankful that at least the rain has stopped. There has been so much flooding here in parts of the state this past week.


This is suppose to be “Peach Blossom” but I am not convinced. LOL! I am certain our Guru and fan of all things Amaryllis, Kathleen, will be able to tell me for certain.
The packaging showed a much lighter shade of pink.
My knack for getting mixed up bulbs is becoming the standard and no longer much of a surprise and more of
”Oh, well”.

She is pretty regardless and I am starving for blooms in the house. There is just so much splendor of color one African Violet can give me without getting bored.
So this Amaryllis  will give me a few days of a change in color.


With the milder temperatures and rain there are signs of green trying to break through the soil.
I can see tips of Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinths and three really squashed Primroses starting to grow last week.
They are all welcome sights and a promise of blooms to come here in frozen Ohio.


Everyone enjoy your week.
Happy Gardening,


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FlowerLady said...

Lona ~ That is one gorgeous amaryllis. Glad you are starting to see bits of green and the beginnings of spring.

Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

Patsy said...

It is a lovely color, I have been thinking about you when I heard about the floods. Hope you and gardens are good even if white.

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

That color is gorgeous. What a pretty amayllis. Some people hold them to bloom for Easter so you're not late at all.

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

What a gorgeous colour to your amaryllis. I have one too on my counter that has a stem on it about 8 inches tall. I look forward to its colour too. V

Darla said...

Stop with the snow already! I love the shimmering color of this amaryllis.

Gatsbys Gardens said...


It is a beautiful color maybe better than a lighter shade. I wish I had started some amaryllis later. I even went out and bought a bunch of tulips and daffodils.


Anonymous said...

My amaryllis still have a long way to go, but yours is fabulous! Can you believe this snow? Phooey! And so cold too! You know the plants I put up on that bench are all doing fabulous. Even my Meyer Lemon is doing better. It was down to two leaves, now it's covered in baby leaves and a blossom about to burst. I'm excited!

Carol said...

Anytime is exciting and welcome for these beauties! Lovely Lona!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

FlowerLady: I am so glad to see things starting to at least try to grow here.It is a welcome sight. Have a wonderful week.

Patsy: I live up in the hills so the floods have not gotten to me but the valley below has had the creeks out 3 times in the last week. Those who live along the rivers have really had a bad time and lost so much.

GardenerSherlock: That would be a wonderful idea to have then blooming for Easter. White ones especially. Have a great week.

V: Glad to hear that there are others who still are getting amaryllis blooms.I may still have to go buy some color to tide me over. LOL!

Darla: Girl I am trying to scare all of this old snow away but is it listening???
Harder to manage than my kids were. LOL!

Eileen: I will most likely be buying some color before mt tulips and daffodils bloom. Probably about the time this amaryllis decides to stop. LOL! The Garden Show helped a little.

Robin: Girl I think we need to go to Florida till all this cold stuff goes away.LOL! I want to see you pollinating that Lemon Tree. It would be fun to try to grow one but I have not sunlight here for one.Have fun with it.

Balisha said...

That is certainly not peach blossum.It's much prettier. I love the color. Now that will brighten up your house. Balisha

A Garden of Threads said...

Hi Lona, We were also covered with a blanket of white again Saturday night:( That is an amazing color of amaryllis. You are right any colour at this time of year is fabulous. Take care and have a wonderful week.

Anonymous said...

Lona~~ I love your amaryllis. It looks gorgeous with your pink background. Spring's coming!

Jenni said...

Hi Lona ~ as you say, better late than never! I am hopeful that temperatures will become more mild for you and spring will finally appear! We got hit with late winter snow last week here in the Pacific NW and that has set us back in the garden. Cheers, Jenni

Anonymous said...

You must have had the weather we have gotten. Flooding and all. We had the snow storm, complete with loss of power last night. It is good to have that bright, cheerful Amaryllis around to take the edge off the snow.

pogonip said...

My amaryllis (holiday gift from my class) has three long lovely leaves and nary a sign of a bud. I'll enjoy yours instead, Lona.

Stephanie said...

Oh well ha ha... This amaryllis is still beauty. I like the texture of its petals... I feel like touching them hehe...

Zoey said...

I love the color of that amaryllis. I wish I had planted some now that I see them on so many blogs. We also got surprised with a lot of snow Sat. morning.

Bernie said...

It really is a gorgeous thing! Such a great colour ... despite not quite matching the description given.

I wish the rain would stop over here ... we've had enough of it! Hopefully, your winter conditions will end soon and spring will make a grand entrance.

Asha Ram said...

Hi Lona,

I got your blog link from Steph's blog site.

Oh, those are lovely amaryllis! i enjoyed looking at the photos of flowers.


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Balisha: I wish I knew the name of it now. I will have to do a search. Have a wonderful week.

Jen: It is lovely anyway and maybe even prettier than Apple Blossom.I will enjoy it while it lasts. Have a great week.

Grace: I sure hope it is coming Grace. I am chomping at the bit to play outdoors.

Jenni: I heard about your snow. They say we will get at least two more so I hope they come two days in a row and just get it over with. LOL!

GWGT: If I just consecrated on the Amaryllis and not look out doors I can pretend it is warm and that Spring is here. LOL!

Pogonip: I have six amaryllis like that. All leaves. If they bloom I will be really shocked. LOL!

Steph: They do have a frosty look to the blooms. Have a wonderful week!

Zoey: We can do without those last minute snow falls. We had just enough here to make you groan.LOL!

Bernie: You are going into Fall weather now so maybe it will cool off a little for you and the rains will stop. Have a wonderful week.

Asha: Hello and so glad you found my blogs. You have a fabulous week and I will be over to your blog for a visit.

Ellie said...

Is that its real color, Lona? Or did the camera somehow change the color. It looks gorgeous!!

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

I'm starving for blooms, as well. (I suppose we all are!) Though, I'm happy to hear that you've got a few bulbs getting started outdoors. Another 6 weeks, for me.

Say, I brought some goodies back from Italy and I'd like to send you something. Plz write me: kate.miller57@gmail and give me an address.

garden girl said...

What a beautiful amaryllis Lona! It seems to have bloomed at the perfect time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lona! Yay on the Amaryllis bloom even if it isn't what you thought! I'm definitely not a "guru" (you're too kind) ~ I'm just obsessed!!! :-)
If I had to guess, I would say it's 'Hercules."
I did a little search, check this link out and see if you think so too:
Check out the 2nd photo especially ~ what do you think?

lifeshighway said...

Well it may not be peach but it certainly seems a lovely fuchsia and that ain't bad.

Janet said...

What a beautiful pink bloom!!!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

It's a beauty whatever it is. I saw on the news that lots of places were hit with more snow. None here, but it's below normal temps here. I know we're all ready for some warm sunny days!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Catherine:I know your weather has been crazy this winter too. I would not mind the rain so much if it was warmer.Your new front garden is looking so fabulous!

Janet: It is a pretty little thing and I am really enjoying it. I find my eyes moving to it so often. LOL!

lifeshighway: Although it is not what I thought I was getting it is pretty anyway. Have a wonderful week!

Kathleen!! That is it. Thank you so much!

Gardengirl: You are so right it bloomed at just the right time. I have nothing going on as far a s blooms go as yet.

Kate: Girl you live to high in the mountains. LOL!

Ellie: No, that is its real color.It a real dark Salmon color.Kathleen found the name of it for me. Hercules it is.