Tuesday, March 8, 2011

There is Garden Whimsy & Then There is Garden Whimsy

There always seems to be a lot of gardening whimsy at garden shows and the Central Ohio Home and Garden Show had a few displayed.


  Is it a bird or and insect?


Not something you want to run into after dark.


and a take on the Pink Flamingo. LOL!
Some whimsy items are just cute or maybe not so much depending on what a person likes in their yard but they do make me chuckle.


Or maybe you are into birdfeeders.


Now I like the Fairy Gardens and the clever ways gardeners use to make one. Who is that peeking nearby?


This cooper gazing ball was much prettier that the picture represents it.


And the frog planter would be a cute addition to the garden in just that right spot..


There are always birdbaths at the garden shows.


And planted shoes show up in some form every year.


But this was the first year they had these…


titling playhouses….


and sheds.
They would be a child's dream playhouse or even
a fun shed for us big kids.


The two piece ones had a tunnel running between the two so you can get from one house to the next. LOL!
They had them all decked out with window boxes
and plantings.
I thought they were just the cutest idea.
But then I may be the oldest kid alive. LOL!

Happy Play Day in the Garden,


Darla said...

Oh my! Those first ones are not my cup of tea....I love the bird houses and such though. Did you laugh out loud when you were there?

Lori at Jarvis House said...

Thanks for the tour of the garden show. I loved the tilting garden sheds. My son is supposed to build me a wood shed for my wood burnig stove, maybe I should ask him to tilt it.

lifeshighway said...

oh you knew I would be loving this post!!!

I am such an addict I can tell you company that makes a lot of those items.

I love a garden show.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed seeing these pictures. I saw quiet a few of those whimsical shiny objects at an Anderson's store recently...In Dublin Ohio. They seem to be a growing trend!

I adore the fairy garden...and yes, I am a big kid when it comes to that...and those houses are so unique and fun looking!!

Again, thanks for sharing and have a great day!♥

FlowerLady said...

What cool bits of whimsy to add to our garden spaces. I love that pink flamingo! :-)And that first one cracked me up.

Happy Whimsical Gardening ~ FlowerLady

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Some really cute ideas- It took me years to figure out what garden art I like- seeing it over done so much kinda turned me off a bit. I finally decided I like turtles- I'd really like to adopt a real one someday. I pick up turtle items here and there- but not too many! The fairy idea is something I'd like to add to my garden someday- I work with clay and have always wanted to create a secret, tiny town somewhere-

Hope you're having nice weather :)

Christine B. said...

The tilting, jumbled playhouses are wonderful. And a great solution for builders who've lost their square and level, too. One of these days, my state is going to have a garden show, until then, I'm just going to have to live vicariously through you!

Christine in Alaska, no show

Janet said...

I really like those tiny little boots/shoes. How sweet.

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

When I am in a new garden I enjoy to find little sculptures or other items of interest in the beds. It creates a break for my eyes looking at plant after plant and gets me to slow down. The first pink things I have seen before. The hygenist I see to clean my teeth has three or more that she dresses up for each season. I have seen them at the beach, for Easter, Christmas etc. Gives me a laugh when I see how creative she is. Did you pick up any new ideas for your own garden at the show? V

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

I enjoy garden whimsy most of the time--the resin'ornaments' from walmart make me cringe, but most everything else is just an additional delight.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I think it's all cute. I personally like whimsy in the garden, it adds character and shows you don't take yourself too seriously. The fairy garden in the wheelbarrow is a great idea. I love those playhouses, so fun!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

That gazing ball is so elegant and the frog is delightful. Your garden ornaments seem so classy compared to the Chicago roosters!


Balisha said...

You and me, Lona...They are so cute. I wish that I could have had one back in my day. We made houses out of blankets and orange crates.
Your pictures of garden whimsey were very neat. I still love the shoes. Balisha

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the fairy gardens and the kids playhouses. Such a fun aspect of the show.

Jim Groble said...

Pat and I had a great time at the show. It looks like we took some of the same pictures. We also made time for the franklin Conservatory. Thanks so much for the tickets. jim and pat

VW said...

Those playhouses are adorable, my kids would love them! Kind of Alice in Wonderland. I'm not sure if any of the other whimsical creations would find a place in my garden, but they're fun to admire at a show, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

And then there's whimsy! :) What fun. I love the copper ball and the tilting playhouses.

Jenni said...

Lona, I love the play houses! They would be a child's delight :) Fun Post ~ Cheers, Jenni

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Darla: Yes, my daughter and I laughed and laughed at those silly birds.I could see the Flamingo at your garden. LOL!

Lori: My Dad was a carpenter and he would have cringed at those house. LOL!

Lifeshighway: I know you would appreciate all of the garden art. LOL!

Tammy: Maybe that is where they got them! LOL! You are welcome.

FLowerLady: They well be coming to a store near you. LOL!

Tessa: I really like the Fairy gardens too.I started a miniature gnome and fairy garden last year but never really got it finished very well.

Christine: But you do have a Reindeer Run. I thought it was so cool. ;-)

Janet: I like the planted shoes too. Someone always works them into the shows every year. I did have some Hens& Chicks in some old work boots once but they did not fair well in the winter.

Valerie: Her dress ups sound fun. We have the occasional duck and dressed up bears around the county.
I like whimsy too but not a whole lot in one garden.

Jodi: Seems like there is a lot of stores around here that has the resin ornaments anymore. I wonder if that says something about our neighbor hood. LOL!

Catherine: You have the fairies and the garden space now for a Fairy garden. ;-)

Eileen: Now the roosters would do well around here too since there are so many farms. I loved the gazing ball and wish the picture was better to show off how pretty it was.

Balisha: I know, we built tents from chairs and blankets and when we really wanted a tent we borrowed grandpas canvas tarp.Today it would be blue and plastic. LOL! One of Graces favorites. LOL!

gardenwalk: The house were truly adorable.We would have thought they were heaven when I was a kind and we made houses from slabs from Grandpas sawmill rejects. LOL! But the building of them were fun.

Jim: Glad you were able to make a full day of it and you are quite welcome.

VW: I thought the tunnels between the two would have been so much fun.Too bad I do not have any Grandchildren.

Grace: My Dad would have been shaking his head at them crooked house. He would have never allowed anything to be built crooked fun or not. I would have loved to bring that gazing ball home. :-)

Jenni: I knew my eyes lite up when I saw them. LOL! Even the windows were crooked. A Child's fun house for certain.

pogonip said...

Our whole family loves the "goony" birds. I can't wait to see what my chickens think when they come beak to beak with one this spring!

Karen said...

Lona, what a wonderful tour of the garden show. The crooked houses are adorable, wouldn't it be fun to design a garden around them?

One said...

I love those little houses. I like the crookedness in them too. I don't mind having one in the garden. It might look like a kennel though with dogs running around.

Zoey said...

I like a bit of whimsy in the garden. I would love to have that frog and a tilted shed or two.
It was fun touring the show with you. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

pogonip: That would be fun to watch your girls investigate the goony birds.They will be wondering what strange bird is this. LOL!

Karen: Wouldn't that be a fun project. I could really get into that. I thought they were really sweet.

One: The fanciest, crooked doghouses in the neighborhood. LOL!

Zoey: I really liked the frog planter too. I kept thinking hoe great it would look near my little pond in the shade garden.

Happy@Home said...

I've just read through your posts from the garden show and thoroughly enjoyed them all. I love the fairy garden in the wheelbarrow. Of course the blue orchid captured my attention too. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that gazing ball gorgeous? I want it! Hey, maybe I'll see it out, wonder where Warwick's is located?