Friday, March 11, 2011

A Peek at Spring Blooms

The Central Ohio Home and Garden Show was filled with many spring blooms to enjoy and to fill you with anticipation in what is just around the corner in our own spring gardens.


I always enjoy the displays of Begonia’s that are usually included in some of the displays. Maybe more so since I have a difficult time growing them in my containers.
I think I keep them too wet and the bulbs rot.


This little mass planting of crocus were reminders of early spring blooms.


HGS_Crocus2This display was filled  with all of the spring blooming plants.
Forsythia, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Tulips, Hyacinths and many more flowering trees.


Bright yellow  Daffodils  make me anxious to see the new ones I planted last fall in the woodland bed to begin blooming.

Tulips and hyacinths of every color.

The fragrance of spring was found permeating in the displays with hyacinths in them.


  I love white blooms in the garden so this mass planting of white hyacinths was a favorite of mine.HGS_Hyacinths_White2

I loved how the white tulips made the twigs of this Red Twig Dogwood just stand out even more.
So after the snows have gone the white of the tulips takes it place to highlight the red twigs.HGS_Spring






The plantings below were a mystery to me except for the Heuchera but I liked the pink frilly blooms and I did not have a clue as to the little shrub behind it.
Everyday I learn that there are so many plants that I just do not know about.HGS_Umknown3

Tuesday it got up to 60 degrees so this girl got out there in the flower beds. The old oak leaves were raked up and the flower beds cleaned. The roses got a good pruning and all of the sticks from winter snows and windy days were raked up out of the yard. It was a satisfying feeling to have everything looking clean again not to mention some much needed exercise from the days efforts.
The pump water fountain was cleaned out once again.
It was perfect timing because we have had two days of rain now and two days of snow to come which hopefully this time of the year will be just a melted memory by the next day.
All of the rain is greening up the lawn and making the yard look new again taking away the hues of winter browns.


Join in for Fertilizer Friday with our hostess
Tootsie at “Tootsie Time” and Flaunt those Flowers.
Those of us who do not have blooms yet enjoy seeing yours.
Happy Gardening,



Darla said...

I bet the fragrance around those flowers was wonderful!!!

imhkki said...

beautiful flowers

Sheila said...

Very inspiring!

Becca's Dirt said...

Wow what a beautiful display of pretty flowers. I know it was fun too seeing all those pretties. I'm looking forward to your gardens. I need to add more white to my gardens. I love those white hyacinth. Hope you have a good weekend. Great job on getting so much done too.

Alison said...

Oh, I too love the white tulips highlighting the red twig dogwood! What a great idea.

I'm pretty sure the shrub with the white fluffy flowers is Fothergilla. Don't know about the one with the interesting green leaves, or the pink flowers.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Gorgeous blossoms, Lona! And, I love the clock cartoon. I think I'll turn mine back a few years, too.

Priscilla said...

The tulips were gorgeous!

Janet said...

That first begonia is a buttercream mint color...yum! Clocks getting 'sprung forward' this weekend sure make it feel closer to spring.

Balisha said...

I brought a begonia in last fall and it has survived. I think that my problem is watering too.This plant is in the basement and not watered very much.
I love all the colors of Spring. I could almost smell the flowers you showed. Have a nice weekend...Balisha

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Lona, I just love the spring flowers and the displays of what we can anticipate. The Chicago show had some of this but got carried away with all of the tropicals.

Those bushes look at little like Clethera which blooms in the spring.


Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Your lovely photos of the Flower show this week has just wetted my appetite for Canada Blooms next week. I can hardly wait to see what will be on show this year. Of course I will share with you. V

Anonymous said...

My first thought was what Darla said. The fragrance had to be amazing, especially near the hyacinths. Really pretty displays and photos.

Jenni said...

Hi Lona,
I have enjoyed your garden show pics so much! I think my favorite is the shot with the red dogwood branches against the white tulips and yellow daffodils. Lovely! Cheers, Jenni

Stephanie said...

All so beautiful! Especially the tulips!! Love the fact that they have many special colours.

I found one site has good reference on how to get kalanchoe to rebloom...

Karen said...

Lona, wonderful photos from that garden show. The tulips are so stunning. I know just how you feel about wanting to get out in the garden, but you've beat me to it! It's snowing here I'm off to make some flowers in glass this weekend. I planted a whole bunch of bulbs last fall and it will be fun seeing them come up; I forgot all about them until now. I don't have much luck with begonias either, the same thing, they tend to rot, but aren't they just gorgeous?

Meg said...

Nothing like the Flower Show to make one think SPRING!!!!! I love your header. Blessings Meg

Anonymous said...

I think the mystery plant might be a fothergilla, a shrub I've been trying to find a spot for!

Lynn said...

The flowers were beautiful, I planted seeds all day today for my little greenhouse. It was almost 60 today.I am SO ready for spring to get out in the yard... Have a great weekend...

Boho Farm and Home said...

What lovely bulbs! Oh how I wish they would grow here. Thanks for sharing the beauty with me.xo Caroline

Corner Gardener Sue said...

The garden shows around here are more focused on home improvement and landscape companies drumming up business. The garden centers don't really do much if anything. I don't remember because I haven't been to one lately. Whenever I go, I wish I hadn't.

Those sure are some pretty blooms. Your mystery flowers with the serrated leaves and pinkish blooms remind me of Octopus bellflowers. They are very spready. I kept after them last year, and even dug up one of my clumps, which I had to keep after most of the summer. I imagine there will be more to pull out this year. It's a cool looking plant, though.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Thank you for these cheerful images, Lona! 60 degrees? Lucky, lucky, lucky! I am soaked here! It's not cold, but everything is so wet, I can't even step on the lawn.

Bernie said...

Oh so many beautiful flowers and most are not commonly seen here in the Spring. That creamy Begonia in the first shot caught my eye ... it's definitely something I could grow here. You're so right about killing off Begonias with too much watering ... I've had lots of practice with that! I really enjoyed your lovely photos today.

Tootsie said...

I want to live in your photos!
we woke up to 3 more inches of snow today!!! HELLO!!! MOTHER NATURE? IT'S MARCH....TIME TO MELT!!!
thanks for linking in this week!

Kate @ Gardening and Gardens said...

What a lovely post! so many wonderful spring flowers in so many colors and forms. I think the fuzzy shrub in the back of the last photo is Fothergilla (also called Bottlebrush). lovely!