Monday, March 21, 2011

Grow Baby Grow !


Spring you are so welcome!


What a difference a few warm days can make.
Give us a few good days up to 70 degrees and everything
starts growing in leaps and bounds.


While taking a walk around in the yard today I was checking out what was growing and was surprised to see a few blooms.
The Heath has a few little pink blooms hanging onto it.
Not as many as it usually has but I moved it last year so it has to make its way back again.


I also found my first two Daffodil blooms. Wow did they come on fast.


And it looks like there will be many more in the near future.


The poor smashed primrose had two pretty blooms open for me with some buds and new growth coming on.
I love primroses because they start blooming as soon as they start growing.


My hyacinths look sad though with so few buds.
I fear they have run their course after so many years and new bulbs need to be planted this fall.


I found new growth starting everywhere, such as the Achillea.


The white peach-leaf campanula which stays green under all of the snow but is now sending up new growth.


Clematis Silver Moon is always the first of my clematis to bloom and it is sprouting out now.


The Lambs Ear is getting tiny fuzzy mouse sized ears.


And wonder of wonders the Resurrection Lilies that I thought was a goner and even told one of the blogger buddies that it was dead has really Resurrected.
Now I am wondering if it will give me some blooms.


Magnolia Jane is getting its fuzzy buds. Reminds me of giant pussy willow buds. Looks like the spiders are moving about also from the web stretched across.


The pruned back rose bushes are starting to grow.


The Ornamental Strawberry is looking good.


And so is Waterfall spreading campanula.


The Maple trees are flowering now.
Also growing are the: Irises, tulips, lilies, salvia, heuchera,
foxgloves,columbines, penstemon, candytuft and many more.

So things are looking up around here on the hill and I say, Grow Baby Grow!
Seeing everything starting to grow makes me one happy gardener.
Even as happy as I feel it seems a little selfish in someway
as I am my heart goes out to the people of Japan and their great lose and tragedy that they are having to go through now. May way offer prayers and aide to them now in their time of need.
And to others who are at war now trying to gain their freedom that we so take for granted everyday.

Until Next Time,


Becca's Dirt said...

This is such an exciting time for us gardeners. Brings a good feeling all over to see the new coming up from the winters sleep. Look at all those buds on the daffs. Love the welcome at the porch. It says 'spring' in looks and the sign.

Anonymous said...

Lona, I love maple flowers. Your garden is rising to the occasion of Spring. It just gets better from here.

Janet said...

Your blooms are wonderful to see! I think the Heathers look like they are sticking their tongues out.
I am such a sucker for Primroses, but I don't have any....wonder why?
I planted some Resurrection lilies this fall/winter-- hope they do well!

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Everything looks lovely, Lona! The last of our snows are melting away - I'm hoping to see a little primrose pretty soon, too. :D

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

No fair 70 degrees! :) How did you go from such a cold winter to 20 degrees warmer than us? Your maple tree is ahead too. We are still below average in temps and it's just so cold to me. I guess I'm a wimp, at least it hasn't rained too much.
I hope your lilies bloom, I've never seen them before.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Lona, I think you are a zone ahead of me and it certainly shows. I have some daffodils that are going to bloom, the very early ones.

Howver, can you believe, they are talking snow for the weekend! I think I can handle one day but not more.


HolleyGarden said...

I agree - just a few nice warm days and everything responds! Looks like you have a lot coming up. I, too, wonder and worry about the Japanese people.

A Garden of Threads said...

Wow, Lona everything is moving so quickly. I have snowdrops and some hellebores starting to flower, that is it. There is snow in the forcast for Wednesday:( Happy gardening. Jen

Stephanie said...

yes yes... grow baby grow!! I am happy your plants are starting come alive. I just can't wait to see your garden again. That Lamb Ear looks so real he he...

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics, Enjoyed your garden! I am also having a lots of similar blooms in my garden but losing a camera at this point of year is costing me too much.

RainGardener said...

For someone who was just recently under snow you sure have a lot going on in the gardens. I had to laugh at Janet's remark and go back to see the Heathers sticking their tongues out - ;-)
Is the Resurrection Lily the one that has to be planted far away because of the smell? Maybe not but there is a beautiful flower like that and I want to get one.
Well enjoy everything happening around your gardens and cross your fingers it may quit raining here so I can go outside.

T Opdycke said...

What a delight to see the first blooms of spring. The only things blooming up here in the corner are crocus and I found some darling pussy willows in a park. Bring on the color...I'm starving!

Wife, Mother, Gardener said...

Loved this post... I am pretty happy about spring myself. You might like my latest post too, actually.

Glad a found a pretty blog/garden near to where I live!

VW said...

70 degrees sounds wonderful!! Love all the spring green in your photos.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi Lona...Isn't it wonderful watching things grow? Your plants looks beautiful and healthy!
All my Perenials are going crazy with all this rain and now sunshine. It's wonderful.

Elephant's Eye said...

My Lamb's Ears have finally given up. I cannot get them thru our hot dry summer.

How is it going with mentoring Prairie Godmothers? They seem to have been waiting in line with Blotanical's new blogs for a while? Feed problems there too?

Anonymous said...

Lona girl, we did it baby! We made it through the long, cold winter. Now I know the next few days are supposed to be cold, but the worst is over. We both have flowers blooming, so let the gardening season begin. Woohoo!

scottweberpdx said...

It's so good to see everyone's gardens sprouting! Love the Lambs' Ears...too cute!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl it is never selfish to appreciate LIFE in : ) No matter what is happening around the world that little spark of "joy" we feel when we see these things is a positive influence to the big picture !
Having said that I am going ot be selfish and say I am so jealous of your wonderful weather and your garden coming to life so beautifully ! Now I feel guilty ;-)
But oh .. it looks amazing and we are still stuck in winter land?? even if we don't have actual snow on the ground it is cold and gray out there baby ! haha
Loved seeing these pictures though: )
Joy still in the GWN !!

The Redneck Rosarian said...

I concur without reservation that the advent of Spring makes for a happy gardener!!!! I was surely glad to see it arrive. I now have 3 scentimental roses gowing in my garden. Just planted. Thanks for the inspiration......

Autumn Belle said...

Sping is so beautiful, yay, yay, yay!

Karen said...

Lona, there is hope, looking at your pictures proves that eventually, Spring will get here. I love all your new growth and the excitement is contagious, now all I have to do is get the snow blower out and clear away this pesky white stuff.

Jeannie B. said...

I really like your primroses and have enjoyed seeing your garden come to life again!

Darla said...

Looks like spring is taking hold quite nicely in your gardens...I wonder if your hyacinth bulbs need to be divided?

Heather at Dusty Bay said...

Oh what a sweet little Spring sign and vignette! Your buds and blooms are pretty much the same as what we have here - it's so exciting, eh?

Jean said...

It makes me smile with anticipation when I see spring bloomin'! It won't be here for at least a week. Another week of cold temps coming. Jean

Kate @ Gardening and Gardens said...

Everything looks so beautiful! I'm going to walk around my yard tomorrow saying "Grow Baby Grow!". I hope it works as well as it did for you

Asha Ram said...

Your garden seems like heaven, with such lovely blooms!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lona, I so envy your warm days. Your garden is coming along beautifully and I love your Easter wreath.

Jezibels ~ said...

Spring is still not here Lona! Im waiting patiently to put my trays of tender seedlings out into the cold frame....hopefully by Thursday!

Joe Todd said...

Spring says it all. Just love cleaning out the garden and getting the veggie seeds planted.

Andrea said...

So lovely photos! Even if we dont have those flowers and havent seen them, i still love them in photos.