Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh, Hail! (& Roses)


Heavy sigh*** Can you see my bottom lip sticking out?
I was so pumped last week over the warmer weather and all the growing going on in in the flowerbeds then…….


this nasty stuff came along bringing with it winter again.
Even snow  flurries are flying around here today just to remind us of Ohio’s fickle weather.
Kylee over at “Our Little Acre” says we gardeners are getting cranky. That is an understatement. I had been feeling  like someone just stuck  pins into my bouquet of balloons. LOL!


It is cold and dreary outdoors and the only green I am even
attempting to look at is the seedlings growing indoors.
The geraniums are growing up a storm and so are the petunias. The impatiens seeds I planted last week under the plastic lid are sprouting and look like they need a mowing.
Yes, I planted them that thick. I use so many of these shade loving flower cranker’s (Is that a word? LOL!) every year.
Other seedlings are just taking their own time about growing
but I am thankful they are growing.


But alas the only thing blooming indoors is the trusty violet.
You see I am really trying to think springtime thoughts by
putting out the chicks and bunnies. Its not working!

I was not so deflated that when the new rose bushes that I had ordered from Edmunds Roses came that I could not  perk right up and get excited . I donned myself in a heavy jacket and gloves and worked in the Rose Garden while the sun was trying to peek through Monday.
You see you cannot just dig a hole and stick roses into a
rose garden you have to move things.
My favorite pastime is moving  plants for those who
know me. I like to change things up like moving furniture around when you are tired of looking at it a certain way.
Good for a time or  season but not so good for plants getting established.

My rose garden is on a banking along the garage so I wanted to divide and move in some cascading perennials to go around them. So having gotten my hands dirty and frozen the new rose additions were planted the banking rearranged and I had my gardening fix for the week. LOL!.
So meet the new ladies in the rose garden….

 Rose_CrussAnAachen_Antique_Floribunda Rose_BurgundyIceberg
        Cruss An Aachen                          Burgundy Iceberg
       Antique Floribunda                          Floribunda

Rose_PinkFlamingo Rose_MelodyPerfume_Grandiflora
  Pink Flamingo Grandiflora            Melody Parfumee                  

Skys The Limit Roae 
Sky’s The Limit Climbing Rose

The pictures are not mine but courtesy of Edmunds Roses.
I am not affiliated with them but do recommend them for wonderful bare root roses at reasonable prices.

So having planted and vented I feel better now. LOL!
What are you doing to  cope with the fickleness of spring weather to get your garden fix?

Happy Gardening,



Sunray Gardening said...

Like you I am sick of this nasty stuff in Ohio. I am so hoping this is the end of it today. We got the little tiny ice snowballs also, but suppose to get hit with more snow tonight. Atleast I do have some things starting up.
Goldenray Yorkies

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Oh I hear you, it's raining today. And I so wanted to get shots of the cherry blossoms....

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Darla said...

Hail and snow flurries? geesh! Glad you got a gardening fix for the week though. We are getting some much needed rain right now. Why do you have plastic in your seed trays? Your seedlings look wonderful.

Stella said...

I know the feeling. I have a load of mulch sitting in my truck and the snow just melted off my daffys. That yellow climber is a must have. Love the size of the flowers and the color. Maybe sun next week?

FlowerLady said...

Oh Lona ~ I'm so sorry that you've just gotten a lambasting by hail and that snow flurries are coming down too. I'd be so disappointed if it was happening to me too.

Your roses are just beautiful. I've been thinking about moving things in a couple of garden areas too, but a crick in my hip area has put a stop to that project.

At least you have some sprouting goodies growing and awaiting the time to be planted in your lovely gardens.


Bonnie said...

Oh hail is right! Although we haven't had hail, it's colder than a witch's you know what! I bundled up Sunday to clean the darned road sand off my front garden. The poor daffys and tulips were struggling for air. Now snow is in the forecast. I read an old newspaper article about the summer that never was, back in the 1800's. We had a foot of snow in June that year. Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Cher: Girl it is a mixed bag of weather out there today. Nasty stuff! LOL!

Jen: I hope it clears out and you get your pictures before the blooms get knocked off.Good luck!

Darla: LOL! My trays are cracked girl so I stuck plastic bags in them to help prevent leaks all over my kitchen. LOL!

Stella: Oh, I hear you on the mulching. I need to do that yet to the rose bed if it gets warmed up.Hurry up and wait is bad on a gardener. LOL! Do you have the yellow climbing rose?

FLowerlady: If we could just get our bodies to do as our brain told them.LOL! Get better!

Bonnie: Girl do not even think that way! LOL! We went from cool to Sahara last year. I wounder if it will be a repeat this year?

Anonymous said...

We do not get hail very often, but it usually leaves a trail of dents and chips. It is bad when the flowers are in bloom. So sad to see. But snow too, double whammy.

Masha said...

Good luck with your roses, you made great choices. I am sorry about the hail - we got some too last week, which is unusual for us here in San Jose.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Love those roses! Fond of the antique ones!
You have quite the collection of seedlings!!!
I planted the seeds you sent me (the Nicotiana) inside and have evidence that the Columbine you sent are coming up! Thanks so much. <3

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Our weather is making me cranky too. We had several nice days last week after weeks of rain, but now it's back to rain, rain and more rain :( I just want to play outside.
I am such a plant mover too. I never just bring one home and plant it, there are usually several moves of other plants before I have the right spot. It does slow the plants down on getting established like you said. Glad you had a chance to get all your pretty new roses planted. I love that Burgundy Iceberg, I hope it grows as great at the white Iceberg does.

Aerie-el said...

You've been busy sowing! And what lovely roses you have. Hope you've warmed up after that chilly ground work you did! Brrr. Hope spring arrives in your area soon!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Beautiful new roses Lona! I have some coming this week and I hope the weather works with me in regard to getting them in the ground, as they are also bareroot.


Randy Emmitt said...


Even here in Durham, NC we got snow the other morning. I drove south about 30 minutes from here and meg said it was entirely white outside, I missed it.

A Garden of Threads said...

Beautiful rose garden. I am watching my violets bloom, and working at Dad's. Take care.

Barbara said...

Hi Lona, I also suffer from the urge to constantly move things around in my garden, especially roses for some reason. And they seem to always survive. You have a very impressive array of propagating trays that should comfort you through the fickleness of spring. Where I am it's already pretty reliably warm, so I'm getting plenty of fixes!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

GWGT: They are saying now we will have twp more weeks of this cold weather. Ugh! Then it will likely go straight to 90 degrees like last year. LOL!

Masha: Wow, Hail would be a rarity down your way. Thanks so much for dropping by.

Janet: I am so glad the seeds are working for you.I hope you will enjoy the new flowers.

Catherine: If only there was a way we all could just dial in the weather we wanted.LOL! A gardeners dream.

Arieel:I would take a warm up even rather than this freezing weather this late.It feels like winter instead of spring.

Eileen: I hope you have a sunny day to get your roses in too. I was glad to have gotten mine in when I did. It has been nasty ever since. Can't wait to see what new roses you got.

Randy: This is the strangest year. My cousin in Tennessee had had more snow than we have where I live. That is unheard of. She is not happy at all.LOL!

Jen: You have been busy then. Violets will have to do us for a while.

Barbara: Girl I am so jealous! LOL!

Patsy said...

We have had hail twice this week and cold but the flowers and flowering trees just keep on like they are well in to spring.
Your roses are going to be beautiful and I bet they will smell wonderful.

Carolyn ♥ said...

Cheer up Lona... the sun will come out soon!

NellJean said...

We had hail on Sunday. It destroyed and blew out some of the polycarb panels on my greenhouse. We've replaced the panels that protect the electrical and are ready to replace the panels with big holes from the hail when the sun shines again and the wind doesn't gust. Just a temporary setback.

Some neighbors lost trees or large limbs, some got dents in their vehicles. People about a mile away had the windows blown out of their mobile home. No lives lost, few plants, temporary power outage. Typical Spring weather.

Lori at Jarvis House said...

Dear Lona, take heart, Spring will come. Even here on Long Island, we are still getting forecasts for snow! I share your favorite pastime. Moving plants is what I love to do, especially shrubs. There is always something not in the right place, out of alignment or too big or small for its spot! I throw a handful of triple phosphate in each hole for the roots. It works miracles.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Patsy: So have we and it is getting ridiculous. LOL! Not as bad as some though.

Caryoln: I know it will but I am so ready to get a past this fickle winter stuff. March is going out like a lion I guess.
Lori: I know girl! This moving thing just never ends. LOL!

Nell: Good grief and here I am complaining about our hail. I am sorry to hear it did damage.

Lynn said...

Oh wow, the Burgundy Iceberg is gorgeous. I was afraid to move plants around when I first started gardening but now I'm constantly moving things around. Usually it's because plants have flourished and need to be divided.

The Redneck Rosarian said...

Wow! What an exciting week in the rose garden! I hear very good reports on the Gruss An Aauchen. It is rated 8.3 (very good to excellent) in the American Rose Society handbook for selecting roses. The others are great choices. Can't wait to see photos of the blooms!

Anonymous said...

I'm behind on everything this year with the chilly weather we are having. I did finally start my seedlings last weekend, and they are going great already. You reminded me that I ordered two climbing roses for my arbor, and they should arrive any minute! Hubby plans to work in the yard all day tommorrow, and of course I have to work. Booo! When am I going to plant my spring veggies?