Friday, April 1, 2011

Out Like A Lion


Daffodils_March 23 

March left us roaring out leaving behind cold and snow flurries all around. It could have took all of that with it on its way out instead of  leaving us with this April Fools Day joke.


The Daffodils have droopy blooms from the weather.


The birdfeeders are busy this morning. But I do notice that the Goldfinch are starting getting their bright yellow feathers again. Even the birds are getting ready for some warm weather.


Time for a refill.



You can tell I am desperate for blogging material when I start showing the birds. LOL!
But who can resist a sassy little Chickadee?


Happy April Fool’s Day,


Sunray Gardening said...

I haven't done a walkabout yet today to see what all is affected by the snow and freezes we've had the last couple days but didn't have much blooming but my winter Heather anyway. Love the bird photos though.
Goldenray Yorkies

Joe Todd said...

Snow yesterday and SUN today YEA..Have a great weekend

Gatsbys Gardens said...


Your bird photos are beautiful! We all know what snow does to our personalities in the spring. Happy next week!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey Lona girl ;-)
I was so desperate for blogging material I actually have pictures without my makeup and hair done ?
LOL .. meaning the bare bones of my garden .. Eileen called it brave, so it must really look worse than I thought ? hahaha .. and yes my Robinator has been the most photographed robin in North America ? I looked back at 2007 and saw we had a LOAD of snow on the 17th of April .. and that is no April Fool's joke girl .. I got the shivers seeing the picture ! I think I will put it up on the side bar so other gardeners can scream too ? hehehe
Hang in there .. it has to get better some time and soon we will be complaining about the heat !
Joy ;-)

Karen said...

Hello Lona, Happy April Fool's Day to you, too! I know just what you mean about this weather. What a deal. I'm glad your daffodils perked up a little from the snow. We have robins hopping around looking seriously distressed, I'm sure they wish they hadn't come back so soon. Let's hope April is more kind to us.

Becca's Dirt said...

It's that time of year when everything has a certain little sweetness to it and the birds are sweet. Hope you have a great weekend Lona.

Darla said...

Oh Lona, birds are a big part of gardening and you have shown them beautifully today.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona we just saw that bird with the orange beak and wings .. what is IT ????
Joy : )
Please tell me before my husband drives me NUTS !!!

sweetbay said...

Oh dear, sorry about the snow. Your daffodils look beautiful anyway. Their heavy ruffles stand up well to the weather.

Beautiful picture of the female Cardinal!

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Hi Lona: Mother Nature has been very kind to us here. It has been warmish in the backyard. I went out with my tea and wandered around a bit. Love your little birdies. V

Patsy said...

It is cold and rain here but by Sunday we are going back to 70's.
The azaleas must love the cold they are in bloom and beautiful.

Nezzy said...

The only thing I have bloomin' here in this frost holler is my Bradford Pear but hopefully it's the beginnin' of many bloomers to come.

Your pics are great...I seem to scare the birds into flight!

God bless and have a fantastic weekend sweetie!!!

Aerie-el said...

Sorry Ma Nature decided to extend winter a bit longer there. Fear not, spring is surely on its way!
I always enjoy ALL your photos, and you've got some impressive ones of the birds! Wonderful shots! said...

The weather,don't get me started. Snow yesterday...rain this morning, noon time snow, late afternoon bright and sunny. I feel bad for all the little shoots and buds not having a clue what to do. Your birds are wonderful. I love seeing them at the feeders.

Bernie said...

I for one, am happy to see all your terrific bird photos. They are all unusual to me ... and I do so love that tiny Chickadee. How gorgeous is that little cutie!

Even your Daffs look great to me ... they're something I would never see in a garden here, so it's been a real pleasure to see your snaps!

A Garden of Threads said...

Great shots of the birds Lona. We have had sun and cold until today. I could wear a spring jacket:) Have a great weekend.

Jenni said...

Hi Lona! I think your birds are cute! March is leaving us with a little wind storm / heavy rain showers here in the PNW. The wind chimes are signing up a storm tonight! Cheers, Jenni

Joe Todd said...

Lona both of the photos are from Clear Creek just this past week.See that sunshine today

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Spring is welcome whether is comes in like a lion or a lamb! Happy spring!

Jean said...

I love seeing all the spring photos. I know it will arrive here some day! Jean

Balisha said...

My little gold finches still have their winter coats on. Brrrr! Warmer today, but windy. Your header is so bright and springy. I just love coming here...Balisha

Grace Peterson said...

The weather really dictates the mood to us gardeners this time of year, doesn't it, Lona? I've been down in the dumps over our record rainfall for the month of March. Finally things are starting to shape up. I hope the same is in store for you. However, until then I love the bird photos, desperate or not. :)

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I love the photo of the female cardinal! I have trouble getting shots of them, because they fly off when they see me.