Friday, May 6, 2011

Fertilizer Friday Blooms

The sun shown yesterday! Yeah! LOL!
When the sun shines once a week you really need your sunglasses here now. It is just like sun on snow.LOL!

I am joining with Tootsie at “Tootsie Time” for Fertilizer Friday but I only have  a few blooms today.


Allium ‘ Purple Sensation”

The lilies and tall Phlox will hide the foliage of the alliums as they grow in. Is it natural for the alluim leaves to yellow as it blooms or are they just drowned from all the rain?

The ‘Jane’ magnolia has lost all her blooms now and has leafed out.


Polemonium ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Jacob’s Ladder
is not looking its best this spring.

The ‘Red Clock’ Pulsatilla, Pasque Flower is just about done blooming now.


The little, old fashioned Weigela Florida is starting to take off now.


The red and yellow primrose has a couple of blooms. I had two but one never made it back this spring.

BleedingHEart_PinkDicentra Dicentra pink Bleeding Hearts.

Plants that I had ordered arrived this week so I got them mudded in yesterday while the sun was out.

Spotted Lamium ‘Nancy White’ Dead Nettle

Pictures Courtesy of Great Garden Plants and Bluestone Perennials

Echinacea ‘Pow Wow Wild Berry’

Daylily “Going Bananas” is a repeater.

Flowering_Quince_Cydonia_Chawnomelesspesciosa_IwaiNishiki and a Flowering Quince  ‘Iwai Nishiki’

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Mama’s !
Happy Mother's Day Mom!



Darla said...

So glad the sun showed up for you...cute how you got your plants 'mudded' in yesterday. That going bananas is so pretty.

Kris said...

The sun shone here yesterday too! It should have been front page headlines, that's how rare an event it is lately. Hope you got to play outside all day. :-D

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

I really like your spotted lamium. Everything is coming!

Dirt Princess said...

Hmmm....maybe getting too much water? I think, but I'm no expert. Your coneflowers look great. They are full & robust! I love to cut them! Beautiful photos as always. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day. Give your mom a hug from the Princess ;-)

A Garden of Threads said...

Happy Mother's Day to you. Nice selections to add to the garden, the Echinacea 'Pow Wow Wild Berry' is my favorite.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too Lona. I like the variegated Jacob's Ladder...adds a little pizzazz.

Lona said...

Darla: I am a whole different person when the sun shines. LOL! I have been so grumpy. Well I do not have to water the new plants I guess. Raining again today ;( Happy Mother's Day!

Kris: I think I shouted it out across the ridges. Everyone was mowing grass at once. LOL! Thanks for dropping by.

GSS: I liked it because of the white blooms against the foliage. Brightens up my shade a little. Have a wonderful weekend!

DP: The poor things are so water logged April. Turkey hunting sounds fun but they are so hard to hit. Well for me anyway. LOL!

Jen: I love echinacea and I am hoping this one is as deep pink as it is claimed to be. Happy Mothers Day!

Janet: It could look better if its feet were a little drier. Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

scottweberpdx said...

Lovely post! My 'Purple Sensation' Allium are still weeks away from blooming...but my foliage is yellowing a bit too...maybe it's just normal!

The Sage Butterfly said...

Wow...beautiful blooms! The Pow Wow Wild Berry echinacea is stunning...the color is so rich and attractive.

HolleyGarden said...

What a sweet message to your mom! You blooms are looking good for only seeing sun once a week! I hope next week the sun shines for you at least two days! ;)

Msrobin said...

I knew that the one and only sunny day would hit on a work day. Darn it! I missed it! We keep wondering the same thing, is it going to get super dry this summer like it always does? Who knows! We actually got lucky and have three crabapples in our yard, free from city plantings. It's a gorgeous sight to see them all up and down the street. I'm getting tired of all the blessings pouring down too! LOL

Bernie said...

So many lovely blooms ... and sunshine ... how wonderful! I tried to grow Pulsatilla last year, but unfortunately it just didn't make it through our horrid wet season, so I'll just have to enjoy your photos.

My favourite is definitely that stunning little Spotted Lamium ... love the foliage and the flowers on that. Your 'Going Bananas' is certainly a bright ray of sunshine and I love the colour of the Quince.

Grace Peterson said...

Your Momma looks like a jewel. Great photos. I love what you said about the sun coming out once a week. That's how it is in my neck of the woods too. But the plants sure love it.

Karen said...

Lona, we had the same weather week I think. The only sunshine we had was five minutes before sunset, but I'll take what I can get. Today the sun was out here and there, but more clouds than sun, and out of nowhere, hail. Yes, hail. Pea-sized and no damage, but hail? C'mon. Sick of dropping snowflakes and raining on us, Mother Nature decides to fling ice next. Sheesh.

The Pow Wow Wild Berry looks so pretty. I bought 'Going Bananas' last year, it was in bloom almost all summer; I'm curious to see what it will do this year. Happy Mother's Day to your mom and to you!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Lona,

I do have that allium and there are no yellow leaves on it. Even if ithas yellow leaves the flowers look beautiful. I need to look for that Pow Wow series.


Heather at Dusty Bay said...

Your blooms look lovely - we are sooo behind here but looking forward to some colour!

Jess said...

I don't have but a few allium bulbs, but the leaves are definitely yellowing even as the darn flower is coming up. I think I'm moving mine to some area of more coverage for that exact reason!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Beautiful Allium Lona!! And once again I've enjoyed the preview of plants to come. Does your variegated wiegela regrow from the base? Mine doesn't overwinter terribly well.

Becca's Dirt said...

Happy Mothers Day Lona.

Patsy said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Asha Ram said...

Nice blooms! Happy Mother's Day :)

Hanni said...

Beautiful allium...mine are just some tiny little buds right now! Happy Mother's Day to you!

Kathleen said...

Your Mom looks so sweet. I hope you are having a good Mother's Day too Lona.
I agree, the sun makes all the difference. I sometimes feel like I have a split personality when it's winter versus summer!
Your garden is looking great. Hopefully you will dry out some now too!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Lona girl ! I thought I came over to wish you a happy mother's day but I must have THOUGHT I did instead of actually doing it ?
Another "duh?" moment in my life !
I am waiting for my Pow Wow Wildberry echinacea in the next mail order that hits my house ? eeekkkk ! LOL
Lovely bloomers girl !
Joy : )

Nezzy said...

Awwww, what a sweet picture of your beautiful Mom. I hope you both had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Your flower pictures are just so vividly beautiful. I'm finally gettin' some bloomers of my own to enjoy. Iris is in bloom and the peonies are just ready to burst forth. The roses have some buds....
oh am I ever ready for this!

God bless ya sweetie and have a beautiful week! :o)

catmint said...

thanks for the cheerful lol-ly mothers day post. cool plant photos.