Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Walk About In A Soggy Garden


Well after two inches of rain here in the hills overnight we are walking on water again in the yard. We have been having only one day of sunny weather for weeks now so the ground never gets dried up and remains saturated.
We lost electricity for a few hours so that may mean flooding again in the valley below. When the ground is so soggy it does not take much wind to topple trees that have no root depth.

I had to go out with the umbrella this morning and dig some little trenches in some of the beds to let the standing water run off.

I was able to get a walk around in the yard yesterday to see what was happening to the plants.

The Achillea plants are looking well despite the lack of sunshine and soggy roots.

The Astilbe plants are getting some buds but the plants themselves are not looking as good as in years past.

The Ligularia plants are growing well.
See they are making it Jim and Pat! LOL! Thanks!

Also the Ligularia seeds you gave me that I planted last Fall are now growing and the seedlings are thick so they will have to get a thinning and moved around. I should have enough plants from them to plant all over the Woodland bed and Shade Garden thanks to you.

Along the side bed Alliums are starting to bloom and  Phlox, Shasta daisies, Creeping Phlox and an assortment of lilies are growing, as the last of the daffodils are finishing their blooms.
Looks like one of black stray cats are scoping out the neighbors yard or maybe it just likes Dogwood blooms.

The Rose Garden is so soggy but growing. I hope all of this rain does not cause problems like mildew and blackspot for the roses later.

ShadeBed_May2 The Shade Garden between the house and the garage is filling in nicely with Astilbe, Pulmonaria, Heuchera, Polemonium, Tiarella, Wood ferns and Bleeding Hearts.
I also noticed that finally the Rhododendron bushes are finally fattening their buds.

The Creeping Phlox is still blooming along the far side of the garage banking. Also Stella and Pardon Me lilies are growing and the Crape Myrtle bush is starting to leaf out.
This whole banking use to be filled with Creeping Phlox but at the back end the Vinca minor or Periwinkle is starting to choke it out.

This angle of the bed makes me dizzy. LOL!
Along this section of the Woodland bed the Iris and Lilies are growing. I hope I can keep the deer at bay to see the lilies bloom. I spray them with deer repellant but with all of the rain it keeps washing off.

I did find one lone tulip blooming yesterday and it is a silly looking thing with its rolled up little petals.

Campanula_Waterfall_May2   The Campanula Blue Waterfalls is really starting to grow and spread out.


The Mammoth Hosta’s are starting to break through the leaf mulch in the Woodland garden.
I will have to watch for the slugs now. I found one slug on the top step of the back steps this morning. Maybe it is too wet even for them and they are heading for higher ground.  LOL!

So despite all my grumbling about the weather the garden is growing. Just maybe not as good as it would if it had some sunshine and warm temperatures. My problem is not being able to get out in the other beds for tilling and planting with all of this rain.  I have products that I am suppose to do trials on and it is going to be a late garden for using them.
Still in all there are others in the states that are facing far more problems and challenges so for me to complain is a little petty.

I hope all of you checked to see that your pictures were not being stolen.  There is not much we can do when all it takes is a Google search to bring up all of our pictures that are stored on Picaso, and without their watermarks, and then can be saved by anyone.


Until Next Time,



keewee said...

Lona, they have one of my pics too. Darn cheeky of them.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

So sorry to hear about the sogginess. I wonder how the Yarrow will fair? I have lots of that in my garden and she's such a waterwise beauty. I wonder what she thinks of this muddy mess? Here's hoping the sun shines on you very soon, Lona.

Gatsbys Gardens said...


Even with all the water, your garden looks fresh and lush. We have dried out a little but it is cool.


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Your gardens look gorgeous despite the weather. We've had the same weather, cold and rainy a dry day or two and then back to rain. It looks like your irises are about the same as mine, I'm wondering if mine will even get buds this year. What a yucky spring we've all been having. I'm hoping it means we'll have a great summer.

Patsy said...

Don't even say the word black spot.
My poor flowers will need a bunch of days of sun just to standup again. The peace rose was full of open blooms, this morning their heads were hanging low. By July we will be begging for some rain.LOL

Shirley said...

What a lovely walk! You are so far ahead of us here in Alberta!! Tulips here are just about 4 inches tall with signs of buds yet. No leaves on trees but they are budding and the grass is just beginning to green up. Good news though, the snow has finally all melted in my yard! YAY! That's Edmonton for you.

Darla said...

Your gardens are looking good...I would love to take some of the rain off your hands!

Karen said...

Lona, I can truly sympathize with you about the weather, same thing here. Your garden looks so much prettier than mine, though. We're just finally limping into Spring and it's not pretty at all. I still am having a hard time believing it's May already! Feels more like late March.

It's too bad about the pirated pictures. I hope there's a way to put a stop to this practice.

Lona said...

KeeWee: I think it is plan thievery. I hope you told them to remove it.

Kate: Sounds like we may get one day of sun and then back to rain.I feel sorry for our farmers.

Eileen: I would not mind the rain if it was a warm one. Feels like March.

Catherine: I have only saw one bud on all those irises. I am afraid they are not liking all these dreary days without sun.

Patsy: Blackspot is a terrible word isn't it.LOL!Most likely the weather will go from one extreme to the other.

Shirley: I guess you are cooler than us. Glad to hear the snow is gone though.

Darla: Girl I wish I could sent it all down your way for a spell.Kind of even everyone out.

Karen: My thoughts exactly, it does feel like March instead of May.

Kate said...

If the roses don't like the wetness, the astilbe and the ligularia definitely will. I love your bank of pretty phlox flowers!

Jeanne said...

Us too, but I am glad for the rain...my veggies needed it! Thank you for the "garden tour."

Carolyn ♥ said...

Love that sweet little chickadee!

HolleyGarden said...

I can't believe how good your garden looks with so much rain. Everything seems to know what to do and is starting to bloom anyway! I hope the rain stops for you soon, and starts for us!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona your gardens are BEAUTIFUL !!
I especially love the shade garden .. maybe because my shade garden is taking up more and more of the yard.
Yes I worry about black spot and powdery mildew etc .. but your plants look lush and lovely : )
I have a weakness for Waterfall Campanula .. they are so pretty.
We share so many of the same plants!
Fingers crossed we have sunshine SOON girl !!!!

Jim Groble said...

Soapy water on the hosta and ligularia help keep the slugs off. I am tickeled that the ligularia are doing well.

scottweberpdx said...

It's looking so good...love that Ligularia...such a lovely, lovely plant. It always seems we gardeners have either too much or not enough rain ;-)

Jeannie B. said...

I love the way a garden looks in the rain. And yours is so green!!

Dirt Princess said...

I do hope it dries up for you soon...but not too dry! A little rain is good. Your garden is just so beautiful. The creeping phlox is gorgeous. Just love it there!!