Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Photographs From Lilyfest Pt. 2


The heat is on but we got some rain yesterday afternoon to cool it off a little. I am not complaining though because as I have mentioned to others, “I am still mad at winter”. LOL!

I wanted to share a few more pictures from Lilyfest this past  Saturday.

LF_Orienpet Orienpet








This Lily really caught my eye with its two-toned petals.

LF_0009 Orienpet






I think I will get one more posting on the flowers at Lilyfest.
I always get inspired when I attend and the result is usually adding more lilies to the Woodland Bed. LOL!

It seems I always come home with a Toadstool or a Mushroom to add to my garden from the Garden Shows and this year was no exception. I brought home this pretty little Mushroom made by Mary Skaggs at Four Wind Pottery from Canal Winchester.  It will look nice in the Fairy Garden.


Happy Gardening,

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Sunray Gardens said...

Some gorgeous flowers but that Orienpet caught my eye too. Gorgeous!
Cher Sunray Gardens

The Sage Butterfly said...

I also like the two-toned lily...spectacular! I still have lillies blooming in the garden, but the photos of these beautiful lillies inspires me to add more....maybe some later bloomers...

Darla said...

Such beautiful lilies you got to see and what an adorable toadstool!

Karen said...

The lilies are wonderful, Lona! I still have a whole mess of daylilies to dig out of the garden we're closing up and every time one of them blooms I think, ok, I guess you're too pretty to toss on the compost heap. At this rate, I'll be lucky to have the project done by next fall.

I'm still mad at winter too, it still feels like June to me instead of July, like I was cheated out of a whole month.

That toadstool is the cutest thing, what a sweet addition to the garden!

Julia@PolkaDotGaloshes said...

STUNNING!!! The oriental is my fave, really beautiful. I am really enjoying your posts on these, I just cant get enough =)

Dirt Princess said...

Beautiful photos as always! I love the mushroom...she does good work

Jim Groble said...

Great looking lilies.Pat and I are heading to Scioto Gardens in Deleware this weekend. All those sweet peet areas in the back yard need plants. jim

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Love that purple and white lily....very different and quite striking.

Grace said...

Beautiful lilies. I love the toadstool too. Such fun!

Anonymous said...

Lona, very pretty. I love to rich dark colors of some of these.

Anonymous said...

My lily show is on the down swing, so anytime lilies are featured, it is time for a fest. Just love these plants. Your images of them are wonderful, everyone magazine worthy. I do have some Orientals and Orienpets coming, but not so many.

Heather said...

Lovely lilies! Great photos too, they really show the beautiful colours!

greggo said...

I suppose you can label them all? lol

Lona said...

Cher: I have a couple and just love them. I cannot believe how tall they have grown from a year ago.

SageButterfly: I have been drooling over the new catalogs already. LOL!

Darla: I think I have enough Toadstools now. I will have to start bringing home something else. LOL!

Karen: I wish I could help you dig and move them. I couldn't stand to toss them on the compost heap.

Julia: The gardens were marvelous!

April: I could not resist bring one home. Making up my mind on which one to buy was the hardest part.LOL!

Jim: Well of dourse after making all those beds nice and pretty you just have to have some new plants too. LOL! Good luck on the trip.

Janet: I like the purple and white too. Do not see many purples.

Grace: I liked the little Bluebird on the Toadstool.

Chris: There were so many pretty ones that I was glad we did not have to pick a favorite one.

GWGT: My Asiatics and Orientals are all about gone too. I think I need more Daylily's around the borders of the other lilies.

Heather: I was in Lily Heaven. LOL!

Greg: Not me fella. LOL! I do wish they had some name plates on the different ones. Especially the ones I really liked.

Balisha said...

Your lily posts always inspire me to go and get more lilies. It's better than going to a nursery...seeing your up close pictures..help me a lot.. Help me spend more money :)

Aerie-el said...

Wow, those lilies are stunning! I've slowly been adding them into my gardens, but the best ones seem to be eaten before they bloom. So instead I grow plenty of Lupines--LOL!
The toadstool is so sweet!

Cathy and Steve said...

Lona, these are simply stunning! Even prettier than the first ones you posted. Now I'M thinking of adding more! See what you started LOL!

Rose said...

Lovely lilies! The purple and white one is really unusual. The fairies will enjoy the bright mushroom you bought for them.

A Garden of Threads said...

Beautiful, all of them. Mine are just starting to bloom, I will need to get out and try to capture their beauty.

Masha said...

Beautiful. The detailing on your photos is really extraordinary, I like the first two especially. Thank you for this wonderful tour.

Beyond My Garden said...

I want to go to that next year. I hope that I found out about it before it happens rather than after. I guess it is just a few miles out of our news' coverage. I'm really sorry to have missed the trip. You have some lovely photos of it.