Friday, July 15, 2011

This Week in the Garden


This has been a beautiful week here to work in the garden beds. The humidity went down for a couple of days and the temperatures were at 82 degrees F. and with  a nice breeze which made it pleasant to work outdoors.
Also I never saw one snake. LOL!


The ‘Bill Warriner’ roses are having another flush of blooms.I am fighting the Japanese Beetles to keep the blooms intact.


Where the Rose of Sharon bushes are blooming I am not winning the battle against them. They love the blooms.


Okay maybe one bloom without the beetles chewing on it. (So far)


This is the last of the achillea to bloom for the summer. I cut down many of the old dried blooms of the rest of the yarrow while cleaning up some of the beds.


My ‘Stargazer’ lily is the last one to bloom this summer.
After seeing all of those beauties from the Lilyfest I want to add some more later blooming lilies to the Woodland bed.


The Burgundy astrantia is in bloom now at the end of the Rose Garden. I love its silver-burgundy blooms.


The  ‘Flamingo’ grandiflora rose  is finally getting a few blooms. It was new to the Rose Garden and took a while longer than the other roses to get growing well enough to produce some blooms. It looked very healthy and was putting on a lot of branches and leaves but I was beginning to wonder if it was going to bloom or not.

The ‘Picasso’ Calla lily has only one disappointing bloom but the leaves are beautiful.


The little ‘Pow Wow Wild Berry’ that was planted in the new bed is starting to unfold its blooms.

Some of the ‘Forget Me Not’s’ grown from seed are blooming. I have to admit that they did not do well where I  planted the seeds. I have a lot of trouble growing plants from seeds grown directly into the soil here. That is one of the reasons I start a lot of my plants indoors.

The Sunpatiens finally decided to bloom for me. I think the bugs like it better than I do. LOL!


‘Wirral Pride’ chrysanthemum with Monarda ‘Petite Wonder’ in the background.


Sweet Alyssum with Red Skin Dahlia plants growing from seed in a container. I love the fragrance of alyssum so I sow seeds in several of the container planting’s.


The ‘Adonis’ pink phlox is blooming. I have had to spray fungicide on it all season because of powdery mildew. Some of it has died despite my efforts. Maybe it is time to get rid of this phlox altogether. I have had it for years but the last two years of fighting the powdery mildew on it has been disappointing. It has not helped with such a wet and now humid spring and summer.


I was afraid the weather would cause problems for my roses and it has because  my ‘Iceberg’ rose developed   blackspot. Last year it was my favorite rose and was continuously in bloom .


Some of the hydrangeas are blooming in the garden now too.
So there are some new things blooming while others are finishing up their blooms. As I was cleaning out some of the flowers that were done blooming in the beds this week I was taking notice of where some plants were needed which will bloom later on in the season so that there were no gapping holes in the beds. I also need to work on some border plantings. So maybe this weekend I will set on that bench and draw up some plans and make some notes for next year in the garden.

Today is Fertilizer Friday with our girl Glenda over at
Tootsie Time” so join us in Flaunting Your Flowers!

Happy Gardening and Have a Wonderful Weekend!




The Sage Butterfly said...

Your blooms are stunning. I like the way you captured their beauty at different angles and in various lights. I enjoyed looking at them very much! said...

Pretty good week, Lona. Both in blooms and in no snakes!

Sunray Gardens said...

Everything looks lovely. I have some Hydrangea really budding up here. Can't wait for the full blooms.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Great looking rose Lona. I have Pow Wow and am not totally impressed yet, although I may have surrounded it with too much foliage. My achillia was blooming this time last year and it is still all foliage no sign of a bloom.


Patsi said...

Can't believe how much you have blooming. Looking great !
Love the Rose of Sharon. My Yarrow is just starting to flower,have lots of plants can't wait.

Shirley said...

You planned well to have something blooming as others are finishing. I really need to add more for summer bloom.

FlowerLady said...

Wow Lona nice cool temps and beautiful, wonderful blooms. I'm glad your gardens are giving you joy.

Your photography is fantastic.

Happy Summer Gardening ~ FlowerLady

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Gorgeous blooms everywhere. The Rose of Sharon always put John Steinbeck in mind for me and his wonderful & heartbreaking book The Grapes of Wrath. Thanks for your comment on my wildlife pond on the Bliss blog, you made me laugh.

VW said...

So glad you've been snakeless lately! Like you, I'm in love with my astrantia plants. I'm planning to post on them soon. How nice to have hydrangeas going - mine are always so late to bloom that some of them never even get started before frost (not the best plants for our area, obviously).

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Your garden is looking so pretty! Lilies, Rose of Sharon and Phlox haven't started blooming here yet. My Astrania finally started blooming here, it's such a pretty flower! My 'Iceberg' isn't looking too great this year, blackspot and much smaller than normal. I guess it doesn't like our weather much either this year.

sweetbay said...

Those astrantia blooms look so magical.

Balisha said...

I was just out, before the heat really starts,and gave everything a drink. I am dripping, however, so I came in to view your post. Lovely as usual. A nice cool walk around your pretty garden and a big glass of ice water,,,ahhh. Keep cool today. Balisha

Grace said...

Hi Lona, I too am glad to hear the snakes have gone missing lately. Let's hope this keeps up. :) I'm glad that your grandiflora rose finally bloomed for you. It's a stunner. Gosh I hope you can keep growing Phlox. It's such a gorgeous flower but the mildew really is a scourge. Your last photo of the hydrangea is magical.

greggo said...

Lona,didn't see the hollyhock and the outhouse! lol

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl how are you ! I am very late making my rounds .. hey I have Pow Wow Wildberry echinacea too and they are so cute! I love your roses girl .. and I have come to some hard and fast changes that will be happening in my garden next Spring .. sadly the serviceberry is too susceptible to 'rust' and other problems .. I should have known better than to put back a fruiting tree in the garden .. our neighborhood is riddled with those types of bacteria .. so I want to put up and archway and have some beautiful climbing roses .. I have been looking at Iceberg and New Dawn .. I will research as much as possible so I stop making boo boo's! haha
Gorgeous pictures girl ! Did you find your pruners ???
Joy ;-)

Kathleen said...

'Bill Warriner' is a gorgeous rose Lona. I'm glad the weather is cooperating for you. It's pretty hot and steamy here which is unusual. Your lily fest photos are simply outstanding and your garden looks grand too. I've never had luck with callas. After they bloom they die (not sure if that is normal or not??) Hope you're having a good weekend?!

.............................. said...

Hi Lona, I am glad you have had a respite from the heat and humidity. Your roses are looking beautiful. Every time I see a picture of a Rose of Sharon I so want one! I think my favourite is the white one with the burgundy accents.

redneckrosarian said...

Lona, Your Bill Warnier roses are so pretty. Glad to hear you all have had a respite from the heat. It's boiling hot here in Alabama..... Great post!

Tootsie said...

it is all just breathtaking!
thanks for linking in this week. I am always in awe of all the different flowers everyone flaunts. It is a pleasure to tour and see all the gorgeous blooms...and I always enjoy stopping by here! I hope you will link in again soon!
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.