Friday, September 30, 2011

Dangerous or Smooth Fall Planting Time


A few bulbs had arrived in the mail this week and I had purchased a few on sale at Manard’s so yesterday was bulb planting day. With the threat of more rain and a few days of very cool weather that is threatening frost and freeze warnings already it prompted me into getting out the shovel and get them into the ground.


At this time of the year when it is time to plant bulbs and Fall flowers the ground is usually dry and hard as a brick. I love the seeing new flowers in Spring but dreaded trying to get them planted because of the hard clay soil. I almost burned up my drill last Fall trying to get the auger to drill into the hard ground.
Not very good ground for planting and for bulbs around here in the hills. It is the stuff they use to use to fill the cracks between the logs on houses. I am talking adobe and not the program. Since I am not rich and cannot amend all of the soil  I deal with it the best I can and hope the flowers will find a way to survive as well.
After all of the rain we have had this year it was so nice to just take the shovel and to be able to dig into the rain softened soil.
For once bulb planting was not an all out battle with a drill and auger bearing all of my weight behind them, smoke filling the air and the smell of a burning motor from the drill. And I have a lot of weight to throw behind them. I did not even have the aggravation of the auger catching on that one root that happens to be just where I wanted to plant that bulb. You know that one. Yes we all have them. That root that throws off that perfect pattern you had in mind for Spring blooms. I did not even go around muttering to myself. Well, to tell the truth I do that anyway and hope that no one catches me at it.  I did not have to use the  mattock or one stick of dynamite. Okay now I am exaggerating  at tad but dynamite has entered my mind on some occasions. Here in the hills it should be included in all gardening kits for Fall planting time.
No, it was a good day to plant bulbs.

Allium_MixGiants Allium_PersianBlue 
Some of the bulbs that were gently put into the ground were:
Hot Pants, Apeldoorm and Carrousel tulips.
Also a mix of Purple Sensation, aflatunense and nigrum Alliums. And some Persian Blue Alliums were planted in the new corner bed. Got to have blue ones in your garden!
I planted a mixture of new Crocus blubs. It has been years since I have had Crocus blooms in the Spring.
Do not tell the squirrels I planted bulbs of Hyacinth’s named  “Gipsy Queen” and “Minos” which were planted to replace some of the Hyacinths that have started to get smaller and smaller blooms each year.
They have not dug up the new irises lately so maybe these bulbs will escape. This year  planting them without the smoking drill and except for the occasional comment out loud to self all went quietly.
Just maybe the squirrels did not see me at it also. I heard no squawking in the woods from the pesky varmints.
I also planted some English Bluebells in the shade garden.
More blue! They will be a welcome addition next Spring.
And the last bulbs were of the new “Centhannes” Daffodils.

Not all that was planted yesterday were bulbs but a few new plants were also added.
To the corner bed  I added two new Double Scoop Raspberry Echinacea's.
Also some Blue Boy and Blue Ice tall phlox were planted.
Some new lilies have also been added to the garden beds.
I also moved a few plants around yesterday so it was a busy day in the garden.  More moving of plants you say. I know not new news when it comes to my garden. I need a sign to put into the garden that says “Lona drop that shovel”.
The vertigo has disappeared much faster this time around by the way so I never fell over on my head or that other end once.
So it is a good day spent in the gardening doing what you like most when you do not get grass stains on your derriere. 

This is one of the new lilies I added to the Woodland bed in August.
The “Dizzy” daylily (not Lona)  I received from American Meadows grew fast and is starting to bloom.

Lily_Dizzy They well be completely open now. I love having a new lily in bloom now and I also saw in the Woodland bed that one of the reblooming Irises “Blue Swede Shoes” is about to bloom. I will share the pictures when it blooms.

Moonvine_Bloom The Moonvine bloom is ready to open (yah!) and I have my eye on it. Maybe tonight?
There are a few new plants that are still coming in the mail to be planted but all of the bulbs are in the ground for this Fall.
Putting in new bulbs and planning for next Spring makes me happy and gives me something to look forward to after the long winters.
Are you planting new bulbs this Fall? Any new plans being made and plants going into the ground ?
Gardeners are a hopeful lot and live season to season.

Happy Gardening Everyone,



Gardening in a Sandbox said...

From all the beautiful plants that you post you would never know your soil is that hard. I too have some bulbs to plant but in sand it should be easy. I just have to get the momentum to do it. V

Anonymous said...

I just made a comment on another blog about the wonderful feeling of anticipation that planting bulbs for spring flowers gives me. It's a tad bit early here, but have some hyacinths on the counter and some daffs due to arrive any day now! Glad you didn't have to use dynamite this year, LOL!

Patsy said...

You are one happy gardener and put most of us to shame. Love your header for fall.

HolleyGarden said...

You got that right - we are a hopeful lot! And yes, I am going to plant bulbs this fall. My order has not been delivered yet. How nice that you had soft soil to work in this year, and that you were not feeling too dizzy. Love your daylily bloom! Isn't it wonderful to be able to look forward to something new in the spring?

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Lona, I know about the auger and the eshausting work to get some bulbs into the ground, only to see the squirrels following.

I have not begun my planting yet, lots to do.


Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Lona,
I'm glad you're getting over the dizziness. I forgot to mention that I had what they called benign positional vertigo for I can't remember how long. Whenever I bent over, I got very dizzy. I was given exercises to do, which involved bending over, and I just couldn't do them. I didn't know it would get better on its own, but I'm thankful it did.

What a good feeling to have those bulbs planted. I had to laugh at your drill references. I had planned to put bulbs in along the front of my new front yard bed, but found some early spring blooming natives that I decided to put in instead. I have some daffs and such in other areas that are still doing fine. I need to get my garlic in in the veggie garden.

Grace said...

I'm glad your soil has been easier to dig. Ours is still hardpan. If I do plant anything it won't be until after a good down pour which apparently is supposed to happen this weekend. We shall see... Beautiful photos, Lona. So much talent!!

Sunray Gardens said...

They're going to be lovely Lona. I said I was going to get some Allium this year but after cutting everything back I'm glad I didn't. The back just can't take anymore perennials. I'm making myself stick with NO new perennials at all, only shrubs, so I will have to come here and enjoy yours next year.
Cher Sunray Gardens
Goldenray Yorkies

Zoey said...

You have planted such a variety of new flowers for next year. I know it will so much fun for you next spring waiting to see the new blooms. I cannot even imagine gardening in such hard soil! I give you tons of credit for doing all that work to plant one bulb!

I have not planted a single bulb this year. I am not planning to so I will just have to watch all my blog friends gardens next spring.

The Double Scoop Rasberry Echinacea is very nice. Also loving the alliums. I planted that same combination a few years ago. For me alliums don't spread. In fact they die out after a couple of years. I really need to plant more of those.

Rose said...

I love planting bulbs in the fall! Well, actually, I love planning and the thought of the spring display they'll give, but the actual work of planting them not so much:) You've reminded me to get busy soon, because there's no rain in the forecast here, and by the end of the week I might need dynamite, too. Lovely daylilies!

Balisha said...

Oh, Lona...I only wish that I were there to help you ;) Did you notice that wink? At least I could help you up off the ground. Your spring garden will just pop with blooms next year. Did I already tell you that I love your new fall header??

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I can just see you muttering and smoke filling the air...LOL.

Way to go, perseverance is a good thing. And just imagine how beautiful those bulbs will be when the spring comes around.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Lona said...

Valerie: I need a jump start every once in a while too. LOL!

Darla: It is still too hot in your area yet I suppose. It is fun to plan for them too.

Patsy: That is about as Fall as I will get. LOL!

HolleyGarden: By Springtime I am desperate for color so I want to add something new every Fall. LOL!

Eileen: I could not pass up a lovely day in the garden after being dizzy for days.

Sue: I have had tinnitus for over thirty years so they think it is a build up of crystals around the inner ear that gets displaced and then gives me the vertigo. I feel for you girl it is no fun at all.The natives sounds like a good idea. I love all of them in your garden.

Grace: Yes, wait for the rain girl it makes the job easier.

Cher: I wish I had more room for shrubs. There are so many flowering ones.

Zoey: They do not spread here and die out also. Cement like soil does not help. LOL!

Rose: Girl I hope you do not need dynamite to plant your bulbs. LOL! Wait for lots of rain.

Balisha: Thanks. We could hold onto each other while one planted just in case one of us tipped over. LOL!

Jen: Them babies better grow by leaps and bounds. LOL!

pogonip said...

Mine arrived today, Lona. It's gorgeous and all the better since I get to share Jeri's art with you! Friends are the best <3

bakingbarb said...

I tried to dig up some plants today and our soil is still quite hard even though we've had a bit of rain. Good to hear yours was easier on you this year.
Muttering ah so all gardeners do this!
The moonvine is such a tease! Such a pretty bud though I hope you were able to see it flower.

Belladonna said...

Funny the things that can trigger a whole cascade of memories...I used to shop at Menards back when I lived in Michigan...haven't seen one since moving west. I used to really like that store!

Indie said...

I am having fun shopping for bulbs now - we have a few more weeks before I have to plant them. I have to wait until after a rain or water my garden as well to dig in our clay. Your lilies are beautiful!

I hope those pesky squirrels are all off gathering nuts and will not notice your plantings. Such nuisances!

I'm glad your vertigo left quickly!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl you have made me LAUGH so hard this morning .. the auger and possibility of dynomite !!
And those rotten tree rats (one in particular for me, teases the hell out of me he does ;-(
I have bulbs to plant too and the sun is supposed to come out tomorrow so I am marking it on the calendar to keep up with you girl!
I love all of your picks and I am so jealous you are in bloom heaven with the Moonflower vine .. after years of failure I quit trying for that one .. but I will appreciate your pictures : )
I'm happy for you that you didn't need to "blast" that ground out girl .. phew ! I would have heard it here ? !! LOL
Joy : )

Lona said...

Alistair: Thanks so much for the comments and the URL problem. I will check into it.

Roxie: Aren't we the luckiest winner!!!!

Belladonna: I know what you mean.When I travel south I ask where is the nearest Kroger store and there are none there. LOL!

Indie: It is so much fun to plan for Spring blooms. Cannot wait to see what you planted.

Joy: Girl my neighbors are glad that I did not need dynamite too. LOL!

Barb: Wait for more rain. It almost feels like cheating. LOL!