Monday, October 3, 2011

Is It Monday Already?


What a cold, dreary and wet weekend we had here. It is much too early for those temperatures from 30 to 40 degrees to settle in. Us older folks get downright chilled in those temperatures. LOL!  Definitely no work was done in the garden except picking up a few limbs that had fallen from the wind but the weekend flew by anyway.

Since it is still raining yet this morning there were no new pictures taken today.
I took a few pictures of what was still blooming in the garden last week before the rains arrived and the variegated Sedum is starting to bloom. The blooms will get a deeper pink as the blooms mature. I am afraid sedums do not grow well here in my garden and this one flops over onto the ground.

The Impatiens in the toppled pot looked pretty in coolers of pastels. They did not look too well yesterday after the cold temperatures over the weekend. I will have to start saving some seeds from them now for next Spring planting.

The Japanese Anemones are still blooming this is Queen Charlotte.

Margarette anemone with the double blooms.

Party Dress is also a double of lighter pink.

Prince Henry Anemone. As you may have guessed I favor the double blooming varieties.

Lantana_Yellow_Sept29 The Lantana’s are on their last few sporadic blooms now and will be cut back and put into the basement to over winter this week if the rain stops. The end of the week is suppose to be beautiful again so I will do some last of the trimming, moving and planting.

Lantana_DallasRed_Sept29 Dallas Red Lantana

One of the last of the petunias “Burgundy Star” had a few blooms but the white stars in the petals have disappeared in the blooms.

Salvia_RoseQueen Rose Queen Salvia is having another round of blooms.

The Asteraceae, Heliopsis or False Sunflower  that were grown from seed had one single bloom last week but I will take what I can get from it and look for more blooms next year. I do believe it was suppose to be a variegated variety but this one must not have read the directions. LOL!


The chrysanthemums are opening up now in the  garden and some of the roses are still budding and blooming but the garden here is looking so bare in spots.

Hydrangea_Fall Blue Parfait hydrangea blooms have gotten their fall colors.
I only had three hydrangea bushes that bloomed this summer from the ten that are in the garden. So it was a bad year for the hydrangeas here in the hills.
The leaves are starting to turn now on the trees and with all of the rain we have had the colors should be beautiful if we can get some sun.
Everyone have a wonderful week and
Happy Gardening,


Becca's Dirt said...

Pretty blooms still in the garden Lona. Love your anemone's. That seems a little early or is it? We have had an early cool down here on the gulf coast. The past few days morning temps in the upper forties where I live and daytime around 78. Very nice. I love this time of year. I spent a little time digging out some fall things.

Liz said...

Hi Lona,

Lovely blooms; I love your Anemones, mine haven't done well here and so I'm rather disappointed!

We've been having crazy hot temperatures over the past few days here - almost 30C which is very unusual for September/October.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

It's amazing how many plants decided to show their blooms before the cold weather comes. Love Japanese anemone! Just ordered white anemone on-line. Lona, do you have any seeds of your pink ones? I'd love to have some!

elaine rickett said...

Glad to see your garden is still doing its thing - despite the weather.

The Sage Butterfly said...

Lovely images for this time of year when some of the bloomers are giving their last blast!

Patsy said...

You have had just to much rain but the flowers still look good. My roses are loving this cool weather but we need rain.

Bernie said...

Gorgeous Anemones and so is Rose Queen. It seems the Heliopsis just wasn't in the mood for showing variegation and the Hydrangeas didn't enjoy the summer. Still, they both look great. I hope that sun comes out for you soon. Love the Autumn inspired header collage. I can never get enough of Autumn colours, as we don't see them here.

myomyohi said...

You have so much more blooming than I do. My wheelbarrow of petunias and verbena are still going, and my zinnias, but not much else. It's looking so dreary here. Summer is waning fast.

Anonymous said...

If you like double Japanese anemones, do you have 'Whirlwind'. It is double white and has an absolutely majestic habit.

greggo said...

nice post and photos. a late summer bonanza. Cool is cool.

Gatsbys Gardens said...


We actually had a wonderful weekend as far as weather and supposedly a whole week of good weather.

Last week was rain every day, must be what you are getting.


Pearl@serenitycove said...

Wasn't that a miserable weekend!!
It had to have been the worst weather we ever had for the Swiss Festival here in Sugarcreek. At least it looks like it should start improving tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty blooms and photos, Lona. We are having the same weather, it is nippy and wet here. I started pulling and cutting back. I threw in the trowel on this year.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl your blog is looking totally wonderful with this Autumn theme : ) Love it !!
You have lots blooming still .. I understand about the weather .. ours has been gloomy too .. but after today it is supposed to be sunny and a wee bit warmer (I don't mind the cool weather as long as it isn't so windy) I will have to wait until then for garden chores but I think I will love it .. that last connection with my garden before winter swallows it up ? LOL
That shot with the spider on the fower is fantastic ! .. it wasn't the best for all of my hydrangea either .. but mostly the new ones.
Fingers crossed for next year girl : )

Annelie said...

Oh no! Really? That cold???
Brrr... and rain... That sounds awful.
Your Japanese Anemone is so beautiful,
and your header is to die for.

Have a great day and hope the cold temps stay away for a little bit longer.


Lona said...

Becca: Way to early for my notion. Nasty cool wet weather. LOL!

Liz: The year of extremes everywhere. I which it would even out for everyone.

Tatyana: I will get right on finding you some seeds!

Elaine: Nice weather coming in the rest of the week so the garden and the gardener will be happy. LOL!

SageButterfly:The flowers like the cooler weather but not the wet feet. Hopefully they will get dried up this week.

Patsy: The roses do love this cool spell but the poor things are so covered with black spot.

Bernie: I wish I could send you some fall leaves.I would miss the colors too.

MyOhio: I have written this year off too.

Carolyn: Thanks for the name of the Whirlwind. I have a single white but no double!

Greg: I am sending all of the rest of the cool weather to you. LOL!

Eileen: I am glad you had a good weekend. This week looks promising. Fingers crossed.

Pearl: Oh, dear I bet it was a lousy weekend for the Swiss Fest. That is too bad. I love Fall Festivals.

Joy: Since my hydrangeas did so bad this year I am hoping they will bloom their little heads off next summer.

Annelie: I hope it stays away until January at least. LOL! Wishful and unrealistic on my part I know.

GWGT: I have about thrown in the trowel too girl.A few plants yet to plant and then I am over the whole thing. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Wow Lona ~ you have some gorgeous Anemones. I love all the pinks and actually didn't realize there were so many varieties. The first one is spectacular. Looks like I might have to head to the greenhouse again and see if there's any left! At one time I had one double pink anemone but I think the white ones crowded it out. It's not there this year.
Hope you get some sunnier weather to be outdoors. I'm not ready for those chilly temps either!

bakingbarb said...

You have quite a bit still flowering. I imagine you have similar weather to MI where we spent 19 years, while it was hot the gardening was beautiful!
I love the heliopsis and do hope you get more flowers next summer. I love all your pictures, the lantana is especially beautiful, is it difficult to winter over?

Priscilla said...

I love your Japanese anemones and your hydrangeas are lovely. Wow it's cold there where you are. It's getting cooler here in Idaho, pretty soon we're dropping down to the 30's. Have a terrific week!

Anonymous said...

Hasn't the weather been awful? I've about had it! Marco Island was such a treat, and hard for me to leave. I actually choked up a little when I left. I'll be dreaming of it over the long cold winter ahead.

Anonymous said...

Nope. It's Wednesday, :) Beautiful photos, sip some hot chocolate or coffee...

Nezzy said...

What beautiful bloomers ya have! Heeehehehe!!! Great pictures Hon.

My gardens are fadin' fast between the drought, frost and a really tough year. My mums are shinnin' though.

God bless ya sweetie and enjoy that beautiful garden of yours!!! :o)

.............................. said...

Hi Lona, I hope the weather has improved. Last year I read a tip on one of the blogs that suggested pinching back sedums in June, so they wouldn't flop down to the ground when they flower. I tried it on one plant and got two smaller flowers heads where there would otherwise have been one large, heavy one. Turns out it was a great tip! I plan to pinch back all my tall sedums next year.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Great assortment of fall blooms Lona! I am very fond of Queen Charlotte, I will have to see if it grows in my zone. :)

Autumn Belle said...

You have lovely blooms for my favourite season. It is rainy season here too and the rain has damaged quite a number of my plants.

Anonymous said...

We also had that dreary, rainy weekend. I feel your pain. you still have lots of nice blooms. Oh, I just love the new fall look of your blog, very pretty.

Lona said...

Kathleen: I have really fell in love with Japanese Anemones for some late season color in the shady areas. There are quite a few out there now. Love the doubles.

Barb: Not hard at all. I just trim them back and stick them in the basement over winter. They go dormant. When it warms up I bring them out into the sun again and they take right off.

Priscilla: We are having warm weather now and it is beautiful!

Robin: What in the world are we going to get into this winter? LOL!

Hundreds of ideas: LOL I know I am really late now because it is Friday already. LOL!

Nezzy: Take care sweetie! Hugs.

Jennifer: Thanks so much for that tip on the Sedums. I will try it next year.

Rebecca: They are pretty hardy Rebecca.

AutumnBelle: This has been the year of extremes here. Now we are all wondering what winter will bring.