Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Tried Them And…..


Every year I like to try out some new plants that are offered. Some I can grown from seeds and in most cases were plants that were bought throughout the Summer.

Impatiens_DoubleRed This double blooming red Rosebud Impatiens I bought is a lovely little plant. Now I am hoping to over winter it in the house. This usually ends in failure as far as keeping impatiens. So I tried this one and liked it very much.

Snapdragon_White Snapdragons Antirrhinum  just do not do well here in my hard clay but I tried them again because the seeds were from a friend.
This white blooming one is my favorite but the plants are sad.
I tried them and I am not going ever try them again.


Asarina antirrhiniflora Vining Snapdragons. I had never tried these seeds before and although they have great masses of  foliage for hanging planters the blooms were sporadic. So I tried them and will not waste space for them again.

Petunie2_Pinstripe_May26 “Pinstripe” Petunias is another new plant I tried this year. I loved the velvety black and pink blooms but have to admit it was not a wave or avalanche petunia when it came to spreading and blooming. I tried it and now I am over it.

Astrantia  Masterwort was a new plant to the garden this year. Well this one I love and I am glad I tried them.

Crinodonna_Lily Crinodonna Lilies Amacrinum bulbs were planted new in containers this year and I tried them and I but was not overly impressed.

Crysanthemum_WirralPride_July16 The new “Whirral Pride Daisy” chrysanthemum I tried and loved but I am hoping its stems get larger and  does better next year.

Phlox_FlowerPower  I love all phlox but this new “Flower Power” phlox I tried  has just been moved to the Woodland bed because I hated its weak stems and flopping plants that laid on the ground. A very weak phlox.

On the other hand I tried this new “Orange Perfection” phlox and just love it. And it was powdery mildew free.

PowWow_WildBerry_Echinacea Loving all Echinacea's, Pow Wow Wild Berry was tried this summer and I was not impressed with this one.

But the other new Echinacea that was tried was “Raspberry Truffle” . This one I love and it is even now putting one new growth and blooms.

Two more plants that I tried out this summer were Lobelia “Monet’s Moment” Cardinal Flower and I love this new addition….

and the other was “Raspberry Wine” Monarda Bee balm.
This one I also loved.

Summer Gloxinia’s grown from seed were tried for the first time and they are just okay.

I tried Gaura “Passionate Rainbow” Indian Feather and I am still waiting on it to bloom so the rating is on hold. Nice foliage though.

I also tried Swan River daisies from seed and though the blooms were small I liked some of the great colors such as this blue one.

Clematis_purpurea_plena_elegans_Sunlight The Clematis “Advant Garde” I tried turned out to be a “Purpurea plena elegans”.  So I dislike this clematis. LOL!

BillWarriner_Roses Finally I tried this “Bill Warriner” rose this summer in the Rose Garden and fell in love with it. It has bloomed all summer long and the blooms hold their petals for a long time.

Is there a plant or seed that you tried new this summer that you could do without, hated , put up with or loved?
Happy Gardening,

Backwoods_Festival_2009 Backwoods_Festival5_2009

The Backwoods Festival is being held this weekend in Thornville, Ohio and my daughter and I are going to attend Friday. I am looking forward to one of the largest Arts and  Crafts show held in Ohio.


Sunday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Adults: 8.00
Children: FREE
10 and under
Adults : 8.00
10 and over



The Garden Bell said...

I may not comment every time, as I try to keep up with everybody. But, know I don't miss a flower here. Your pictures are amazing. I can't believe with the weather we have had here this summer, that you still are getting such beautiful blooms.

Becca's Dirt said...

Wish I could come up and go with you - it sounds like a fun weekend. It's getting that time of year for lots of festivals. So glad that you shared what you bought and what you liked and disliked. Snapdragons usually do very well here and in my gardens. This year not so good. Dianthus is the best bloomer I have. I love repeat bloomers. I failed to plan well this year so I am getting geared up for next spring now. Have fun this weekend.

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

I have only a few lights in the basement for over wintering plants. I have had mixed success. Sometimes I think it is not worth it. One of these days I might get a greenhouse and then I could do it properly. V

Indie said...

Beautiful flowers! I tried the Pow Wow white Echinacea this year and was not impressed at all either. It did look like something had taken a few nibbles from it, so that probably didn't help.

Your Monet Moment lobelia is stunning - that was another new thing I tried this year that I managed to kill.

Those little blue daisies are so cute! I might have to find some of those next year!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lona, you have some fabulous plants here. I love the Echinacea's
I have a huge collection of flower seed I must go through. Enjoy the Craft and Art Show.

elaine rickett said...

You win some - you lose some Lona, the pictures are still really pretty even if they didn't perform well.

Patsy said...

Have fun at the festival and your flowers blog never disappoints.

Stella said...

Gardening here was a bust this year with our 100 heat for weeks. Love the color of the rose. so glad to you stop by. stella

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

This was a great post! I have Raspberry Wine and love it too. All of your flowers are pretty whether you loved them or not.
New this year that I tried Agastache 'Raspberry Summer' loved it, Rose 'Harlow Carr' loved.

Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Lona, You tried some lovely plants this year! I do hope you are successful in your efforts to overwinter the Rosebud Impatiens - adorable. The snapdragons I tried this year did not do well. P.x

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Great assessment of your newbies Lona. I also had Pinstripe Petunia, in addition to Phantom...neither were very hardy for my hot hot hot SC summer. On the other hand, bought some pink snapdragons on the discount rack in the spring (from Lowes). Finally around July they petered out, too hot. BUT...it reseeded next to the container it was in. Those are not just pink, some yellow, some salmon, some pink...are all doing quite well, in full sun in August and September in SC.
I plan on profiling a portulaca that I fell in love with in a post later this week. Fairy Tale series, Cinderella. (and I am not really a Disney fan).
Your first bloom looked so much like a rose, not an impatien...beautiful!
Love that little blue daisy. Will have to think about trying it.
I did want to tell you about the seeds you shared--- the Nicotiana were not thriving at all...and finally some voles got to them. The Clematis...the pink Nora Barlow is doing well, will bloom next year, the blue ....came up spotty. Could be the various places I planted them, but wanted to have a patch of all pink or all blue. oh well. thanks so much for sharing your seeds.

Kylee said...

You tried some great things, Lona! I agree with your assessment of most of them. I MUST grow some of those blue daisies! SERIOUSLY. Where did you get the seed? I just LOVE those! You're right, that's not 'Avant Garde'. I've got it and it's two-toned. I like the one you have though, too!

Dirt Princess said...

Those are some excellent choices. The impatiens is my fave. It looks like a rose! It paid to venture out and try something new

Grace said...

Gosh, Lona. I'm so behind on blog reading. So sorry. The jury is still out on what I loved and hated this year. I didn't try very many new things though. 'Passionate Rainbow' Gaura and 'Money Moment' Lobelia don't overwinter for me. If they do for you, I'll be a wee bit jealous. 'Bill' rose is beautiful and I love the blue 'Swan River' Daisy. That very first photo of the rosebud impatiens I swear I thought was an actual rose. GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

I saw pinstripes for the first time this year. It is a really unusual color.

Masha said...

Wow, you tried a lot of plants! I am glad some of them worked for you, sometimes it is so hard to find something new that does well in the garden. Bill Warriner is a great rose.

Karen said...

Lona, my ability to overwinter plants never ends well. I don't know why I can grow stuff outside but inside is a horror story? I actually feel sorry for my houseplants, they have a tough life. In fact, I'm going to water them before I go to bed tonight, lol.

I was looking at some of my coleus and actually rooted a bunch of them (outside in a vase) and now it's time to pot them up and bring 'em in and I'm delaying the move because I know what will probably happen. Not much.

I planted some Angelonia from seed this year and wasn't all that impressed with it, but maybe I was supposed to deadhead? The seed cost was pretty steep for the flowers I got and they only grew to about six inches tall. That's one off my list for next year. I'm writing down the rose you like, it's a beaut!

Anonymous said...

The swan river daisy is very nice. great color.. Bill Warnier rose is a winner in every garden i've seen. Great post.

Heather said...

Beautiful blooms and I appreciate your honest opinions, thanks. I may just jot down a few you've got here and try them out myself!

sunny said...

Beautiful flowers!Lovely post..!!
bpo in kanpur

Darla said...

I have that rose impatien and love it. I haven't decided what new plants that I tried this year I like or dislike, I have a feeling the dislike list is going to be a bit long!

The Sage Butterfly said...

I experiment as well and find my favorites. I am struck by the color of your Swan River daisies. That blue is so striking and lovely.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

I think that Raspberry truffle and Swan River daisies are just wonderful!
I like, Lona how you do such a sorting:to go or not to go! I need to that with my own plants.

Aerie-el said...

Fantastic post, Lona! It's so interesting to read about your hits and misses. I tried "Pinstripe" Petunias and am also over them. The castor bean plant is a show-stopper in the garden, and haven't met a Eryngium I didn't like.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Good luck with those echinacea hybrids. For me and others I know, they either don't come back, or take years to get going. One guy i know kept them from flowering the first year finally, and they settle din much better as a result.

Bluebell Woods said...

Just a thought, if you like snapdragons and they dont like the soil you can grow them in a pot and sit it among your regular plants. That way it gets the soil it likes and you can have the plants you enjoy, You can also bury the pot most of the way in the ground and even better if you can get a clay pot

Anonymous said...

I love your line "I tried it and now I am over it." I love petunias, and I tried the pink and green Practically Picasso (or something along that line. Very floriferous, but didn't last past mid-August--I'm over it.

Asha Ram said...

The Pinstripe Petunias are stunning. Thanks for introducing some exotic flowers to us.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your thoughts about your new additions Lona. I have to try 'Raspberry Wine' Monarda ~ I've seen it several places around the web and it always looks gorgeous. I also purchased the same Gaura this year (because of the foliage ~ like you said ~ it's pretty) but mine has been blooming for several months. I have it planted in part shade ~ wonder if that matters??
Love the bicolored petunias of any variation and wish I could keep 'Monet's Moment' Lobelia around. I've tried overwintering it twice with no success. I hope you have better luck, the pink color is so fabulous. Your orange phlox is beautiful too. I would say you had a great year in the garden on just these blooms alone!!

sweetbay said...

The Astrantia and blue Swan River Daisies are so lovely. Great photos too.

pristine said...

Interesting blog. It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you by Revathi

Lona said...

Pristine: My life is an open book. You should talk and thank me for the free advertising.

Kylee said...

That's great, Lona! LOL!