Sunday, September 11, 2011

Morning Stroll in the Garden

First of all I would like to thank you all so much for your condolences, kind comments and prayers for the family during this time of loss in the family.
It means more than you will ever know and I appreciate all of you caring bloggers.

The sun finally showed itself again so I needed to get out and walk in the garden to get grounded again.
A couple of surprises showed up. One was a fresh  couple of new blooms from the  cut back Oretels Rose achillea. I was glad to see the bright pink blooms to start off the morning stroll.

I went walking down around the perimeter of the yard and spotted some fuzzy white blooms in many locations in this spot at the edge of the yard and woods.

Wild_WhiteSnakeroot2 Well I was excited when I saw it was a whole stand of bunches of Wild White Snakeroot. They were so pretty shining in the sunlight. Hey, I will  accept them and enjoy them. Maybe I will even move a few into the Woodland bed.

Pennsylvania_Smartweed I was not as happy to see a whole section of Pennsylvania Smartweed completely  chocking out the lower woods. A few bright spots of Blue Gentian blooms were in the middle of them. I had planted two Gooseneck Loosestrife plants in this section to  take over this part of the wet woods thinking that if it invaded here that would be a pretty sight. I could hardly find the Loosestrife plants so now I am wondering which invasive is going to win this battle. LOL!
Well it be the Smartweed, Gentian or the Loosestrife?

A spot of red also caught my eye and I thought now what is that? So I had to go and investigate this out, although I was dress only in sandals not thinking that I would be climbing over logs and through greenbriers  when I started out to look at the garden. I was thrashing through the woods thinking it will probably be an old leaf or something when I finally get to it. LOL! So I was please when I got close enough to see it was bright red berries from what I think is a Jack in the Pulpit plant. It definitely will get moved to the Woodland bed where the other Jack in the Pulpits grow now.

Also along the woods where I dump bush pruning's and limbs, a Rose of Sharon has grown from the seeds of dumped branches. It is blooming away there while the ones in the yard are done now. It looks pretty there and must like it too since it is growing so well so now I am going to clean up the mess around it to give it room. I will have to find another spot to toss the branches that do not go into the compost pile. LOL!

Back into the garden the Edinburgh Dahlia is still blooming.
And being munched on.

LB2_Hibiscus_Sept  The Lord Baltimore hibiscus is still blooming with its lacy eaten leaves. Poor thing.

Autumn_Clematis The Autumn clematis is opening up prettily now.

The Caryopteris Blue Mist shrub “First Choice” blooms are looking lovely but its leaves are yellowing at the bottom. Does anyone else who has this shrub have the same problem with the leaves? Maybe it is just our wet year here.


Queen Charlotte anemone is at her prettiest now.It is full of blooms and buds.


And I even have an old purple Aster blooming in the side bed.I pulled about all of it out because this one flops and lays on the ground. Not much luck here with asters. Does anyone know of any with sturdy stems?
Well  as I am writing this posting it is thundering in the north. Oh dear, some more rain is moving in that I wish I could send to Texas, Arizona or Kansas. Anywhere but in our section of Ohio. LOL!
Everyone have a wonderful week and thank you again.

Happy Gardening,



God Bless the USA and all of our Heroes!


Debby said...

Sorry for your loss. I think sometimes life is just too hard for some to cope......still not a good option.

HolleyGarden said...

So glad it quit raining so you could go outside and enjoy the garden. For me, gardens are so relaxing and therapeutic. And it looks like your garden was welcoming you with open arms! So many blooms. That cheery hibiscus is my favorite.

Sunray Gardens said...

Atleast things are still blooming, that's a plus right now. I heard the thunder too but so far all we got was maybe 50 sprinkles, but it's early yet even though the thunder has stopped. Sorry about your BIL. I apparently missed that post. I get so busy sometimes that I don't get to the blog. Take care.
Cher Sunray Gardens
Goldenray Yorkies

TheGardeningBlog said...

I'm glad your garden gives you pleasure and helps to focus you. Your photos are lovely. I LOVE the Queen Charlotte anemone. I have it too though mine won't bloom for a good few months yet. Sending you good thoughts and wishes :)

Patsy said...

I have put seeds, cuttings and anything that could root across our ditch hoping something will take hold and bloom. Thanks for the walk around.

The Sage Butterfly said...

It is amazing how the garden shines even when there is pain or loss. I hope your lovely garden will comfort your heart.

Landbohaven said...

Gode billeder.
Hvor har du mange smukke blomster.

scottweberpdx said...

So sorry for your's never easy :-(

Your garden, though, looks lovely...that Anemone is simply charming :-)

debsgarden said...

I enjoyed your morning stroll. You have some lovely flowers blooming in September. Sometimes I plant invasives together and let them battle it out, and the winner is not always the one I expected!

Dirt Princess said...

Sorry for your loss. I haven't been around much.

The white snakeroot looks a lot like wild ageratum, only it's purple. My grandparents had some and I thought it would be a good idea to grow it...only it took over!!! I saw a lot of it growing wild on the river the other day.

LOOOOOVE that amazing dahlia

Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Lona, There is nothing like a garden to promote the healing process, and yours is just lovely! Just read again the poem you chose under "Leave your comment" -- it is perfect.

I have lots of that amazing snake root in my woodland garden. We have to be careful it doesn't spread to the pastures, as it is very toxic to grazing animals unfortunately. P. x

sweetbay said...

Your late summer flowers are gorgeous. I love your aster. Such a lovely shade of lavender.

Darla said...

Oh, oh that Dahlia and Hibiscus, ohh la la!! I had to start a new blog due to an idiot grandfather lurking around..apparently I don't have your correct email address blog

Anonymous said...

Snakeroot, huh? Now I know what that wildflower was that I saw on my last park walk. The flowers looked a lot like Joe Pye weed, but the plant didn't. I planted a dahlia very much like that, but it hasn't bloomed yet. But mine has the silly name of Fuzzy Wuzzy. Yours is much classier.