Monday, September 5, 2011

Japanese Anemones in the Garden


I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend.
We were in a heat wave here for a few days. September started out with highs in the 90’s and we had 97 degrees for two days straight. This is unusual for Ohio in September but has become no big surprise and on the par with how this whole year has been going so far. Full of extremes.
Now today after a little rain yesterday the high will is 61 degrees. So we will all feel like we’re freezing now. LOL!
Side note:
The daughter and I took a lantern walk with a group of people led by our Park Naturalist Pat Quakenbush( yes, his real name) up the trail and into Ash Cave Park Friday evening. It was awesome and so interesting to see Ash Cave in the dark.


Especially since it is prohibited to be in the parks after dark. With the only light coming from lanterns and the moon and stars up above it was enchanting. A whole set of different animals come out at night like Owls and Bats. Oh my! LOL! We were quite safe.
So if you are ever staying here in the Hocking Hills or live close to it take advantage of the Naturalist’s many programs that they offer.
At Christmas time they have a walk and carolers singing in the cave. The cave is open in the front and makes a great amphitheater for music. They trim a tree with ornaments made from seeds and other goodies for the animals.


Back to gardening:
I started tearing up one of the flower beds last week but had to stop when it got too hot to move the poor plants around and for the gardener.
This coming week looks ideal for finishing it up with highs in the 60’s and 70’s predicted.

Now is the time for the Japanese Anemones to start blooming and several of mine are full of buds.
I planted ”Queen Charlotte” pictured here in 2006 to try  to hide the ugly gas meter beside the house . It  is full of buds and after all these years is taking over this section of the bed. What you cannot see from the picture that it has spread all along this section along the house and is over taking the Alpen Glow hydrangea beside it and other plantings.
This is the bed I have been tearing up.  I just cannot get this bed along the house to suit me so it keeps getting tweaked.
I have had to pull out so many runners from this anemone this summer. Some pulled plants were moved to the Woodland bed where they can go crazy if they want to.

“Prince Henry” anemone is also starting to bloom.
{Hypnotic suggestion} Pay no attention to the powdery mildew on the phlox behind him. LOL!

Anemone_Margarette4 Anemone “Margarette” is my favorite anemone in the garden. I love it planted in front of the “Chocolate” Eupatorium rugosum Snakeroot with its dark leaves.
The Eupatorium has buds and soon will be blooming with its tiny white blooms.

I have two other anemones in my shade garden:
pink blooming “Party Dress” and white blooming “Honorine Jobert” that have buds but not in bloom as yet.

I love anemones for late summer and early fall blooms in the garden when other flowers have waned.
I started a new anemone from seed this spring called “Rose Beauty” which will bloom next year in the garden.
Anemones do tend to multiply so plant them where they have plenty of room for spreading by runner roots or be prepared to pull them up after a few years.
Japanese anemones can be found for gardens in zones 2 through 8. Grow in full sun to part shade, their blooms reach up on stems for a plant height of  2 1/2 to 3 1/2 feet tall.
Although Queen Charlotte is now as tall as I am, a whole 5 feet. LOL!
They love moist, well drained soil so that is why they love this area in the yard.

Do you have Japanese Anemones in your garden for late summer color ?

Happy Gardening,

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FlowerLady said...

Your anemones are sweet. I wish we could grow them this far south, but can't.

That cave walk sounds really nice, and would be wonderful to experience at Christmas.

Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

Debby said...

Such beautiful pictures. I love the idea of the night hike.

elaine rickett said...

I have a Japanese Anemone in my front garden which doesn't do very well, it hasn't spread at all since I planted it. Your comment about them liking moist soil may be the reason. I may well have to move it as the bed it is in is very dry and compacted. Thanks.

Balisha said...

I planted them a couple of years ago, but they didn't take. Then I put a few in last year and they are growing and have some buds on them. I just ordered 3 more plants that will arrive on Sept 12th.I would love to have them on the side of the house. They are my favorite flower. I didn't know that the plants got so big..Balisha

The Sage Butterfly said...

I think it is so interesting and fun that you have the opportunity to take part in these cave walks. It is such a great idea. Your anemones are the color.

Sissy said...

I am new here, and have learned alot! My anemone do not stand up like yours, I have them in too much shade, I think! Yours are gorgeous, I will have to move mine, or just wait till they take over the lawn, too!!

Randy Emmitt said...


Last fall I planted several of these anemones from root pieces I mail ordered from Holland. They are growing slowly, doubt we'll get any blooms this year. Yes there is a drought here I have watered them ofen, still kind of small. Were yours this way also?

Sunray Gardens said...

The Anemone is quite pretty. The falls photo is really lovely.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Gatsbys Gardens said...


I had them in my last garden, so much room there, so little here. They were always a welcome sight in late summer.


Lori at Jarvis House said...

I do not have any anemones, but I will have to try them at the Jarvis Garden, because yours are so lovely. The photographs inspire all of us to plant what you seem to be sucessful with. Cheers Lori

debsgarden said...

I wish I had anemones in my garden! I planted sevceral once, but they soon perished. I obviously put them in the wrong place. I would love to have them spreading in my woodland!

The lantern light in the cave must have been magical. I can imagine what a great experience it would be to visit at Christmas time.

Lona said...

FlowerLady: I enjoyed the walk so much. Yes it would be too hot for the anemones in your area.

Debby: It was enchanting. I am waiting now for the Christmas walk.

Elaine: Mine did not spread for the first couple of years and now it is going crazy. LOL!

Balisha: Mine is an old girl now so she is growing up and out like me. LOL!

SageButterfly: I enjoyed the walk and the history lesson he gave during it.

Sissy: Thanks for dropping by! They do like at least part sun.

Randy: It will take a while for them to get settled in good. Keep them watered through the drought like you have been. Hopefully it will end really soon.

Cher: Thanks girl!

Eileen: I know how it is when the space is limited.

Lori: Yes you will have to try them. They are so welcome this time of the year.

Deb: They would do well in your woodland garden if it is not too dry there. I am planning to go for the Christmas walk, fingers crossed.

Jeri Landers said...

WOW, what are the acoustics like when caroling in a cave?!! Must me some kind of angelic wonderful. I love to go caroling, but I think it is a bit of a drive from here.
As always, your green thumb is evident all round. I wish you could come down here and teach me how to be a real gardener!

A Garden of Threads said...

I did have anemones until they took over the garden. Yours are lovely and I will enjoy them from afar.

Anonymous said...

Lots for me to learn here today! I've never been to Ash Cave, and I don't grow anemones! I've seen a lot of your Hocking Hills, but somehow I missed Ash Cave. My morning glories are blooming here and there, but I'm waiting for a profusion! I'm not at all happy with this cooldown, let me tell you. Let's start a protest. Bring back summer, bring back summer!

Andrea said...

Hi Lona, is that a small waterfalls on the first photo? I am challenged to get its low shutter shots, i hope it is a bit nearer, LOL. Your anemonies are so beautifully colored!

Lona said...

Jen: I am finding that out here with Queen Charlotte spreading like crazy.

Jeri: I have not gone before but it must be wonderful. They even have a symphony come in sometimes. Without the piano of course. LOL!

Robin: I am not liking this cool weather either. I hate to see summer disappear.

Andrea: Yes, there is a waterfall there. In the winter it freezes into this amazing column of ice.

Joe Todd said...

Great post as always.. The night hike must have been really neat. Hope you are having a great week

Bogusia said...

Jakżeż bardzo zauroczyły mnie zdjęcia...... wykonane są po mistrzowsku ,krajobraz i kwiaty pokazane wspaniałe!!!!!

bakingbarb said...

Amazing scenery you have available to you and to be able to see it at night, stunning I am sure. I've only one Japanese Anemones and happy to see yours, beautiful.