Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Everything Is a Little Droopy


Light rains have been falling here in southeastern Ohio for a couple of days.With highs in the low 60’s it certainly feels like Fall. Good thing my computer is on a satellite dish because the phone lines have been down for the third day. Which is ridiculous!
A walk in the garden this morning finds most of the blooms of the flowers sagging and drooping under the weight of the rain drops that are settled upon them.

Columbine_Leaves_Rain The leaves of the columbines sparkle and shimmer with rain drops.

Cleome_Rain The spidery blooms from the Cleome blooms are holding onto tiny water drops.

DaividPhlox_Rain The second round of blooms of David White Phlox are soggy but sparkling.

Hibiscus_Rain2 The Hibiscus blooms are just closing up.

Cosmos_Rain The Cosmos blooms look transparent and….

Cosmos_Spider Even spooky. Okay maybe it is just the spider hanging in what appears as mid air.

Dahlia_Rain The Red Skin Dahlias are taking it all in stride with their sturdy little stems.

So are the Toad lilies that are starting to bloom down the stems.

Burgundy_Iceberg_Rains But the roses like Burgundy Iceberg are really drooping from the rain soaked petals.

EasyDoesIt_Rain Easy Does It Roses is bent down low.

GrussanAachen_Rain3 And so is Gruss an Aachen antique rose blooms.


So you see it is a droopy morning here in the Hocking Hills of Ohio.

Happy Rain Gardening,



T Opdycke said...

It's the same here, Lona. Wet, chilly, and breezey. I can't complain though, it's much better than 90 degrees and dripping humidity.

Gorgeous raindrop-drenched flower photos.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

A rain garden, it's so breathtakingly beautiful. I am not sure if you like the rain or not, but those shots...sigh.

We are experiencing hot temps, and a extended summer here, and no one is complaining....yet. LOL.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

elaine rickett said...

Oh dear - your garden does not look like a happy place at the moment, but the blooms still look beautiful with the raindrops.

Sunray Gardens said...

Same here Lona. No rain when we need it and now it swamps us when everything is already toasted. Even with rain yours look lovely.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Asha Ram said...

Fantastic photos! I loved the roses - look at the colors!

Patsi said...

Everything sure is sparkling.
Nice captures of the rain drops on your pretty flowers. No toad lilies here yet,hope the show up.

Adrienne in Ohio said...

I really like the photos with the raindrops on the flowers!

As for Mesa Verde, there are some you can tour on your own when a ranger is present, others require a guided tour, but altogether there are five or six sites that you can explore. (If I remember correctly.)I want to go back too and see some of the ones we missed. The park is so large that the brochure recommends planning three days to see it all.

Liz said...

Hi Lona,

Oh dear, more rain!

It's been rather grim here too over the past few days and I'm getting quite fed up with it now; especially as I am waiting to be able to power clean the decking and walls and then seal/paint them.

Patsy said...

Rain or shine your garden post are perfect.
We have cooler weather and my flowers are sure to perk-up.

FlowerLady said...

Even when drooping, there is loveliness to behold.

Wonderful photos Lona.

Your cooler temps sound really nice to me.

It's miserable down here today in s.e. FL. It is 89 but with the humidity the real feel is 97. No outdoor work for me today, except for hanging up the laundry and taking it down.

Enjoy the rest of your week.


Deborah Jean at Dandelion House said...

Hi Lona!
Your flower photos are glorious!
Such a pretty garden and blog you have!
thanks so much for visiting me and for your note too!
Happy fall gardening,
Dandelion Woman!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Your blooms are even prettier in the rain. I agree about the spider adding an element of spook, they really are good at it!

Bernie said...

Your blooms look lovely splashed by raindrops, although I do feel sorry for the poor Roses. Of course, as we're in our dry season here, we haven't seen rain for months now. It's delightful to see your rainy day photos.

HolleyGarden said...

Rain does make blooms a bit droopy, but I love pictures of the droplets on the petals. Sorry about your phone lines. There must be a spot that's getting the cable wet.

shirl said...

Hello again Lona, I always think the garden looks quite ‘romantic’ after rain. Your rain droplet photos are just beautiful. So hard to pick a fav but I think the white phlox took the prize this time :-)

However, the droopy mood the roses give is special too. Very nice. BTW I love your last post on the Japanese Anemones too… I’m a fan there also :-D

greggo said...

nice crisp photos.

Anonymous said...

Flowers wet and drooping here with the rain and cooler temps, but plants are growing after the long dry spell. Yours look refreshed too! Pretty dressed in rain drops.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Your photos really show off the refreshing raindrops...beautiful.

Stephanie said...

Wonderful flowers and great shots! Sometimes I will shake those water off the flowers. Just to help the flower stalk to stand straight faster. I hope today no more rain and have a great day!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Your flowers look fantastic! Mine are burning to a crisp! Fall hit us with temps at 110 for the yesterday and today. Horrible.
My flower beds are overgrown with weeds...and it's too hot to try and attack them.
Rain. I am praying for some rain.
We had a few splashed on Monday..thunder and then it was over.
I'm ashamed to even show my flower beds!

Balisha said...

"Rain drops on roses...these are a few of my favorite things" as the song goes. You pictures are so pretty. I was feeling a little droopy myself this morning :)

pogonip said...

I'm sure your flowers appreciate the change away from the heat. Still love those toad lilies!

Thanks for the prayers sent our way--it was lovely to sleep soundly and without worry last night :)

bakingbarb said...

So much beauty in your garden, the rain is amazing and so needed in so many parts. Beautiful photos, thank you.

Gatsbys Gardens said...


Even in the rain your blooms look lovely. We have been cool but very little rain. I have started a garden clean up just to see what I have. Each year I can't believe the amount of yard waste from such a small garden.