Monday, October 10, 2011

Echinacea Sombrero Sandy Yellow


It was a beautiful weekend here in the hills and in Ohio in general.
My daughter and I attended the Sauerkraut Festival at Waynesville and it was packed out. We had a wonderful day looking at all of the crafts and antiques as we went with the flow of the crowds lining the streets. We went to lunch at a local Cracker Barrel there. Since there are not any close by where we live we took advantage of the one there and had a tasty meal. On the way home we stopped at the Caesar Creek Flea Market and browsed around.
Then we made a few stops in the nearby town. Needless to say we were both dragging by the time we got home. We loved every minute of it. LOL!

While at the Franklin Park Conservatory last week they had a new Echinacea growing in their test gardens.
“Sombrero Sandy Yellow” was a lovely color of a golden yellow with some peach highlights to the petals.

FPC_Echinacea_Sombrero_Sandy_Yellow2 It was growing well in their gardens and was even getting new buds and blooms.
From the Sombrero series it has sturdy and compact foliage with a high bud count. The sturdy compact plant has proven hardiness for years of enjoyment in the garden.


It is hardy in zones  4–9 and grows to a height of 18–24 inches. It is drought tolerant and easy to grow. It would be a wonderful addition to add to the garden for the pollinators.
Some nurseries carry the Sombrero series of coneflowers but I have not saw it in any of the local ones in my area.
I will be watching for this one to add to the other Echinacea’s that are planted in my flower beds.

I had to go to the Conservatory to catch a picture of the Common Buckeye butterfly. The butterflies and bees were swarming to this yellow plant. This plant had the sweetest fragrance and you could smell it on the breezes and as you walked nearer to it. It was not an Goldenrod (or any that I know of) but both my daughter and I would love to know what it was.

I looked all over for a sign on the several that were growing in the gardens but none was found. I could not decide whether it was a shrub or just a large plant either. I tried to search for it online but could find nothing that resembled it that bloomed in the Fall.


In this picture you can see the little yellow flowers that grew along the stems. Does anyone know what it could be? I would appreciate your knowledge.
Thank you Barbee! It is a Slender Fragrant Goldenrod.I just never ran across one that smelled so divine. Now to find the plants or seeds. LOL!
Happy Gardening,



Becca's Dirt said...

Lona it looks like goldenrod to me. We have it everywhere growing wild. In fact I didn't know there were so many different species of the goldenrod. Maybe someone else knows better than me. Sounds like you two had a great time.

elaine rickett said...

I love that pale Echinacea you don't normally see that colour makes a nice change.

Barbee' said...

Lona, look at this photo: is this it do you think?

Lona said...

Becca:You are probably right I just had never saw a fragrant one before.

Elaine: I really liked the color of the blooms on this one.

Barbee: That's It!Thank you so much! I did not know there was such a fragrant Goldnerod. Now I am off to find the plants online. LOL!

Zoey said...

I really like the Sombrero coneflower. They are coming out with such interesting colors.

I bought Papaya (orange/red color) in June. I loved that color, too. I think Sombrero would be great as a combination planting. said...

The plant is a goldenrod, and I would be surprised if it wasn't Solidago rugosa 'Fireworks'. This is a goldenrod with a very beautiful fireworks. I love all the orange coneflowers but I can't seem to get them to grow and haven't met a gardener who has been successful with them. Maybe it's our mid-Atlantic climate.

Gatsbys Gardens said...


Check out my post on Finding Fall With Friends in September. I think it is the same Goldenrod I saw at the Morton Arboretum.


Patsi said...

WOW great capture of the Buckeye !
Nice to see different echinaceas.

HolleyGarden said...

Oh, I'm going to have to look up that goldenrod now! Your description of it, and it's name, make it irresistible! Pretty coneflower, and great pic of the butterfly.

Dirt Princess said...

Lona I can pull up some goldenrod and ship to you! Like Becca said, it grows wild here everywhere!

I LOOOOVE Sauerkraut (sp?). Thats the only way I will eat a hot dog is with sk!

I also LOOOOOVE Cracker Barrell! I just like to go there to shop! The food isn't so bad either ;-)

Sunray Gardens said...

Yes it looked Goldenrod to me also and they have new varieties. Bet it was a wonderful time and the festival. That new Echinacea is lovely, catchy center.
Cher Sunray Gardens said...

Pretty yellows, Loni. The coneflower is a little odd color, but still pretty. The Sauerkraut festival must be a fun event. When I lived in PA, I used to attend one. Lots of beer too, but I do not drink beer ever.

Lona said...

Zoey: It would look lovely with Hot Papaya. I have Hot Papaya and just love it.

Carolyn: I saw the Fireworks Goldenrod when I was looking them up. It looked pretty in the ads.

Eileen: I will check it out. Did it have a sweet fragrance?

Patsi: They are always coming out with new varieties. Thanks for dropping by.

HolleyGarden: I tried to find plants and seeds listed but no one has it for sale.If you find one let me know.

DP: We have the wild Goldenrod around here all over but this one was different and the fragrance was fabulously strong. Thanks!

Cher: I love going through the test gardens there to see what is new that can grow in Ohio.

GWGT:The smell of the sauerkraut was so strong it made me want to pucker up. LOL! I am not a drinker either but love to go in the Fall.

hundredsofideas said...

Never think of coneflowers as any color other than purple or pinkish. This one is nice. Yes, I knew it was a type of goldenrod too, like Becca and DP, I can see you tons!

scottweberpdx said...

You know, I think I am coming around to these new Coneflowers...that lighter color is quite lovely.

Grace said...

I didn't know there was a fragrant Goldenrod! Thank you for discovering it and for getting a solid ID. Your time at the Sauerkraut festival sounds wonderful. Did you buy anything? The Echinacea is gorgeous.

Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Lona, Beautiful posting! I love your header collage -- it shows the best of fall. P.x

Kim and Victoria said...

Very pretty! A sauerkraut festival, what fun! I give up, fall is here, might as well enjoy!

Kim and Victoria said...

Oh, and I love the look of your blog, very pretty.

Beyond My Garden said...

That Sombrero sandy yellow is gorgeous in such a calm way. We have had beautiful weather this weekend and through today. I was down your way Sunday night catching Mountain Stage in Athens. (Well, a little closer to you)

Cathy and Steve said...

Lona, such fabulous pictures of the butterfly! And I have to say, I agreed right away, definitely some type of goldenrod, but I have also never smelled one that had a nice fragrance! (Probably just as well, since I am allergic to goldenrod and have been stuffed up and sneezing for weeks!!).

As for that echinacea, what a gorgeous bloom! It would look lovely in with my peach and rose bicolors (I am wracking my brain for the name... looks like Summer Sky but it isn't...), I'll be keeping an eye out for it!

Cathy and Steve said...

PS... I love your fall header photo mosaic!

Heather at Dusty Bay said...

Now that's a gorgeous colour! I haven't seen any pale yellow ones around these parts - oh well!

Kathleen said...

Hi Lona.
Sounds like a fun weekend! There are so many cool Echinaceas these days aren't there?? I'm still looking for 'Green Envy' but this one is a great color too.
Glad you got the plant id'd ~ it sounds like a winner. I haven't seen it around here either. I hope you'll be able to find a source so you can add it to your garden.
From your previous post, it looks a lot more like fall there than here. Our trees haven't started to turn yet! Have a good week.

The Sage Butterfly said...

This is a lovely echinacea selection. I particularly like how the petals have a tint of beige.