Monday, December 12, 2011

New Lavender Introductions


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Are we all ready for Christmas? Except for some baking and making some fudge I am as done as I attend on  getting for this year.

FPC_Nicotiana2 Nicotiana

I am back to the trial gardens again for this posting.
A couple of new lavender plants were being tried out at Franklin Park this year. Two were of the Laveanna series which originated from Spain.

Laveanna Pink”  Lavender (Spanish Lavender)

Laveanna Pink was a lovely upright lavender with shades from light to deep purple flower spikes. The pink in the name comes from the pink  on the tip of the flower spikes which does not show up here in my pictures very well. The blooms on this lavender were smaller than some other lavender blooms. Blooming from spring to early summer and in the autumn these lavenders were looking lovely in October. A tender perennial lavender growing in zones 8 to 9.

“Laveanna Purple” (Spanish Lavender)

Laveanna Purple was also a very upright plant in the trial bed.
The flower spikes on the Laveanna Purple are medium in size and blooms from spring to early summer and in autumn.

There is also another  in the Laveanna’s series called “Laveanna White” which has a white tip on the purple flower spikes. I did not see it in the trial beds or just overlooked it, but I wish I had gotten a picture of one. It can be seen here if you would like to see one. The blooms on this particular lavender are  larger in size than the others in the Laveanna series. Alas, these Spanish lavenders will not be growing in my zone 5b-6a zone garden since the are hardy in zones 8 to 9.

FPC_Lavender_EllaganceSnow2 “Ellagance Snow” Lavandula augustafolia

Ellagance Snow has snow white flower spikes from June through August. A compact mounding lavender plant with a height of 12 to 14 inches. A hardy perennial to zone 5.

Ellagance Snow had a wonderful fragrance and the bees were enjoying the blooms on a sunny and warm October day.

I have two lavender plants in my garden. The old fashioned hardy one and I planted a new “Jean Davis Pink” last summer.
It only put on a few blooms this fall so I am anxious to see what it will do next year.

FPC_BlueMist_Shrub Blue Mist Shrub

Do you have a sweet smelling Lavender in your garden?

Happy Gardening,




Lona Dear, your blog is beautiful! I love the festive Christmas theme. However there must be a blizzard in cyberworld because your snow wants to go horizontal. :) The lavenders remind me of a summer day and I SO miss that feeling of warmth that only the sun can give. I love the bee too. Stay warm.

TheGardeningBlog said...

Oh WOW, I love the white lavender!! We have a pink one here in South Africa called Strawberry ruffles (or similar), and its very pretty, but this white one really is gorgeous! I hope they introduce it here.

Sunray Gardens said...

I love my Mumstead Lavender. I tried another couple cultivars but they didn't do as well for me.
Cher Sunray Gardens
Goldenray Yorkies

Nezzy said...

I alternate lavender with Stella O'Day day lilies on each side of the walk that goes into my cottage garden.

I do have trouble keepin' all my lavender plants through the winter.
They are hardy sub~zero but sometimes I still lose some.

It smells heavenly!

God bless and have an awesome week sweetie!!!

If ya get a chance,I'm havin' a giveaway!

Lona said...

Grace: The wind is just terrible here in the hills. LOL!

The Gardening Blog: I loved the white too and the fragrance,divine.

Cher: I have lost one too so they must be touchy here in the cold north. LOL!

Nezzy: Now that sounds wonderful together. Take care Hon.

Jeanette said...

Dear Lona,
How exciting Lavender in December I like it! Isn't the white a great option? I am hopeful for your Jean Davis Pink in the spring. The lavender that I have in a pot is still going strong after a hard freeze. (8a).... pleasantly surprised.
Your Holiday Display is beautiful.

Indie said...

I love the look and smell of lavender, but I've heard they like good drainage, which definitely does not describe my garden! I like that white lavender - I don't think I've seen a white one before.

Still scrambling around trying to get ready for Christmas. My kids are 2 and 4, and getting to that age where they are really enjoying all the Christmas festivities, though!

Stella said...

I can just smell the lavendar now. But guess I will have to wait a few months won't I? We are suppose to have rain all day but no snow in sight yet. Have a wonderful day and have fun planning more gardening in the spring. Stella

VW said...

Hi Lona - I also have a pink lavender in my yard, though I don't know which cultivar. It has definitely improved its blooming each year since it was planted, but it was a tiny thing to begin with. I keep meaning to trim the flowers and dry them so I can enjoy the scent this time of year, but haven't remembered yet. Maybe next year!

Sissy said...

Sadly, I think we are either too wet or too cold for lovely lavender! Yours are wonderful, so many varieties!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I tried some Lavender seeds earlier in the season, but didn't attend to them well....guess what? They didn't come up.
Finally broke down and bought a 4 inch pot. I love it and plan on getting more.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lona, those flowers made me long for summer once more! I've been so busy that I don't know what's going on out in my garden. But with all the frosts we've had, I don't think I want to know either.

Foxglove Lane said...

Such beautiful plants which evoke strong summer memories for me, here the cold has set in. Have a lovely Christmas:~)

Lona said...

Jeanette: I hope it survives the winter and gets bigger with more blooms next year.The white smelled so good.

Indie: Christmas must be so fun at your home with the little ones. Merry Christmas.

Stella: I do not want to even think about how long it is until spring. LOL!

VW: Girl I always forget too. I even forgot to dry some rose blooms from my Crimson Bouquet which I do every year. On to next year. LOL!

Sissy: They do like sandy feet. Thanks for dropping by!

Janet: If only we had the time and the funds to plant all of the plants we dream about. LOL!

Robin: I know you have to be busy this time of the year. If you have one plant left girl your garden is doing better than mine. LOL!

Foxglove Lane: At this time of the year all we can do is dream about flowers past or new ones to come. LOL! I will be doing a lot of digging into the picture files I am afraid.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I came over to see the beautiful lavender! I have some lavender flowers in my flower beds! Happy holidays to you! Love your post! ♥

leavesnbloom said...

I love the continental types of lavender and their silvery thick and large leaves - I wish they were hardy though! I just can keep Munstead and Hidcote alive throughout the winter here.

Anonymous said...

Love the smell of lavender. I have some clumps of it planted in the garden but I don't know exactly which one as it is one of the few things here when I bought the property. I lost some early on until I realized it didn't like too much water. Now I never give it any extra and it's very happy! You have some good looking choices.

As far as the holidays ~ I haven't even started here (except for decorating). Is it too late for me?!!

Lona said...

Kathleen: No, you have plenty of time. LOL!

Leavesinbloom: I do not know the name of my older lavender. I love the silvery foliage too.

Lavender Dreamer: Thanks for dropping by. Merry Christmas to you and yours too!

blackheartbetty said...

I love the lavender. We have some lovely lavender in our garden at school. I need to get some in my garden, as well.

Stella said...

Just dropping by to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a new year filled with love, laughter and lots of new plants. Stella