Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Those Big Balls and Bowls of Fire


Driving back home after our visit to Waynesville, Ohio and the “Christmas in the Village” event it was starting to get on evening time and darkness was trying to creep into the sky.


Which only made this setting sun glow the brighter.
I was able to catch a few shots of the sun going down over Washington Court House, Ohio in Fayette county. Here in the wetland preserve it sparkled upon the water.


It was glowing in hues of orange and all golden and looked so big going down over the flat terrain that makes up this part of Ohio where the corn and soybean fields are huge.


We never get to see the big sun setting here in the hills like this because the hills here obstruct its setting before darkness surrounds it.

I took so many pictures of it traveling down the road in the car. Just when I would snap the picture we would hit a bump or dip in the road. I tried to blame my daughters driving and told her not to hit so many bumps. LOL!


Almost gone behind the trees and curve of the horizon.


We can get some lovely sunsets and sunrises here when the  sun hits the clouds but not that beautiful ball of fire. Everyone is different with the formation and the color of the clouds that day.

IMG_3649 When the leaves are on I never get to see this sunset behind the house. But in the late fall and winter some of the sunsets make the woods beyond the house look like they are on fire.


Almost the colors of the large glass bowls made By Chihuly. Is that where he got his inspiration?

FPC_GlassCeiling3 Is that his reasoning for making his famous glass ceilings?

FPC_Hibiscus2 Or was Chihuly thinking of an orange Hibiscus bloom.
All are beautiful  but no one paints a sky like God does.

I just could not do a posting without adding at least one flower bloom. LOL!

Happy Gardening,

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Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Love the fact that you squeezed a gorgeous flower in there, my friend. Chihuly's got nothin' on your gardening skills!

Those sunsets are amazing. I hope you plan to frame them. :))

Giga said...

Pierwsze trzy zdjęcia wyglądają jak namalowane obrazy :-). Hibiskus mam kolor nieba z Twoich zdjęć. Pozdrawiam
The first three pictures look like painted images :-). I have a hibiscus color the sky with your photos. Yours

Stephanie said...

Looks like the bumps are really for you... to stop you at the right place hehe... Marvellous sunset and yes God's creation is the best!

Balisha said...


elaine rickett said...

Beautiful shots Lona - you can't beat nature for putting on a spectacular display. Happy Christmas to you.

Sunray Gardens said...

Lovely photos Lona especially since you had the windows to shoot through, yet they still look clear.
Cher Sunray Gardens

.............................. said...

Hi Lona, What a fantastic sunset! It really did look like the woods beyond your house were on fire. The glass bowls are really beautiful and the glass ceiling does seem to be inspired by exactly this kind of early evening sky.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What fabulous photos! Happy holidays to you and your family! ♥

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely! The heavens declare the glory of God...we have sunsets like that here in the Indiana flatlands. My favorite kinds are the kind you just photographed - the huge sun ball sinking into the horizon. :)

Becca's Dirt said...

What an awesome and colorful sunset. Love those warm colors of the sky. Beautiful bloom. Hope you're having a good holiday season.

sweetbay said...

Those sunset pictures are gorgeous!! We don't have sunsets like that here ~ they tend to be mellower shades of pink and lavender.

Splendid Little Stars said...

gorgeous! wonderful shots! I went to Waynesville as well-- on the 3rd. If you were there then, perhaps we passed on the street. It's been a tradition to go every year with a few girlfriends.
love Chiluly! Is this photo from the Conservatory?
(I looked back and see that you were in Waynesville on Friday.)

Joe Todd said...

Great photos and post. You should list your post Thursday afternoon at SkyWatch Friday Off to see the surgeon this am for a follow up. I think everything is going well